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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

04 September   2021



Inverted Pyramid & Cults

Yesterday, the protagonist in the manifestation published under the title ‘Cult Culture Developing within Tamil Diaspora

 wrote as follows:

[Beautiful account Gaja. I am very impressed by your assessment. It is indeed a very positive assessment. I am so proud of what I have written and how you have interpreted it. Only concern is about you calling us a cult. Cult generally implies to some deviant or extreme behavior or belief without rational judgement and blind faith over someone or something.  

But mine is rational, natural and realistic thinking intended to highlight ignorance and to reform the gullible. You believe falling of holy ash but in reality it is cheating or hallucination. I never said you have mental issues but only queried. May there be peace and wisdom.   Nada]

My response was ‘Each one as per their belief. We are all free to express our belief but not enforce/teach’

As per my mind, one needs a structure of relativity to ‘teach’. To enforce, - for example in lockdowns,  one has to believe in the whole, more than the one on whom one is enforcing. Where there are reliable structures of relativity, there would be no or little need for enforcement.

Belief works independently and is an exponential power. That was confirmed again when the protagonist referred the group this morning to the following Indian temples: Temples in India that are famous for their sensuous sculptures | Times of India Travel (

The note said

‘Let take our life, feelings, desires and way of life as art and get better out of all that. Like food, let there be limits. Nada’


To me, belief is Energy. Hence juniors who are loyal to those who believe are empowered exponentially. As per my discovery, this is why the LTTE – even though far less in number than the official Sri Lankan Armed forces, was able to outperform them. They were defeated due to loss of this power which happened due to elimination of seniors which in turn blocked the Energy of those who believed in the Political system from flowing  through to armed rebels. The political system of the armed rebels was an internal inverted pyramid about which I stated as follows this morning to the above group:

You state:

[You wrote that you removed VICWIMAL ..but you have copied him !!!  again ,,and again,,,,and again...... You love him, don't you? ]

I do not recall writing that to VICWIMAL who according to my assessment is Nada’s shadow.

In any case Vicwimal included me in two of his messages sent yesterday. The second one went as follows:

[Who is the woman next to this idiot speaker?

Sexy. Only reason I watched the rest of the Video]

He proved himself to be the liar when he asked us to take him off the list.

When you write that I ‘love him again and again’ – that confirms not only that you do not know what love means to me but that you took the opportunity to twist what happened to your advantage to have an outlet for your own emotions.  This was followed by Wham clip at  Wham! - Wake Me Up Before You Go Go (Live from Top of the Pops 1984) - YouTube


As per my conclusion – this is your return karma for ridiculing Sivalingam worship by those of us to whom Sivalingam is Love. Belief is beyond rights and wrongs. Belief is not in the form but in the philosophy that the form represents. When you ridicule through  the form, you turn that structure upside down. In other words the physical form tops the hierarchy and philosophy is at the bottom. In lay terms lust is your leader and love is your slave. Your brain therefore turns upside down from that point of cultural change in privacy. In writing also – with surface readers like you – the tendency is to read the most entertaining part first, with philosophy going to the bottom. Nada who claims to be an academic was also doing just that. As an academic he had the duty to begin with the visible effect first and end with the invisible Philosophy at the other end as the root cause.


You ask [why did you continue to read Raj's & Nada's email and get offended? The moment you saw Raj's first line in his poem, you should have deleted his email. That is what I would have done if I were you! Same with Prof Nada ]


The first one I blocked was you. That happened after you accused me of giving your email address to Donald. That was a false accusation and you did not respond back to make amends. As you would know, when blocked, the email goes into junk folder. From time to time I would take a look at the junk folder. In the case of this group, I brought you back because of others like Nada who is vexations but more logical than you. In terms of Raj – he withdrew after I disciplined him last time by warning that I would go public. But such language was natural to him in this group and hence his excesses. As for Nada – my husband reminded me this morning when I shared the developments – that in one of his early emails Nada had said that I must either be Mother Theresa or Rajapaksa stooge. As per my observation – he stuck to the latter and this was brought out in the case of Valentine Kurusumuthu, who urged me to make books of my writings,  in all three languages, Nada stated that Valentine was  Rajapaksa stooge. But as is the way with Truth – I learnt after that that Valentine was actually related to me through Mr Blacker Ponnambalam of Kilinochchi. As if to confirm Valentine’s appreciation, I was invited this morning by Vanakkam London to participate in the literary work by Ms Thamarai Chelvi. That is how truth works to recognise those who uphold truth.


In terms of Nada I had the responsibility to wait longer than I did with Raj, due to Nada being more respectful than Raj towards education. I was careful not to disturb that status order allocated by me as per my own orders. Nada confirmed this by responding to yesterday’s article.


In essence all this is towards respect for our community culture.



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