Monday, 21 October 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

21 October  2019


Last night I said during a discussion with my husband – that I had written to the reporter who exposed the plagiarism scandal at the University of New Castle – that he had plagiarized my work. My husband said ‘if he did not read your work how can it be plagiarism?’

A deep researcher  would appreciate that plagiarism, like racism and could be subconscious. They are influenced by our genes. In the above instance, since I had been publishing my work by writing to the Universities concerned, the Government and the Media – about my discoveries at the University of NSW – and continued to take legal action despite being marked wrong – it was the duty of the official media to have taken note. Those in official media have the ‘freedom’ of expression because they are required to publish the truth.

As per the laws of Nature – Truth connects to truth. Hence even if we do not know the reader of our reports – to the extent our report is true – and it covers a certain issue – plagiarism in this instance – the Energy of our report would be received by a true seeker. As I explained to my husband, to my mind, it is like the ‘posting rule’ in law of contract –whereby an acceptance is taken to have happened when it is posted / mailed – even if it has not reached the other side. It is a belief based communication. Once we believe – the system of truth /dharma is responsible to carry it and manifest it at the appropriate level. Mine eventually happened through my book Naan Australian going to the National Library of Australia without any particular intervention on my part. That is equivalent of all true Australians reading my work.

The other example I highlighted to my husband who knows the ‘internal steps’ is my book ‘Jaffna is my Muthusum/ heritage and not dowry’. Through those experiences – I merged my global values with Jaffna and hence now that the Northern airport is being named Jaffna International Airport – I believe that the system of Dharma has done Its duty to this contributor. I recognized the blessings of  Jaffna – and therefore  Nallur Murugan – when I received the call from the publishers while I was praying at Nallur Murugan temple. Those are the indicators that believers identify with. Its external expression is the majority vote. One who believes has 100% approval of all genuine voters.
Laws bring our minds under one order of thought structure. Stated the other way around, those who are of similar thought structure – become the law. Hence subjective power.

This morning’s news from SBS confirmed the above power of the mind:

[Why Australia's media front pages are blacked out today
Australia's major media organisations have come together to fight for increased press freedom and whistleblower protection.
Updated Updated 1 hour ago
By Maani Truu, Biwa Kwan
Australia's major media organisations blacked out their newspaper front pages and websites on Monday in a coordinated push for legislative change to protect press freedom and force the government to increase transparency.
According to the organisations - which include SBS, the ABC, Nine, News Corp Australia and The Guardian - a slew of laws introduced over the past 20 years have hindered the media's capacity to act as the fourth estate and hold the government and other powerful figures to account. ]

To my mind, it was my intuition that picked up the above last night itself. Every member has this intuitive power through investment above the level of their derived benefits. They are feelers like mothers. The requirement is to continue to stay within that group and continuing to practice one’s truth.

This applies in government as well. Yesterday’s Sunday Observer editorial ‘Definition of a ‘war hero’ for example includes the following:

[In most peoples’ minds, a war hero is an individual who has performed an act of heroism or valour in a theatre of conflict. An individual who wears the uniform of the armed forces or Police does not automatically qualify to become a ‘war hero’, particularly if they have committed an offence that is illegal or criminal in nature. On the contrary, they should never be hailed as ‘war heroes’.]

The question then arises as to whether the Sunday Observer would list at least one LTTE member as a war hero? Did they seek and find or did not find such a parallel in LTTE who are accused as Terrorists by the Sinhalese community of which Mr Rajapaksa is a permanent member.

Like the Australian press - the LTTE also fought for ‘freedom’ to express their skills. Without them – the Rajapaksa Government would have had very little to gloat about. When they are ‘forgotten’ except for that purpose of opposition – it leads to mental imbalance – as was demonstrated by Mr Sirisena last year and is being strongly indicated by  Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa in relation to war activities.  Benefits from one system and costs in another system lead to imbalance of the mind.
At reader/voter level – those of us who complete the other side as per our own truth – become the law – even if it is to judge ourselves by ourselves. Truth is the basis of reliable law. If Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa truly believes that  the imprisoned soldiers were ‘heroes’ – then he would facilitate LTTE supporters also to celebrate their war-heroes – not as per the law but as per the truth. That way  there would be a true opposing force to defend and protect the privacy of our culture. Otherwise, under the claim of ‘Unitary State’ which is would be interpreted as Sinhalese leadership – minority cultures would be invaded by the government of majority – by the majority for the majority. Minorities who intellectually oppose this – would promote themselves to become global. That is how Dharma balances our system.

