Friday 2 August 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

02 August  2019

Illegal Migrants or Natural Gypsies?

All of us have relations when we are born. As per my mind, a relationship is a pathway that connects our body to Oneness in another. If we take that Oneness as Love / Truth – then to the extent of that oneness we feel hurt when the other is hurt and we feel happy when the other is happy. That is our common and natural makeup. This is most apparent with babies and mothers. This is the first milestone. The last milestone in that pathway to Oneness is our common identity with a leader. This could be a spiritual leader – for example Jesus, Krishna, Mohamed, Buddha. It could on the other hand be the head of a family, work institution or country. In the case of country  - the first milestone is when a local leader (the parallel of mother) and the youngest adult in common home-space (the parallel of baby) manifest spontaneously.  The last milestone in that relationship is the head of state. Where we identify more with the values of that leading position through ourselves rather than through the person occupying the position, we becoming self-governing citizens at that level. There we are equal to any other person who so qualifies – including the officially appointed person. If we tend to take senior position – then we are false.

The stronger that Oneness we feel – the more advanced we are in that pathway. Hence we become Seniors. Those born before us in a family where the parents are the last milestone become our official seniors. Where grandparents are the last milestone the number of seniors in the form of uncles and aunties increase. The need for de facto relationships happened due to such relationships becoming unmanageable – more so by juniors. This is true at country level also.
In Australia, we went into de facto mode governance. Former Australian Prime Minister Mr John Howard actively expressed the goal of co-existence rather than relationships. This confirms intuitive recognition of economic migrants making up majority Australian formations.  The difference between Australia and Sri Lanka - is that Sri Lankans show stronger relationships than we really have. This helps claim status on the basis of commitment to ‘tradition’.

Alleged People smuggling is a political issue here in Australia. The Sunday Times (Sri Lanka) reported as follows through its article headed ‘Canberra draws line in the sand for fake asylum-seekers:
[A resolute Australian Home Affairs Minister, Peter Dutton, addressing the media in Colombo last month, stressed there was no change in government nor immigration policy and warned people smugglers and would-be illegal immigrants they would be promptly returned if they made the illegal journey by sea. The Liberal Party government in Australia introduced strict immigration policies a few years ago after an influx of asylum-seekers, or economic migrants, began to arrive on Australian shores.]

Given that the Australian Government and the boat migrants have boat-travel as their common passage – one could say that the Minister is denying relationship which is no longer fashionable. The real seniority rests with those who arrived in Australia – with the recognition that it already had a structured government. Those who thus obtained the blessings of the first government known to them – would be the senior-most leaders of Australia. Migrants from Sri Lanka’s rural communities – would form natural groups with Indigenous Australians. Those who come from more firmly structured communities – would first form relationships with existing Australians of similar makeup.
It is highly likely that the boat travellers would not have knowledge of Sri Lanka’s policy in relation to migration. If they suffered pain in their local environment – then they would become part of Indigenous Australians who also so suffered. Taking the world as One Nation – they would be right to the extent their conscience says so.

Global laws developed by the UN – is the common measure in this regard and UN is the last milestone. Most of the boat migrants would already have relatives at family and/or community level in Australia. These relatives need to actively renounce such persons once they know that their stated purpose is false and that their relationship with People smugglers is stronger than their relationships with those who arrived in Australia with the approval of the authorities. Some tend to pamper them and thus elevate themselves as leaders in that part of the migrant community.
Diversity helps us to get to know the truth by being part of that community. Truth is the real cure where we do not have workable common laws. Eventually – these gypsies may merge more strongly with less educated rural Australians living close to Nature, than the more educated migrant driven by economic values that show up more quickly than true ownership.

We need to restructure our policies to recognize such migrants through their elders already in Australia – including heirs of those who arrived here by boat in 1788. They are the mothers /first milestone of   boat migrants. ‘HMAS Adelaide’ was the last milestone in this part of Australia made up of Boat-migrants. Mr Howard took-over and made them juniors to other portfolios – as if they were commodities. Bringing Australia to these areas – for example through structured  development activities would help form common area/community relationships in which the seniors would naturally cure juniors. I believe I have cured many would be boast emigrants from Northern Sri Lanka and this has been recognised by some individuals in our government from time to time. Hence I have hope that both sides would maintain their sovereignty by being guided by their truth.

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