Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

26 May  2020


Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka, during a pre-recorded programme, telecast on Sirasa, on Saturday, said that had Prabhakaran survived, he would have been in an influential position today’ – The Island.
Influence over whom? As a person who became a politician through military achievements – the moral authority to project publicly is limited to that pathway. On that basis – the above ‘influence’ would have been over military minds and over those who were dependent on military power. To my mind, the ‘influence’ that the current President is exerting over civilian leadership would help project what ‘influence’ over Tamils Prabhakaran would have had. The chain of experience goes this way:
1.     In 1976 Tamil Politicians declared independence and therefore direct application of Sri Lankan laws by Tamils for Tamils. An expression of belief has support of the Divine. This was confirmed by the 1977 outcomes in which Tamils had Equal and Opposite position as the government in National Parliament.
2.     About 300 Tamils were killed in the 1977 anti-Tamil pogrom due the above outcome. As per my  analysis, Tamils defeated the majority power by continuing to participate actively in the political process. Since the Sinhalese in government translated it as ‘separatism’ it opposed the Will of God which led to the Equal position of Tamils and therefore resulted in ‘Act of God’ through natural forces. My experience of fear and anxiety during the 1977 pogrom was far worse than my anxieties during covid19 attack. I was pregnant in 1977 and the anxieties I felt were shared with the child I was carrying at a higher level than with my other children. To me both were acts of God because I had no control over their manifestations except through my prayers to God.

3.     The actions of unregulated Sinhalese groups attracted their natural equals in Tamils and LTTE became active opposition of the unregulated part of the Sri Lankan armed forces. Once a group fails to bind itself by the stated laws, its natural form takes-over and manifests itself. Thereafter all was fair in war between the two groups and their respective supporters.

4.     Prabhakaran ‘took-over’ leadership of the Tamil side and eventually ‘took-over’ the politicians who made the declaration of Independence in 1976. That was when God’s system sopped its support. Plagiarism is a serious offence in higher education because it comes without structure of the guru. The original discoverers’ are the gurus. There is a Tamil saying – Guru Illah Viththai Paal – meaning skill without guru is waste. Getting the blessings of guru is essential in Tamil learning. The Common Tamil bible of Thirukkural starts with ‘Agara Mudhala eluththellaam aadhi  Pakavan Muthatre ulaku / The way ‘A’ is the first letter of all letters – so is the Original Lord the first in the whole world’. When this is invoked – we follow the pathway of truth. Every skill that is passed through a guru will render reliable outcome to the extent of the guru’s independence. This timeline arrangement of facts/chronology  confirms the picture that the LTTE disconnected itself from the Democratic Political inheritance of Tamils. Those heirs went into hibernation and awoke not during the 2010 election time but 2015. LTTE was clever but could not and would not work within a political framework – any more than the current President can.

5.     After 2015 – political heirs of Sinhalese went into hibernation and allowed military victory to declare itself the leader.

6.     They manifested this leadership  in 2019.
As per the above report :

[Fonseka said that the government had never asked him to capture Prabhakaran alive, though some foreign envoys explored the possibility of a ceasefire, to enable the LTTE leadership to surrender.]

Those genes resulted in Cremating Muslim victims of Covid19 attack. The problem mutated due to revelations by UK’s Channel 4 ‘Killing Fields’ documentary which was a reality due to some good persons in the Sri Lankan Army who were driven by their conscience.
Our wrongs when uncorrected within the time and place environments in which they were manifested, become sins. We have no control over those sins and the only way to weaken their effect is ‘penance’ on the basis of  repentance.

With Prabhakaran without repentance would have been the parallel of Mr Gothabaya Rajapaksa and to the extent heirs of Tamil Politicians stay in hibernation – Tamils also would have had military leadership because they failed to pay their respects to their political and intellectual ancestors. That I feel is the picture in the mind of General Fonseka who has very little mind connection with the likes of Mr Sambanthan.

Monday, 25 May 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

25 May  2020

Was the Sri Lankan War – an Act of God?