In terms of the Australian Media – its authority  to publish the truth is limited to its own experience of truth. When whistle-blowers are punished by the government – unlawfully – it would be the media’s business to expose that – within the regulated pathway of journalism. If it hurts and damages the government’s investment in its own area – as per its own culture – the media effectively has invaded. Freedom of the Press ought not to effectively become invasion of Government’s privacy.
Likewise in Sri Lanka – the freedom of politicians should not become invasion of the Judiciary.

Sunday, 20 October 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

20 October  2019


The Government of Australia is made up of many aspects of governance. Immigration is one of them. Immigration needs to be independent of Armed forces.

The natural common makeup of Sri Lanka as well as Australia is that both are island nations. Given that in both nations – the heirs of those who arrived by boat are the rulers, this lineage requires them to value boat arrivals as their distant relatives and not as aliens. The relationship is like that of Brahmin Hindu to Modern Hindu.  To rank boat arrivals as the least eligible is to disrespect one’s own ancestry. Both nations would have their / our fair share of convict genes. I am not a Brahmin but whenever I pray through a Hindu form I believe in – my prayers are answered as per my motive. Brahmins tend to be more ritualistic and therefore need a controlled environment – including obedience from juniors – to focus on the ultimate goal. Likewise I am not in Government through official portfolio – but I find governance solutions whenever I deeply respect  those before me – for example Gandhi.

As per Island report headed ‘Defence Secy commends Australian assistance’ one gets the impression that Sri Lanka is senior to Australia in terms of law and order. Otherwise Sri Lankan officer representing the Sri Lankan government has no authority to ‘commend’ an Australian officer. One may publish an independent review of published outcomes but not directly praise or criticize a foreign agency / government.  The junior’s duty is to submit. In a ‘free’ environment – the Australian officers desiring praise may end up submitting.

Australia’s governance system is far more orderly than Sri Lanka’s. To my mind it is less subjective due to globalization through immigration. The Sri Lankan parallels of current boat arrivals in Sri Lanka are the Indian Tamils who arrive by boat – now to Northern shores. Until recently – they were referred to as Kallathoni’s (cheating boats) by mainstream Sinhalese. The way Ms Pauline Hanson asked migrants to go back if we migrants  cannot assimilate, there are Sinhalese leaders who ask Tamils and Muslims to go back. They choose to take senior positions amongst migrants as if indigenous population is part of the land they walk on.

On 18 October – ‘the Sunday Morning’ published the following report:

[Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva today released 150.15 acres of land in Kilinochchi belonging to the State and private owners.
The Army said the release was done in line with the Presidential Secretariat’s policy of releasing military acquired land in the North and East.
According to the Army the release of the mentioned land has not compromised national security interests.]

We do not know when the Army actually ‘occupied’ these areas. The latest would have been 2009 when the government claimed to have eliminated the LTTE. Given that the government claimed ‘victory’ it was a ‘foreign’ force and the occupation was as if the military now ‘owned’ those lands. This explains why it took 10 years to return the land to its lawful  owners – including the civil part of Sri Lankan government – as the trustee of the Public. That alone confirms the deeper intent of the Sri Lankan government suffering fears due to its own desires.

I fought against such intimidation at the workplace where ‘obedience’ was expected by seniors – including the most educated ones. While I was ready to be regulated  by seniors as per workplace culture  – I refused to ‘obey’ seniors because they occupied senior positions. The same rule would be formulated differently at different workplaces. Likewise in communities.

In the recent arrests of Tamils including politicians in Malaysia – the claim was made that they were LTTE supporters. This means that to the Malaysian government, LTTE was not eliminated as a global force. Yet that government did not dispute the claims of war-victory by the Sri Lankan Government. Hence in their minds – LTTE is still alive as the other side of their desire.

In her 2014  article headed ‘Are Wahhabis on Warpath against Moderate Muslim Sufis in Sri Lanka’ Ms Shenali Waduge – a popular journalist in Sri Lanka, wrote as follows:

[Wahhabis are against music, dance and social mixing of sexes, they oppose display of images – humans or animal, praying at graves and assigning divinity to the Prophet, or celebrating his birthday or praying to him. They don’t like cricket either evident by those that attacked Sri Lanka’s cricketers in Pakistan. This is what Wahhabis stand for. How many Muslims in Sri Lanka follow this or adhere to this? Prior to Wahhabis entering Sri Lanka in mid 1970s, the Muslims of Kattankudy were praying at graves, seeking favours from God through prayer, singing songs in praise of God, organizing festivals, distributing food for Prophets birthday and using flowers in prayer. These were all customs that came through Tamil/Indian customs and rituals as the earliest Muslims arrived from India.]

