Thursday 15 August 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

15  August  2019

UNP Blessed in Northern Sri Lanka
I was happy that I was able to find a place in the front row to mentally participate in the poojah/altar ceremony at Nallur temple, in Northern Sri Lanka. All priests were in black veshti with gold border. Nallur Murugan is known as Alangkara (decorative) Kanthan. We had to make way for the vehicles carrying the Lord. Each day there is a different vehicle. When I noted yesterday's  my mind said ‘Oh! Yaanai/Elephant’ . I really melted because I was happy that UNP Government ministers were in Jaffna in support of Development work. To me it was no coincidence that they were staying at the same hotel as I – North Gate by Jetwing. This happened in February this year also.
Yesterday was more special because it was elephant vehicle. As per my realization the vehicles are the opposite of divine qualities personified inside the altar.  Lord Murugan personifies beauty without any ego. His usual vehicle – the Peacock personifies pride  - as in proud as a peacock. Yesterday the elephant – the most intellectual of all animals – became the vehicle of Lord Muruga who preached to His father at Swami Malai/Hill. The symbol of United National Party (UNP) is also the elephant. It could not have been planned and to me – a believer in both – Nallur Murugan and true Good Governance – it was no coincidence but auspicious commonness.
During the festival, while I was listening to the Divine rendering by Prasanna Aiyer one of two little boys standing next to the Lion started talking. I was disturbed by these boys yesterday and hence decided to stand in front. They came after me and climbed up for vantage view. That was ok – so long as they were praying. But one of them kept talking and I turned around and said to him to be quiet during poojah. The mother said ‘he is a kulanthai/little child’ I turned back around and said to her in my mind – that if he was old enough for the authorities to ask him to remove his shirt – then he had the duty to be quiet during the ceremony.
That ‘talk’ I had with this mother was silent – mind to mind. To the extent of her own belief in Murugan she would have read my mind in her own form. This is a better way than openly engaging with her and disturbing the environment. But it did bother mather prae that this Tamil mother was lacking in respect for others’ privacy of mind – as facilitated by common rules. In our home in Jaffna – when our father prayed – all of us would be very quiet. I believe that it is one way of paying our respects to the Lord invoked by prayers. I appreciate that some do come to the temple for entertainment. But then they ought to keep their distance from the ceremonial environment. For myself I focus with the priest who performs the main poojah; the guys who carry the Lord on their shoulders; the musicians and most importantly the fellow devotees who are focused in the ceremonies. The guys carrying the Lord have big lumps on the back of their necks. But they seem to be natural about it. Unless they are focused – they would disturb their fellow workers and also distract others including the priests. That is what came to my mind when I saw this picture this morning:
Back at the hotel, I asked the security officers near the lift, whether it was ok for me to use the lift. The guy said ‘of course’. I had in my palm – one of the flowers from the poojah that fell on me. On the first day I gave one to the tuk-tuk driver who has been reliable. Yesterday, I thought of giving it to the Prime Minister under whose leadership Jaffna has progressed into better order. Whether UNP returns to power as government or not depends on how the People identify with them. But this UNP government has earned our ‘thank you’. So, like Poosala Nayanar – who built in his heart and mind a temple for Lord Shiva – following the laws of temple construction – step by step – I became the governor needed by Jaffna. I had in hand the flower from the poojah – to be given to the Prime Minister. The PM was not to be seen but just as I was about to step into the lift –Mrs Vijayakala Maheswaran – State Minister for Education stepped out of the lift. I already had knowledge that the lady was a Shridi Baba devotee and hence felt commonness. I gave the lady the flower and asked her to give it to the PM – stating it was from Nallur Murugan. I stated also that the vahanam / vehicle was Elephant. One of the guys in the group – beamed – appreciating the significance.

The Lord answers the prayers of true devotees – who when they provide selfless service – become the Lord’s media.  I was happy to become that messenger for UNP yesterday. It was also full moon Poya day where in Kandy – Buddhists were celebrating Randoli Perehera which is presented by Wikipedia as follows:

[The Randoli Perahera begins after five nights of the Kumbal Perahera. Randoli refers to palanquins on which the Queens of the ruling Kings traditionally traveled]
UNP deserved blessings of gods for working towards commonness. They received it in Jaffna.The News First reported ‘A number of foreign nationals have also arrived in Kandy to witness Asia’s most colourful pageant.

To me Alangkara Kanthan is most decorative and loveable. Many foreigners come to Nallur festival every night of the festival. The men respectfully take off their shirts and all of them follow the rule – not to take photos inside the temple. If the reports about security are reliable  - those in Kandy must have been more anxious than those in Nallur. Thank you Swami for curing us.

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