I believe that there is a natural component in most manifestations by man. That which confirms least immediate input by man is usually taken as Act of God / Karma / Fate. Last week for example, we arranged for boundary walls to be built around our family temple in Northern Sri Lanka. Until 2006 – there were no fences and we also did not think of having fences. We donated part of the land to the public and custodians of power acted without consultation with us and often without informing us about border matters. Each time I felt hurt – brought about changes on our side – on the basis of truth known to me. We had boundary walls to about 50% of the area and fence to the other half. But they kept cutting and removing the fences and when we strengthened them they made holes to enter and exit as they pleased. Hence the decision to build that wall so they would not dilute the Energies that represent the Opportunities we have generated at the higher level of society. I informed the group that does respect our family - that every bit of the visible infrastructure that we have invested in – confirms their Energy inherited due to their common faith in the temple. If we invested for lesser purposes – for example, to show status – then there is less to inherit as Energy. Their parallels are in the Sri Lankan armed forces as well. Likewise the parallels of Politicians are in the Tamil Diaspora as well. Most of them reveal their truth when they think they are ‘free’ of supervision.

The Sunday Times Political Editor reports  in the article headed ‘Polls in balance: SC ruling vital for major parties’ that the President of Sri Lanka stated as follows:

[Eleven years ago, on a day like this, on May 19, 2009, we completely defeated the separatist terrorism which had been a curse to the country for nearly 30 years. It was President Mahinda Rajapaksa who gave the leadership for this battle in his capacity as the Commander-in-Chief. With the end of terrorism, an environment where people could live without fear or anxiety and enjoy their human rights freely was created.
“After a period of 30 years, we ensured democracy and built an atmosphere where free and fair elections could be held. The atmosphere where people can travel freely without any restrictions to any place of the country was restored.]

The statement ‘The atmosphere where people can travel freely without any restrictions to any place of the country was restored’ is factually false. It is factual to state that People are now equally restricted from moving from place to place due to Coronavirus. The Navy being proportionately more restricted confirms that they became the parallels of Tamils who were directly restricted during the war years. That was an Act of God / return karma – which balanced the equation of Truth and manifested during the war-heroes ceremony as well. The Political Editor highlights as follows:
[An alert Military Policeman’s action saved the day. The Sri Lanka Navy’s two female sailors were assigned the task of handing over wreaths in memory of war heroes to VVIPs and a rehearsal for Victory Day was to get under way last Monday in the sprawling Parliament grounds in Kotte.
A memorial for them lies at one end. Engraved on a granite wall are the names of those who made the supreme sacrifice.
The Military Policeman tested the two female sailors. They were running a high temperature and showed signs of being afflicted by Covid-19. All female personnel deployed for the trial were withdrawn. They were bussed to an Army camp in Kirillapone and put through tests. A different batch of females from the tri services was deployed.
The concerns were high early this week because in the Navy, the number of Covid-19 patients stood at over 585, more than half the number of 1027 inflicted.]

Leaving aside any scientific proof that the LTTE were terrorists and the armed forces were heroes no one can deny that the men and women of LTTE were Sri Lankans by law. Any person or group celebrating ‘victory’ against them – is effectively disowning the LTTE which is in breach of the law. As if family, one is entitled to discipline but not visibly punish an insider. THAT is the job of the Judiciary once the war was officially over.

Through Ms Navaneethan Pillai’s speech in the USA, the Political editor highlights how the power of the Sri Lankan Judiciary was reversed as follows by the current President:

[In March, this year president pardoned and released from prison Army Sergeant Sunil Ratnayake who has been sentenced in 2015 for a murder he perpetrated in 2000 of eight civilians including a child. Conviction and sentence have been confirmed by the Supreme Court in Sri Lanka in May 2019.]

If there is a higher power known as God  - and we submitted our true pain to that God – that God would deliver at the highest level that the person so surrendering has contributed to. Tamils took their pain to the UN and Tamil Diaspora leaders have managed to keep the heirs of the LTTE under control due to this escalation.