The above could be said also about Sinhalese before arrival of Buddhism . The Buddhist monks in Politics are the heirs of those Sinhalese and not of Buddha who renounced ruling power. I identify with Ms Waduge’s discovery about Wahhabi influence. But the question is why is Ms Waduge not recognising that about her own religious group? The response to this is crucial in Sri Lanka becoming a global village of multicultural migrants – especially now that International airports in North and East are being promoted by the current government.  

Being obedient to those who tempt us with desires – leads to living in fear. Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa recently made the promise of releasing soldiers currently in custody, if he became president. Yesterday’s government is today’s government’s genes. Changing those genes needs to be through two thirds majority due to the truth in it. As per philosophy of rebirth – we take into our next birth only our truth from this life. Facing the unpleasant truth is therefore far more valuable than taking the high status that we were right – as marked by others and not by our truth.

If the armed forces who have been imprisoned – were not guilty then the Judiciary needs to certify them. If Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa as President is promising  to do so – this leads me to the conclusion that he is anti-Buddha which is in breach of Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution.
The LTTE recruited child-soldiers – so they would ‘obey’. My bitter experience at the University of NSW was strongly influenced by this kind of expectations by American returns (like Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa) who must carry some of the genes of American Academics like Henry Murray who used  juniors including Ted Kaczynski who came to be known as UNABOMBER (targeting Universities and Airlines). Those who are clever need to limit their shows of cleverness to the position they hold in a particular environment. The rest needs to be for Service. Otherwise they risk following those who make guineapigs of them. That is the way of Dharma.

LTTE leader Prabhakaran was clever. By accepting funds from Indian political leader – MGR – Prabhakran was disloyal to the guerrilla movement which works well in its own natural environment. To the extent LTTE was funded genuinely by Sri Lankan Tamils and/or Tamils without relevant official portfolio, it was valid and positive. But MGR qualified as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu – the parent state of all Tamils. He was being a traitor to Politics by funding guerrilla group and his donations carried those genes – eventually to kill Sri Lankan Politicians including Tamil politicians followed by Indian leader Rajiv Gandhi who represented National and Regional Leadership. This brought shame to Tamil Nadu security forces who were responsible for protecting politicians who are in Tamil Nadu.

Unlike Ted Kaczynski – I opposed and rejected leaders who demonstrated expectations of obedience which eventually was expressed strongly at University of NSW – where discovering  and publishing Truth was core purpose and where the Administrative order was weak – as Dr Wickremabahu Karunaratne also highlighted recently through the Nizamdeen case.

When I learnt about Ted Kaczynski – especially in relation to the his role as guinea pig in the  experiment by Henry Murray – I recalled how anxious I felt when Dr Charles Hayes of Caritas threatened me with enforced medication for alleged mental illness. Like Ted Kaczynski , I preferred to go back to prison and to starve/fast  – than to be artificially structured to be obedient. While in prison I learnt about such suppression and published it– including through Sri Lanka Guardian as follows:

[Later when I went back to prison after the Caritas experience, I realized the real reason why? The following day which was Mother’s day 2005, I shared the prison cell with Florence who read the Bible every day. Florence confirmed that she was enforced with medication while in prison and this helped me get myself released from prison and help Florence release herself from prison. Until that experience, Florence was refused approval by the authorities to come out of prison, even though she had been there for many years for what seems like a trivial reason – such as attacking the Police who gave her orders to get rid of her poultry. Florence identified with me and hence was able to naturally follow in my path. My husband and I picked her up from prison and kept her with us before she joined her daughter. I was able to provide this service to a fellow Australian, because of our common faith in Our Lady which did not happen with the Caritas doctors nor with the University of New South Wales.] Caritas vs Buddhist Government

This I believe is why Lord Buddha gave us the simple message ‘Aasai Aramin’ / ‘Renounce Desire’.
If the Sri Lankan army did not desire the benefits and opportunities ‘made by civilians’ Australia’s immigration problems will  naturally become opportunities in relation to migrants from Sri Lanka. But the mantra needs to be used with belief in our ancestors and not by praising ‘foreigners’ or by succumbing to praise by foreigners.

