Tuesday 21 November 2023


21 Nov 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



As per my understanding of Lawful Australian mind sexual pleasure enjoyment between consenting adults was right. One of the recent hearings was about a Sri Lankan cricketer in Australia.

I thought about it when I was in respect to Optus service when each staff member had her/his own interpretation of due process in Refund process. I sought a refund due to my feeling of being misled in terms of the new package. There were features that I did not need, but was being charged for. My expectations were based on my own standards. Accordingly, I would have brought the customer’s need as mine and then tailored the service. Then there is no requirement for consent.  In the absence of such oneness, consent of the customer is expressly required.

When we are bound by the same laws/culture, the level of  natural consent is high.


Recently, a member of alumni social group  stated in a discussion  about Hindu faith:

 [I prefer to be rational and do not believe in blind faith.]


I responded as follows:

‘This means we should not have jury judgments. Most members of the jury lack knowledge of secular law. They use their own beliefs to confidentially work out whether one is guilty or not guilty as per their belief applied by being blind to any external law. Hence Lady Justice is blind. When we believe, our judgment is perfect. Hence the requirement ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ in criminal cases. Reasonable doubt margin is allowed for the use of law one does not believe in.’


Belief confirms absolute consent.  In the case of Optus, there was an indicator  which helped me appreciate why the I felt ‘cheated’. It happened through the following news report:


A strange coincidence’


At the hearing, Ms Bayer Rosmarin initially defended Optus’ public communications during the outage, running through a timeline of social media posts and interviews she conducted during the day. “When we had the cyber incident, it was the last time the Singtel board was in town, and they were in town again … which was a strange coincidence,” she said. - ‘We didn’t have a plan’: Financial Review report  Optus admits it was caught out’


Was that Coincidence or Divine Indicator ? If indeed the lady was ‘running through a timeline of social media posts’ the public was important to her. Singtel board were Outsiders to Australians and they would be more focussed on ‘Business approach’. The two would be in conflict.


During the senate inquiry, seated next to the CEO was MD , Networks, Mr Lambo Kanagaratnam of Sri Lankan origin. Majority Sri Lankans believe in religion being the pathway to liberation from the temporary ups and downs in the material world. In Hinduism such liberation is confirmed by ‘Tat Tvam Asi’/ “thou art that”, which mean the truth of the individual owner and the whole that the individual feels part of are One.


As a long-term customer, I was entitled to be facilitated with care. Given that I was treated as less, I went into the system again and again and established their weaknesses to get business despite customer dissatisfaction. Once we go into a system through our truth, we learn the truth of the whole, including that of our opposition. This is the way the Optus CEO confirmed that Singtel Board was opposed to her down to earth service.

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