Thursday 23 September 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

23 September   2021

English First, Sinhala Next, Tamil Dead

The Truth has a way of showing itself to Its seekers. Mr Gothabaya Rajapaksa, who is currently the President of Sri Lanka demonstrated disrespect for the Sri Lankan Constitution when he spoke yesterday at the United Nations General Assembly. The constitution is the outer form of the heritage we share with our future. Using it merely for current benefits would invoke pandemics such as the current global one. It is to prevent such disasters that we have memorials. The Victorian protests yesterday at the war-memorial confirmed such disrespect for our Common ancestors. ( SBS article - 'Disgrace to the nation': Veterans slam protesters at Melbourne's Shrine of Remembrance).  It was painful to watch and failed to earn the blessings of true Australians. It was an unrighteous protest. Likewise – the Sri Lankan President’s speech at the UN, lacked authenticity. Article 18 of the Sri Lankan Constitution provides as follows:

[18. (1)]The Official Language of Sri Lanka shall be Sinhala.

(2) Tamil shall also be an official language.

(3) English shall be the link language.]

The President who claimed to use home mechanism – confirmed that in truth the order is as follows:

[The Official Language of Sri Lanka shall be English – (This was confirmed by his speech being in English)

Sinhala shall also be an official language. ( This was confirmed by  ]

'Ayubowan' but not the Tamil parallel – ‘vannakkamwhich was used by British Politicians, including Mr Boris Johnson – to attract Tamil votes. That is how Sri Lanka’s loss became UK’s gain through Tamils who preserved the British heritage.

Mr Rajapaksa referred also to Buddhist values in Sri Lanka – indicating the true reason for the  Easter Bombings – lack of Jurisdiction by those attached to benefits from external forms of Buddhist values. This resulted in demonstrating favouritism to Buddhists in Afghanistan where majority are Muslims. The President called upon the UN to protect the Buddhist heritage in Sri Lanka while failing to commit himself to maintaining the Muslim, Christian and Hindu heritages in Sri Lanka. The most valuable part of a heritage is its wisdom. Then come the People who carry that wisdom and then the outer forms – such as buildings and books.  It is that intelligence that was lacking in the then President when the Easter Bombings happened. The position carries that karma and would infect anyone who takes that seat and fails to practice current values actively. That position carries negative karma in this regard. Every true Buddhist would know this; Every true Sri Lankan would know this.

Article 14 (1) (e ) of our Constitution confirms this Universal value as follows:

[(14 (1) (e ) Every citizen is entitled to the freedom, either by himself or in association with others, and either in public or in private, to manifest his religion or belief in worship, observance, practice and teaching;]

That is a Universal clause and if Afghanistan has included that in its constitution – the UN has the duty to facilitate it.  There was no need for political lobbying.



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