Saturday, 19 October 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

19 October  2019


What is the difference between Fact & Truth? Former has form and the latter is the experience through which the Fact was born. Likewise the difference between Judgment & Justice. Also between war victory & war.
This morning’s news included the Sydney Morning Herald report ‘Mark Latham settles defamation dispute over terror tweets’. It was about ‘out of court settlement’ between Mr Latham and Mr Nizamdeen. To my mind, the knowledge of the status of Mr Nizamdeen – that he is the nephew of a Sri Lankan minister – would have contributed to the decision to ‘settle’. Mark Latham is known to be hasty in expressing that which is in his mind – already packaged and preconceived. But from Nizamdeen’s angle – he lost the opportunity to have the experience of Australian weakness and therefore to become more global than he currently is. He lost also the opportunity to help other Muslims who are wrongly charged by Australian authorities. When we experience the weakness of the other as pain – we become common. That is what family is about. Accepting money separates us. We then hire or deal with each other through specific bilateral agreements – we confirm that we are not family to that extent.

The LTTE accepted money from MGR – who was Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and was bound by the laws of politics. Any money given for the ‘common cause of Tamils’ ought to have been confidential. The fact that it was apparent – confirms a lesser purpose – including to ‘show’ Tamil Nadu power.

Dr Wickremabahu Karunaratne in his Ceylon Today article headed ‘LTTE a Conventional Fighting Force’ confirms this weakening in his own way:

[Last year it was reported in Australia, the arrest of NSW student from Sri Lanka on terrorism charges. It was not surprising because of many experiences at the universities of NSW where there were weak administrations naturally infected by the NSW Police]

I identify with the above reasoning through my own experiences. At least one Australian in the area of the Court said that I was from where the ‘bad Tigers were’. But by accepting that the Tigers’ reputation was mine also – I am able to work the Tamil community as an insider. That is the way of Belief. Once we do that – our truth brings us the truth that we need. Dr Karunaratne concludes as follows in regards to LTTE:
[If Dharma were to prevail,  the same law must apply to the other side – which is the government of Sri Lanka especially in the case of politicians who are promising freedom from law to their side in the war]

Dharma is the pathway of Truth. Beyond our level of ownership – Truth leads us. If we had upheld the truth then that experience would be positive for us. In this instance if government officers who did not follow the law are protected by the President – then that lawlessness gets protected. If power was used through Discretionary powers of the then Defence Secretary on the basis of truth – that Truth will protect when that Defence Secretary becomes President. But LTTE was defeated with the help of other nations who have been ‘forgotten’ by the Rajapaksa government that takes all the credit. The Dharmic outcome of all this is mental retardation unless we oppose such regimes as per our own truth.

One who claims victory in war is only custodian of that land area. One who owns the whole war – is the real power that would prevent future wars.

Friday, 18 October 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

18 October  2019


[The Court observed that the Petitioners had not stated a word about the delay in filing the Petition, but impliedly expected the Court to believe that they came to know about the question of GR’s dual-citizenship through a Daily FT news item that appeared on 05 August 2019.  The Court observed that if there was an unreasonable and unexplained delay, the Court could dismiss a Writ application in limine ] C. A. Chandraprema – in his Island article ‘Why the Viyangoda - Thenuwara petition against Gota failed’


The following was published by Sri Lanka Guardian at - as part of the Petitioners in the above matter:


The 1978 Constitution provided as follows in terms of Presidential Immunity:

[35 (1). While any person holds office as President, no proceedings shall be instituted or continued against him in any court or tribunal in respect of anything done or omitted to be done by him either in his official or private capacity. ]
The above immunity has been upheld in the amended constitution. Hence how did the Courts accept a petition that included ‘Hon President Mahinda Rajapaksa’ as the 6th Respondent???
The following by Reporter Chandraperuma gives us an indication of the (dis)order in the judicial mind:
[At the outset, the Court pointed out that Counsel representing all parties agreed that the Court would pronounce its order on 4 October 2019, and deliver reasons on a subsequent date. (The reasons were delivered accordingly, on 15 October)]

To reason after the judging  is to place the cart before the horse – i.e. outcome before law / vehicle before the driver. If it was just a question of typing – then the reasons ought to have been delivered on the following working day.

Immunity is provided so that a governor is not punished by the governed under a structure that is different to the one through which the governor became head. The status of a child should never be higher than that of the parent – in the family home. That confirms the respect of the existing structure established and/or maintained by the parent. If the child  seeks to be higher – then the child must earn that status from her/his own children – away from the parental structure.  This ceiling is essential in a structure that confirms sovereignty. Restructures happen when the senior tends to become dependent on the child.

The simple rule could be exercised at the Registrar’s level. But this has not been facilitated. Instead – the Judiciary  has stated that SLPP ought to have been a Respondent:

Has the Judiciary not used its ‘discretionary powers’ to think about the Political Party and thereby polluted the ‘pure stream of Independence of the Judge and therefore of Justice?’ 