The Sri Lankan government is not known to have made any submissions  to God or to Buddha Sasana as per Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution. They acted as per the Military frame of mind and today we have a military structure in civil administration highlighted to the world by Coronavirus. As stated recently to a junior who ‘forgot’  his place relative to mine,  in a security issue - when we take false positions against someone who holds her/his true position – the system of truth changes makes the mental order of the former to that which s/he has truly invested in. Thus the true manifestation happens unless the latter includes the former. THAT is an act of God. When positive – we call them miracles and when negative we call them curses.

Whether it be the Tamils or the Sinhalese – if they depend on someone lower than God – they are limited to that someone’s power. Only those who submit to God identify with acts of god. Many educated Tamils submitted to the Lord while the LTTE made decisions as per their own military frame of mind. To the extent the LTTE heirs respected the word of  more educated leaders their defeat was absorbed by the Leaders’ higher contribution. Mr Sampanthan tops this list within Sri Lanka. To my mind, I top this list outside Sri Lanka. If there are others – who are higher thinkers – I do not know them yet.

The coronavirus showed us that when our minds are low – we are more likely to be infected and worse - seriously suffer due to the infection. When victory is celebrated above ownership and we do so despite knowing that the other side suffered more than we did – we block our access to Truth / God. Hence we get our Acts of god at our level and the other side which submitted to higher powers gets its acts of god at its level. As per my observation – the Sri Lankan Government got ‘fear’ of virus equal to the imaginary picture of Terrorism to impress the world and obtain benefits. It’s like the USA’s ‘Over there’ patriotic song:

[Johnny, get your gun, get your gun, get your gun.
Johnny, show the "Hun" you're a son-of-a-gun.

Hoist the flag and let her fly
Yankee Doodle do or die.]

Since Sri Lanka’s ‘Hun’ are the LTTE and since the Sinhalese elected this military President – Tamils who have included the LTTE as part of themselves are separate nation. In action that is what this head of State declared on the anniversary of war victory. This then separates the nation into two. That declaration was the Act of God that some Tamils prayed for. It confirms natural devolution of power which should not be interfered with by those who declared war-victory. That is the way of the Cross which means we resurrect ourselves.

Sunday, 24 May 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

24 May  2020

Was Coronavirus Act of God?

Someone I had helped at his time of deep need called me to thank me again and also share more of his challenges with me – to replenish his self-confidence. The first time he called – we did not know about each other very much. But the need was deep and we had common faith in Sri Sathya Sai Baba. On merit basis – the guy could have called so many instead of calling me. Through the effects I believe that it was due to our common belief that he rang me. When our need is deep and we do not know what to do, we tend to access our belief at depth. To me these are Acts of God that are beyond our immediate control.

Wikipedia presents Act of God as follows:

[In legal usage throughout the English-speaking world, an act of God  is a natural hazard outside human control, such as an earthquake or tsunami, for which no person can be held responsible. ]

Also :
[Parties in the United States have used the COVID-19 pandemic as a force majeure in an attempt to escape contractual liability by applying the elements of an (1) unforeseeable event, (2) outside of the parties’ control, that (3) renders performance impossible or impractical.]

In democracy, laws are required to be based on belief. Such laws are also directions to manifest outcomes of  Acts of belief/god. Hence as I highlighted in my article ‘Has the Lankan Parliament been buried or cremated? – Democratic laws are limited to the level of majority believers. Where an elected member has higher knowledge of the law than the common citizen of her/his electorate, such law would work to with the support of Natural powers to the extent of her/his belief in the electorate. The rest is purely for the purpose of intellectual exercise. They do not belong in the People’s Assembly.

On that basis if Covid 19 was an act of god to Australia – meaning majority Australians, then we have no right to bring action against China or anyone else for our suffering – anymore than we took action against god for Tsunami. If the labs were the reason – then we do have such rights.

