Saturday 2 June 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

02 June 2018


Minority behind every successful Majority



To my mind, the above confirms the high level of civilization that the English system followed back then. The observations by a Sinhala Nationalist went as follows:




I doubt that it would have been difficult for Prince Philip to bow to another Royalty. We bow to our seniors under the hierarchical system. Many Sinhalese touch their parents’ feet and seek their blessings even now. Some to whom I am a mentor do this in Jaffna. That system would naturally result in respecting an independent leader holding parallel position – as a respectable person.  To my mind, therefore Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip were bowing to their Equals who in the latter’s territory effectively become  seniors to the English and v.v. in English territory.


Those who are attached to their seniority, would have difficulty doing this. Many such examples could be found in Sinhalese politicians. One Sinhala Nationalist to whom I highlighted our Common British heritage wrote :


[May YOUR soul work towards a new system where, after an election, the minority will be chosen to rule.

Good luck. 

And while you are doing that perhaps you can take separatism in a new direction so that I am completely devoid of having any common heritage with the likes of you.]
I responded as follows to the first part:
[Mothers who get less status than fathers for Equal work and commitment,
become Shakthi/Energy. In Western world they express this by  the saying
that  there is a woman behind every successful man. Likewise minorities -
to the extent they work and commit themselves at a level equal to  or more than
the majority in that group. One could therefore say that there is a
minority behind every successful majority

Those who fail to have such a power avoid true success. That has become the sad story of Sri Lankan Politics and since the militancy – that of Tamil Eelam Politics which now includes a history of juniors disrespecting seniors – enough to kill the latter.  Those who disrespect seniors while benefiting from the work of seniors shrink due to their rejection of different cultures.
Juniors who seek to establish their own kingdom – need to renounce all benefits from the old system – as depicted by Lord Muruga on Palani Malai/ Mount Palani.]

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