Discretionary powers are valid only when the law does not cover the highest level of the said activity – in this instance the certification of the Citizenship by a brother – outside due process. Due processes are the media through which the Energy / Heritage of elders in Administration flow through to those who have inherited the system. The effect of dismissing the petition is to limit the structure of the Administrative Department responsible – to the level of family relationships and the common belief developed through such relationships. One does not need high level laws to develop family relationships. One does – to develop workplace relationships beyond one’s biological circles. The discretionary powers of the Judiciary ought to have been used towards such development. Otherwise the intellectual capacity of the Judiciary itself would be limited to benefit its side of Judicial politics.
As I keep saying in relation to a family disputes – between two branches of different cultures – where I am not treated as the common head - I would take my side without discriminating whether my side is right or wrong. Likewise I would expect the other side to do likewise. This helps escalate the matter to the higher level – than if we did not take sides. Those who do take sides are not eligible to be judges and therefore lack the authority to use discretionary powers – even to state reasons. The Judiciary obviously have sided SLPP politicians. Hence their decision would be valid only within such families.

That is the way of politics. When majority voters support such leaders – all that minority has to do is to believe beyond the biological/country  circles – and mind merge with those beyond the local borders. THAT then becomes their natural group. This requires deep investment and often sacrifice of existing benefits. But we grow taller and taller through intellectual connections – until we are taller than the majority stacked vertically. Once we forego almost all we have – we are in the area of Absolute power as per our soul-purpose. From then on it is the Truth that leads us. THAT was how Tamils became Equal Opposition in Sri Lankan Parliament. All we have to do is to continue to invest in the intellectual pathway and maintain our belief based connection to current voters. The rest would be done by the system of Dharma.

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

17 October  2019


It is well-known that intellectuals such as Albert Einstein criticized the ‘Nazi power’, ‘Jewish Problem’ and the devastation of nuclear power during the World War two. He did engage with the public domain and provided his views and critiques towards highly politically relevant discussions at the time. Similar to this example, one may argue that there are ad hock struggles in the public domain currently fuelled by academics and opinion makers. This may further appear to the public that University academics and public intellectuals are highly engaged with the current political issues. However, it should be noted that they more or less consciously contribute to the establishment of another hegemonic system or ruling elite where the counter hegemonic forces could be reinforced to suppress the organic intellectual movements. In doing so, these academics and activists subjugate themselves to the power and popularism where they lose the most vital part of their careers – intellectual freedom and academic integrity  “ – Professor Saumya Liyanage – in his article ‘Intellectual Hypnotism & The Future Of Academic Freedom In Sri Lanka’

The way I would have said the above is as follows:
[The mind of the academic who has made true discoveries through Research naturally crosses the borders of particular disciplines. Albert Einstein’s mind is that of a metaphysician. The deeper we go,  the higher the mind structure.  But most academics of this generation are academics largely for status and money. Hence they tend to go into high end  politics and / or into business. This automatically diminishes the purity of the academic mind which is expected to operate close to the Absolute and less to the relative]

To my mind, the above article has been written to the reader / customer in the mind of Professor Saumya Liyanage. Mine is to the reader / customer in my mind. The  higher our mind, the less conscious we are of the dividing line/border. We then become the supplier as well as the customer with a thin time based border in the middle. The question is whether the persons / characters through whom the mind of Professor Saumya Liyanage is presented - fit the picture in reality?
Professor presents the Jaffna picture as follows:
[Public attention has been drawn towards Sri Lankan academia and the State University sector when two prominent Vice Chancellors were sacked by the executive president of Sri Lanka. After Prof. Ratnem Vignaswaran, the former VC of the Jaffna University was dismissed a handful of current and retired academics issued a statement condemning the situation and discussed the consequences that the academic community in the country would face]
Having been an ‘owner-customer’ of the University of Jaffna, I would not classify any of the immediate past Vice Chancellors of that University ‘prominent’. Dr Vigneswaran is no exception.  Dr Vigneswaran fits more the following in Professor Liyanage’s article:
[Given the discussion about the current role of the academics, Edward Said argues: 
Today’s intellectual is … a … professor, with a secure income, and not interested in dealing with the world outside the classroom.… All that we have now … is a missing generation which has been replaced by buttoned-up, impossible to understand classroom technician, hired by committee, anxious to please various patrons and agencies, bristling with academic credentials and a social authority that does not promote debate but establishes reputations and intimidates non-experts (Nieto-Galan, 2011, p. 458).]