Sri Lanka seems to show a connection between the Chinese ‘Gift’ and the infections. It was reported that ‘On 31 March, 21 more patients confirmed COVID-19, which is currently the highest single-day increase. Most of them were relatives of previously confirmed Corona patients. The total patients rises to 142.’
On 01 April, according to Xinhuanet -  Navy Commander Vice Admiral Piyal De Silva expressed thanks to China for this donation as it would help Navy personnel in carrying out anti-COVID-19 tasks such as quarantining individuals and disinfecting public spaces.
And ‘On April 1, charge d'Affaires of the Chinese Embassy Hu Wei handed over the first shipment of aid from China, including 50,000 medical masks and 1,008 COVID-19 test kits, to Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa.’

As of  22 April Sri Lankan Navy was reported to have been infected. On 24 April, the camp was declared an isolated area.

To my mind, where there is exponential change – the spirit of the issue is active. Hence governments were looking to flatten the curve – which confirmed that we could control it through human endeavour.

A belief based vote for a leader would confirm exponential positive outcome. A belief based vote against a leader would likewise confirm exponential negative outcome for that leader. Such was the case by minorities in the last Presidential elections. They effectively voted against the Armed Forces.
The high level of Navy infections strongly indicate the value of these minority votes on the basis of genuine pain. No government that ignores the pain of minorities – would successfully govern through democracy. That is the real value of democracy. Hence all that minorities have to do is to keep voting against those they believe caused them pain – pain that has become their virtual reality.

Saturday, 23 May 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

23 May  2020

Has the Lankan Parliament been buried or cremated?

[One of the issues in contention in current public debates is the legal effect of a dissolution of Parliament. Those who support the President’s position argue, among other things, that the effect of dissolution on a Parliament is the same as death in a natural person. Just as much as a dead person cannot be brought back to life, they argue, a dissolved Parliament cannot be recalled. In meeting this argument, opponents of the President’s position argue that the appropriate metaphor to illustrate the constitutional provisions on this issue is not death but tranquilisation. Dissolution has the effect of tranquilising an existing Parliament until such time as a new Parliament is brought to life through an election. Presumably, the old Parliament only dies when the results of the election are declared, or when the new Parliament formally meets for the first time. Whatever the literary merits of the metaphor, this is the obviously correct way to view the constitutional framework.] Ground Views article ‘DEAD OR TRANQUILISED? THE RECALL OF DISSOLVED PARLIAMENTSby Dr Asanga Welikala

To my mind the dissolved parliament does die and if recalled in the same form – it needs to be taken as having been buried and not cremated. If a new form happens – then it needs to be taken as having been  cremated. The intent of the President was to cremate and not to bury – as were his orders in the case of Coronavirus  victims. Both are allegedly due to preventing infections from dead bodies. Hence the President is confirming consistency which strongly indicates  belief that he is right.

He may of course seem wrong to legal experts. But their contribution is limited by articles 3 & 4 of the Sri Lankan Constitution which provides as follows:

[3. In the Republic of Sri Lanka sovereignty is in the People and is inalienable. Sovereignty includes the powers of government, fundamental rights and the franchise

4.(b) the executive power of the People, including the defence of Sri Lanka, shall be exercised by the President of the Republic elected by the People]

Article 3 requires the President to ensure that the exercise of Executive power to not damage the Sovereignty of the People. To the extent the sovereignty of the Muslim community was so damaged,  the Sovereignty of the President was confirmed to have been weakened. One who is truly sovereign would not damage the sovereignty of another. The test is the freedom to exercise fundamental rights.

I have no knowledge of Dr  Asanga Welikala educating the public about what was right or wrong in the case of cremation. Nor do I have any knowledge of this legal academic raising the issue of Buddhism foremost article and its projected structure and position in the Sri Lankan Constitution -  especially vis-à-vis global applications of legal principles which are gobbledygook to the common Sri Lankan. Most Sri Lankans would have understood the cremation issue better than the constitutional problem of recalling parliament. Intellectually speaking Dr Asanga Welikala could be right. But in democracy, belief ranks about the intellect.  A decision based on true belief would always be right intellectually for that place at that time.

