Friday 15 February 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

14 February 2019

Tamils Blessed with Positive Administrative Energy
Along with members of the Public I also waited to meet the new Governor of Northern Province of Sri Lanka. Until yesterday, my interactions with Dr Raghavan were limited to email messages from me and a couple of acknowledgements from Dr Raghavan. The last was to inform me that he was happy to engage with a member of the Diaspora about northern issues.
As usual in Sri Lankan public service and more particularly Northern Sri Lankan Public Service, the arrangements were top-down telling. When asked about the reason as to why I sought to meet the Governor – I ended up writing my complaint – that the officers did not distinguish between potential Service Providers and potential Beneficiaries. We were all grouped as one. While waiting for the arrival of the Governor I kept reminding myself that the treatment in Northern Courts was worse. When I was served food(sundal/gram)  and drinks while waiting – I declined. The lady serving was courteous and  addressed me as ‘madam’. I reciprocated the respect. This helped me calm down. One of the junior members of staff - a slim tall guy – made up for the lack of courtesy demonstrated by the more senior officer. I wished him well. I believe that my positive Energy in Public Administration is thus shared with such officers who become the media of our energy rather than using us as the media for their energy.
I did not know what to expect of the Governor. I reminded myself of the ‘waits’ at Jaffna Kachcheri, Valigamam West Pradeshiya Sabai – where I was initially sent from pillar to post even to ‘provide’ service and thus share my energy. The reminder helped me not to expect better from the new Governor of my hometown – Jaffna. As he stepped out of the vehicle, Dr Raghavan apologized for the delay – not once but twice. I knew then that he had positive energy in including the public as part of himself. I felt more at ease. While waiting I discussed issues with those waiting and cleared their doubts in some areas. With one group that was there for employment  related problem at the Local Government level, I urged them to trust the new Governor. I said not to tell him in detail – but to submit  the essence and then to listen to what he had to say. I said that he was a believer in spiritual powers and therefore – it would be easy for the potential beneficiary to connect to the divinity in Dr Raghavan. The young guy seemed to settle down. I identified with the divinity – because when I wanted to give up and leave and opened my handbag to take out the phone to call the taxi – the picture of my god in my handbag was the first sight I had. I felt that I was being asked by the divinity in me - to wait. When I was speaking to the above guy, I had already been facilitated to be next on line to meet the governor. Hence I felt that it was divine influence.
When I did meet the Governor he was quick to comprehend that I was a potential service provider and asked me as to what my areas of expertise were. I said Accounting and Public Administration. When Dr Raghavan outlined the need in health related area – I felt that it was my own true investment speaking through his mind. THAT was the confirmation of one-mindedness in Public Administration that Jaffna needs badly – especially at a time when the political power in North is very weak. Most importantly – the Governor thanked me.
This morning I read the message headed ‘Congrats to MrsCharles - DG Customs’ from an Australian  Tamil community leader, which included the following observation:
[When I was growing up in Colombo in my teenage years, there were many instances where the Northerners occupying key positions were highly praised as they did an honest job!!
Unfortunately things are so corrupt nowadays!!!
Until top politicians in parliament are punished for their corrupt, greed – there is no hope!!!!]
This was overridden by Mr Leo Fernando – the author of the above mentioned article,  as follows:
[…..One further point I wish to state here is that in my career in the public service and in the public corporate sector, I have found that our colleagues from the North always did an honest job and were "worthy of their hire". They were an example to the others.

I was happy to identify with the above through my own experience with Dr Raghavan – who as per my observation was not saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ – but providing reasons in Admin language understood by the Public in North.  I thanked our ancestral powers in Administration for answering my prayers.

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