The next few lines confirm the purpose of the inclusion:

[The latest dismissal of Prof. Sarath Chandrajeewa, VC of the University of Visual and Performing Arts (UVPA) also raised a question of academic administration and political power by a group of internationally well-known academics in the South Asian region and elsewhere.]
Professor Saumya Liyanage is also from the UVPA and hence has the moral authority to express his own true feelings. He did not need the certification of  well-known academics in the South Asian region and elsewhere’ to confirm that he is right about his own institution. The true owner would be right for her / himself.

I got to know the commitment to law and order by Dr Vigneswaran through the dismissal hearing  of one of the Academic staff who was terminated by Dr Vigneswaran’s predecessor.  The documents and the evidence that surfaced during the inquiry confirmed that it was for political purposes – meaning politics of the University of Jaffna. Neither Dr Vigneswaran who was the Vice Chancellor during the period of the inquiry, nor Dr Kumaravadivel Guruparan – the head of law at University of Jaffna was seen to participate in the processes. The University hired external lawyers to represent it. This happened to me at the University of NSW. I ended up paying the costs of those lawyers – after the court ruled in favour of the University which could afford expensive lawyers. But the truth was that they were afraid of losing to me – a self-represented litigant. Likewise,  the Administrators and Councillors of the University of Jaffna.

Dr Vigneswaran may have thought that it was the problem of the previous Vice Chancellor Dr Vasanthi Arasaratnam who was known to be Politician Mr Douglas Devananda’s choice over Dr Ratnajeevan Hoole. If that knowledge was within Dr Vigneswaran – then it was a political decision on his part to not participate in the process. University of Jaffna was born as part of a political settlement and hence one needs to expect such political outcomes.

The parallel of Dr Vigneswaran’s disconnection with the past -  was stated by Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa during the recent press conference when he stated that he would not recognize the commitments by the current government – to the UN. This effectively means that we would wipe out the investments made by Sri Lankans,  in global mind structures. The way Dr Vigneswaran failed to participate in the management of the inquiry concerning members of the University as if he were the accused and he were the alleged victim - Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa also failed to participate in the inquiry of  the war processes as if he was the perpetrator and he was the victim. The intellectuals in the media - visible as well as invisible – extracted that truth about Mr Gotabaya’s Governance powers which are confirmed to be similar to that of the current  President’s. Those who fail to pay their dues to their past tend to be bipolar.

In terms of Universities – this weakness is known as plagiarism. Plagiarism is to ‘steal’ someone else’s intellectual work. That someone could be visible or invisible ; known or unknown. When the Rajapaksa government used global resources – especially global intelligence that listed the LTTE as a Terrorist organisation – that commitment to global community relationships was established. This included facilitating  global minded observers to ensure that the global resources were not wasted. Those who considered such global monitors as ‘foreigners’ were cheating the global community – which is largely invisible – except through common bodies such as the UN.  They cheated also the ‘intelligence’  in the global community through global laws – that the LTTE were terrorists. That intelligence was preserved in the mind structured as per global relationships on the basis of common laws. When that relationship is not recognized – or worse disrespected – the government loses its own capacity to connect and pick the intelligence of the global community. This is one of the crucial failures that cleared the way for Easter Bombers. It happened after the picture that India’s RAW was planning to kill the President and Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, was planted in the minds of the Defence Forces in 2018.

But truth being eternal – would confirm itself through a true Opposition when we block that truth in our own mind. That is the role of Opposition in parliament. According to Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s statement – his government would be Opposition to the UN in relation to minority issues. If such opposition is based on his own truth as Defence Secretary – then UN is effectively cheating the global community and Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa has deeper insight into the UN than its current officials. The parallel Sri Lankan picture would be - Tamil Parliamentarians not recognizing a resolution by the Sri Lankan Parliament. Then they would no longer be Sri Lankans.

Those who have invested deeply in Sri Lankan politics would naturally connect to Universities at the deep level. Parliament is the palace of believers and a University is the palace of Truth. Within the Sri Lankan Parliament there is such a room – however small it may seem on the outside. Likewise, within the Common Sri Lankan University. The challenge is to identify with that Area of Truth – by eliminating the distracting lies.

 When we do not merge through Truth – one is a senior and the other is a junior. That is the world of reality. The mind of a politician subdued by ‘failures’ would become junior to that of an academic who shows more ‘wins’ at that time. Right now the intellectuals in media – especially global  media are leading the Sri Lankan political mind. That is our reality and it confirms the blessings from departed media souls raised to the power of Truth by Sri Lankans. 