Until proven otherwise the current president is taken to represent the belief of the People. Prescriptive rights override lawful purchase rights for the reason of true belief.  One who has the real experience knows that truth urges a person who has contributed to truth  to act when the law needs it on behalf of all law abiding people. Unless one is acting out of such an urge – the intellectual balance is for other purposes – including towards academic grades.

I have been regularly sharing my analyses from a lay person’s belief – with Mr M A Sumanthiran, Dr Asanga Welikala,  Dr Suren Fernando and  Dr Kumaravadivel Guruparan – by including them in my list of academic group. Thus far none of them have shown interest in what I had to say. But as per my experience – to the extent I communicate with belief in my position vis-à-vis theirs  to the in our common society – I am empowered by Natural Forces to work the system at that level. Even if I give up – the system of Nature / Truth takes over and delivers as it did at the University of NSW also. Where personal results become stronger than common ownership – Natural Forces ‘let it be’. One driven by positive natural forces is empowered by Dharma. Those who remained silent about the damage to fundamental rights of minorities in Sri Lanka do not have a legitimate voice to access the powers of Dharma.

The power of ownership / belief is exponential. In intellectual power is relative.

Friday, 22 May 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

22 May  2020

Tiger Headache for Tamils or Lion Nightmare for Buddhists?

[What if — as Thomas Jefferson said — the blood of patriots should be spilled on the tree of revolution at least once in every generation? What if we nullify the government that has nullified our rights?] Sri Lanka Guardian article ‘What If the Government Has It Wrong?’ by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano.
For some reason that I was not particularly conscious of – I started typing Bagawat Geetha in Google.  It may have been a combination of my faith in Bagawat Geetha from which I quoted as follows yesterday:
[You have a right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to the fruits of action. Never consider yourself to be the cause of the results of your activities, and never be attached to not doing your duty]
I had by this time noticed in the side column of the Sri Lanka Guardian  - the headlines ‘Sri Lanka: Eleven years after Tamil Tigers insurgency’. I did not read the article then  but registered the headlines as per my truth. To me the question as to what this war was about and whether this war was just or not is  a deep seated one – far more deep seated than the Coronavirus issue. That could be why the following happened : When I typed Bagawat Geetha I was taken to Bagawat instead of Bagawat Geetha. I was surprised to learn that Bagawat meant Rebellion. As a Tamil I already understood that Geetha meant ‘song’. Until today I understood Bagawat to mean – the Lord. Today I was meant to understand it was Rebellion. In essence the great war – in the middle of which the Lord gave us Bagawat Geetha was about Rebellion by minorities against majority who had custody of power through age based seniority.

 Is the Rebellion of Tamils the rebellion of patriots? As per oxford dictionary patriot is ‘a person who loves their country and who is ready to defend it against an enemy

Crucial is the understanding of the word ‘country one loves’. To my mind, the best way to define would be to start with ‘nation’ which is the ‘spirit of the land that is home to us’. The family parallels of county and nation are house and home. To the extent Tamils fought to defend our Home – our pathway was inherited from Pandavar in the great war. Both wars were not limited to the armed battles. During that great war – many kings switched sides towards their personal agendas. But they were not part of the leadership of the war.

Was LTTE therefore the leading power of the war? In their editorial, Sri Lanka Guardian present their ‘judgment’ as follows:

[Eleven years ago the Tamil Tigers (LTTE), a major headache for the Tamil people, was vanquished. The liberation of the Tamil people who had been under the grip of the LTTE was an exceptional experience in counter-insurgency. Instead of their children becoming child soldiers, they went to school and started dreaming about the future. They created the way they wanted to explore the world. Needless to say that the story of other fraternal ethnic groups is the same.]
 If indeed the Tamil Tigers were a headache – to the Common Tamil – the Sinhala Buddhist government is a nightmare to that Common Tamil. This was confirmed through the 2009 battle.
The editor goes on to state:

[Hence, the old lesson we learnt is clear. A true leader, as Douglas McArthur once says, “has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He does not set out to be a leader, but becomes one by the equality of his actions and the integrity of his intent.” A true leader does not, under any condition, maintain thieves and fraudsters. The primary purpose of democracy is to elect such a leader. Then people will have a good time.]