Thursday, 17 October 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

17 October  2019


Yesterday when checking with our staff in Vaddukoddai,  I felt really upset. It was about reading the Electricity meter. As per my experience, meter readers in Vaddukoddai - tended to charge cumulatively which often resulted in us paying more than we would have if the meter had been read every month. I had therefore instructed our staff to read the meter every week and then to check when the bill came. Our staff did it blindly  – so she would not get pulled up for not doing the work. Her mind was not in it and hence there was no ownership in the work – the ownership that I have invested in – including in the Ceylon Electricity Board when my uncle Sanmugarajah was General Manager.
The above confirmed to me yet again the ‘takeover’ mentality of the folks when they do not ‘see’ the owner. The result is also that the customers who come due to my standard of service do not come. That integration between various levels of Vaddukoddai folks is a key outcome that I feel we the owners are working towards. This helps us read each other’s minds and follow the common path.
Recently, at our friend Shanmugasothy’s memorial service, the daughter of Mr S. Arumugam – who was  Deputy Director of Irrigation and one of the original minds of the ‘River for Jaffna’ project mentioned to me that this was now being approved. This morning, I read the Daily News report headed 'A river for Jaffna' receives Cabinet approval’. The picture I had in mind was vastly different to the picture drawn through the Daily News Report. As per this report one receives the picture that the project originated in the Mahaweli Development and Environment Ministry:
[Cabinet approval was granted to implement a five year project aimed at resolving the water issue in Jaffna, which was presented for approval by the Mahaweli Development and Environment Minister today.
As there are no rivers in the Jaffna Peninsula, in order to resolve the shortage of water, a project termed ‘A river for Jaffna’  has been designed to be implemented within five years.
The project aims at reducing the salinity of the well water bordering the Wadamarachchi lagoon, increasing the water supply for agriculture purposes by 8 million cubic meters and increase the fresh water supply for household purposes and consumption.  The project will be implemented in two stages within a period of five years.
This will also enable farmers to cultivate 12,610 hectares of unused land for cultivation and 1,315 hectares for development benefiting over 300,000 people.
The project is estimated to cost Rs. 3,609 million
. ]

In contrast – Mr Duleep Goonewardene – of the Institute of Engineers said as follows in 2009 in his article headed More Beyond the River for Jaffna:

 [The article below, first published in 1954, is essential in understanding the vision of the
man, Eng.S. Arumugam, a former Deputy Director of Irrigation, one of the very few who
have been honoured by the publication of a Commemoration Volume by the Institution of

Duleep’s presentation confirms integration through his engineering mind, whereas the current ‘custodians’ confirm making it a ‘substance’ that could be taken-over.  It was Mr Thiru the son of Mr Arumugam who shared with me - the ‘Jaffna Plane’ contribution by Malaysian Tamils of Jaffna origin. To my mind, the reason was his niece Shivani who was a student of mine and who demonstrated respect for my knowledge and integrated Australian mind. When we have them in us – they become the continuous ‘links’. Likewise the Engineer in Duleep is a continuous connection with the likes of Mr  Arumugam.

Duleep who in 2009 was Research Associate at Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand, used the common pathway.

If one sees Jaffna as the Land to be ‘captured’ there is little value in it. The true value is the mind of Jaffna. To the extent we discover truth in Jaffna or for Jaffna – we get connected to Universal powers – beyond time and land  borders. That is when we enjoy the higher experience – as Lord Buddha also showed us.

The above difference is clearly brought out in the case of missing persons as interpreted by a Tamil reporter on the one hand  by Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, on the other:

[Asked about Rajapaksa’s statement on the people who surrendered during the last phase of civil war, Alahapperuma assured that Gotabaya gave a clear-cut answer.
“Ms. Siriniwasan’s ( Colombo Correspondent for the Hindu) question was what happened to the people who surrendered to the army when Gotabaya was leading the army. Then Gotabaya clearly responds saying that he did not lead the army. Do not get confused. There is a difference between leading the army and giving leadership to the war. Therefore, what you see is distortion,” Alahapperuma added.] Republic Next report - ‘SLPP faults State media for ‘distorting’ Gota’s statement’

As I stated recently also,  in the case of a dispute in a family – once the problem surfaces to the public level – we are entitled to interpret as per our respective truth and support our side to raise the issue to the higher common level – to benefit all in our environment. Ms Siriniwasan was catering to Regional readers as well as the global Tamil community - who would then invest in Sri Lanka accordingly. Those who felt for the ‘disappeared’ would strengthen the protection from Army controlled actions in their own environments.