The only Sri Lankan known to me with  all of the above criteria – is myself. Others may have them but the consolidated value is not as strong as mine. What would General Douglas McArthur say about the current President who allegedly liberated the Tamils from the headache?

1.     Confidence to stand alone  - The current president seems to need his brother Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa to hold his hand and also has demonstrated that he needs armed men to administer unarmed civilians.

2.     Courage to make tough decisions – they were made by big brother Mahinda in relation to the elimination of the LTTE

3.     Compassion to listen to the needs of others – Tamils had the need to Remember, Mourn and Celebrate their sons and daughters who died in the war. They qualify as ‘others’. Sinhalese soldiers who were listened to by the President were ‘ours’ to the President and not others.
4.     Equality of his actions – Overriding civilian leadership during the Covid-19 crisis – firmly gives this president a bad failure in this regard.

5.     Integrity of his intent – The integrity of the intent is confirmed by the core purpose of the position – which is the President of Sri Lanka and not the President of Sinhala Buddhists only. As with the coronavirus we do not know the cause but through the effects we know that this President has failed in his duty to assure all communities that he was their president through demonstrated commitment to all communities. When the President took oath at Ruwanwelisaya – he confirmed separatism between Buddhists and Non-Buddhists. The election was not for the Presidency of Buddhists only. Hence he confirmed serious lack of integrity in governing Sri Lanka.

The words of wisdom by Thomas Jefferson  go as follows:

[The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.]

There were patriots and tyrants on both sides. If there were no tyrants within the Buddhist armed forces – why did Sri Lanka need curfew with such small number of infections? The virus confirmed that tyrants   amongst Buddhists are greater than the patriotic Buddhists. No Buddhist using arms is a Buddhist patriot .

Thursday, 21 May 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

21 May  2020

Corona & Lankan War Karma

As per my experience based discovery, when we are free – and express that freedom, such expressions and actions are manifestations of our ‘karma’. Karma is work. When we forego / share our benefits with others,  benefit becomes structure. When we become independent of that structure also – the value of our investment in that structure,  becomes Energy / Shakthi. Then the Energy leads us. As per the principle of Equal & Opposite – those who deny us our earned benefits in their custody, those within a structure-who deny us respect as per our sacrifices and block the exercise of our ‘rights’ – develop negative Energy which leads them when they are free of current merit based thoughts. Few Academics at the University of NSW said I had good insight.  This means that they recognized that I could look within them and identify with their truth. In total terms therefore – I am their ‘senior’. A true and natural senior  has insight into the mind of the junior. When such is the case, that person needs to be recognized at least as having Equal status as the official senior. Otherwise, one with negative karma from the past would   invoke the positive Energy of the official junior against her / himself .

The Hindu reported on 19 May:

[Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa on Tuesday said the country will not hesitate to exit international bodies that continuously “targeted” its soldiers.
“If any international body or organisation continuously target our country and our war heroes, using baseless allegations, I will also not hesitate to withdraw Sri Lanka from such bodies or organisations,” he said, speaking at the 11th anniversary of the end of the civil war, marked as “Ranaviru [War Heroes] Day” in the island’s south.]
Membership with International bodies need to be earned by paying due respect to their seniority. Every member is Equal to another but the Body as a whole is senior to every  Member state. The above statement by the Sri Lankan president is the parallel of LTTE’s Separatism platform which is different to that of the Tamil Political group – currently led by the Illankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi (ITAK). In the post-war new normal in Sri Lanka, TNA includes heirs of LTTE and other Armed Militant groups. But it is led by ITAK. If the Sri Lankan Government did withdraw on the basis of  criticism of Armed Forces that would invoke the unlawfulness of their parallels in the Tamil community. We have witnessed this through attacks on Politicians without arms. At citizens’ level, we are experiencing takeover by lawless youth who take no advice from seniors without arms. The happenings in Vaddukoddai where the belief based political declaration was made, confirm this.
The Hindu report strongly indicates this as follows:

[While police in the north asked citizens to avoid gatherings on Monday, and in some cases, questioned those who held prayer meetings — despite physical distancing and masks — the government went ahead with an event at the war memorial near the Parliament in Colombo, with senior military officials and ministers in attendance.]

The basis on which the TULF which was led by ITAK -  fought politically was belief in the Tamil community’s right to self-governance – rather than be ‘told’ as if Tamils were ‘juniors’. The LTTE interpreted it as physical Separation. But the Buddhists already claimed separation on the basis of religion – through Buddhism Foremost article in the constitution. Unless they are punished – no Sri Lankan armed Buddhist has the authority to punish the LTTE or other armed non-Buddhist. When so punished, the return karma will happen through the positive karma of  a Tamil / non-Buddhist who is respected by that community’s armed group and / or its heirs. Such returns happen through the system of Natural Justice / Karma.

Likewise, where Tamil armed groups punished civilian Buddhists – all it would have taken would have been for a Buddhist  leader with positive karma through  politics or Buddhism to be respected by the armed Buddhist group to defeat any armed Tamil militancy. By invoking Armed power – the current President is confirming that the Buddhist community in Sri Lanka lacks someone with positive karma leading Buddhist community or if there is such a leader, s/he is NOT respected by the armed group and their heirs.
The Doctrine of Karma is common to Hindus and Buddhists. By living off the past, towards current benefits, the current President of Sri Lanka is devaluing those who died in combat for the stated ‘cause’. That is how terrorism is invoked to keep the armed forces in full employment while many others are jobless.

 A Catholic Sinhalese has had the courage to bring action against the Government for enforcing Cremation. The Catholic community in Sri Lanka carries positive karma through their suffering of Easter Sunday 2019 attack. The fact that the 19 is carried in the current form of the coronavirus strongly indicates the time based connection. The Sri Lankan war issue was already global as was the 2019 Easter Sunday tragedy. Hence Sri Lanka’s global karma would be invoked by a globally positive person/group respected by the victims of the war and the bomb attacks which the government failed to prevent.

Global bodies – like any institution, starting with the family, facilitate the regular exchange of Positive Energies through their structures, positions and laws. Once we are part of that structure, the individual character of the occupiers of the positions do not matter so long as we do our duty by our position. Hence the following advice by Lord Krishna to Prince Arjuna in the battlefield:
[You have a right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to the fruits of action. Never consider yourself to be the cause of the results of your activities, and never be attached to not doing your duty.]
Given that the Tamil Tigers were Sri Lankans, every soldier within the Government’s Armed Forces had the DUTY to do her/his duty  as per the lawful position. If the current President believed that this was the case – then he ought to promote it through world bodies just as Coronavirus cure / vaccine would be shared. By stating that he would withdraw, the president is confirming that it was a lawless war.

As per Anadolu Agency’s report ‘COVID-19: Forced cremations in Sri Lanka take flak’:
["There has been no interim guidance or even evidence of any persons having been infected from exposure to the cadaver of person after its burial so as to justify cremation over burial," said a petition to the country's Supreme Court filed by Hitihamilage Don Oshala Lakmal Anil Herath, who is a Roman Catholic Christian.

"Given the gravity and unalienable nature of the belief Catholics must be given the opportunity to bury their dead and their right to refuse to be cremated must be upheld," Hitihamilage said.]
This belief based petition confirms that there are at least a few who are challenging the deviation from the law by the current government. Had this government not ‘promised’ separation from Global Institutions that endeavoured to discipline them – it would not have weakened itself and feared the global pandemic but faced it like many others did – with much less restrictions. The high rate of infection within the Navy is a strong indicator of the return of war karma. If the LTTE heirs come back with a vengeance – the Sri Lankan government will not have the support of the bodies that it seeks to separate from. Karma will return if not for Tamils who carry the Peace genes.