Mr Rajapaksa who has promised to withdraw from the UN commitment - on the other hand has confirmed to have acted to ‘win’ the war which effectively was a local tribal war. If he did not lead the army – it means his mind was not in the armed forces. How would he then perform as President who is also leader of the Armed Forces for which he has  Executive  Powers? I said to  our Vaddukoddai staff – I ought to be the one in her mind to attract my level customers. If Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa was not in the mind of the armed forces – it is a confession that he would follow and not lead. The one whom he follows is his brother Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa.  Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa would continue to invoke armed militants whose spirits are restless. This is now surfacing more and more – including in Malaysia which has benefited richly due to the higher Jaffna Tamil mind. The unsettled wrongs would become leading powers and eventually sins. Death helps balance the sins and this is represented by the Balance Sheets at birth – the horoscope. When our current thoughts are weak – the truth of our past takes over to lead manifestations. If it is positive – it is good for us to have a still mind – as Yoga Swami – our Jaffna Saint said – ‘Summa Iru’/Be still. If negative – we need to be active in current environment to keep the prior period transactions still. The problem is – if not for the LTTE – the Rajapaksas have little to show their own voters – leave alone wider world.

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

16 October  2019


Yesterday was the samadi  anniversary of Saint Shirdi Baba who gave me the message to help Tamils and Muslims. (Chapter 1-Jaffna is my heritage ; not dowry). Yesterday was also the birth anniversary of  my granduncle Duraipillai. I prostrated in front of his photo and asked for his blessings. To some, this may seem an act of superstition. But to me – it was a way to invoke the positive Energy that this Saint and granduncle respectively had developed and that which is available to the community and family.  Later, in the evening, we watched with much satisfaction – the TV news regarding the inauguration  of  Jaffna International Airport. Last night, before shutting down the computer – I did a Google search under my name – which I do from time to time. Then I came across the ‘Jaffna Seminar Report’ (2013)  in which I have highlighted the Jaffna Plane.

I felt that I had also contributed to ‘Jaffna International Airport’ by believing in Jaffna. In terms of the Jaffna plane – which is to the credit of Malaysian Tamils of Jaffna origin – remembrance of that contribution is important when invoking the LTTE name superstitiously.
As per yesterday’s Island editorial headed ‘Reds and gods’ one gets the feeling that these would be considered superstitious connections:

[..Dissanayake has also raked astrologers over the coals and flayed the media for promoting astrology and occult practices. We are reminded of Voltaire, who famously said, "Superstition is to religion what astrology is to astronomy, the mad daughter of a wise mother. These daughters have too long dominated the earth." One may say these mad daughters have had a polyandrous relationship with our political leaders if talismans, gem-studded rings, etc., the latter wear to ward off the so-called malefic planetary influences are anything to go by. Man, who has evolved over millennia, now possesses an advanced mind, which is capable of unravelling some mysteries of the universe, but he continues to be troubled by gnawing atavistic fears. Those who wield immense political power are no exception.]

Am I such a mad daughter? I was certainly classified so by well-meaning psychiatrists who wanted to right the wrong by a Magistrate suffering from bi polar disorder.  Naan Australian – chapter 26:
..Mrs. Paramasivam was punctual for the interview. She was accompanied by her husband. She was casually dressed in jeans and T-shirt. She was very polite, pleasant and appropriate in her manner of relating. She has a broad range of emotional response and there was no indication that she was suffering from any disturbance in her mood. She was not at all concerned by her charges or the possibility that she could be incarcerated. Her speech was normal in rate and volume with no thought disorder. She was able to give a very detailed history of the series of events that led up to her current charges. She was supremely confident that her course of action was the right course and her self righteousness verged on grandiosity. She expressed a number of bizarre beliefs (delusions) with a belief that she was able to communicate via mental telepathy with various religious figures. She believed that she was being persecuted by the police and that the University and the Judiciary were colluding against her. She denied the presence of imaginary voices (auditory hallucinations) however it was probable that she had been responding to imaginary voices. She was quite insightless as she did not believe she had a mental illness and had no desire to take medication.
Following the termination of the assessment I spoke to her husband briefly and asked him about her behaviour. He was very supportive and he did not believe that his wife was mentally ill.
I note that as a result of her assessment provided by Dr. Conor O’Neil on 6 June she was sent on a Section 31A of the Mental Health (Criminal Procedures) Act 1990 to the psychiatric unit at Caritas Hospital where she was found to be mentally ill and to be suffering from a paranoid psychotic disorder. However the assessing doctor at the time did not deem it necessary to keep her in hospital on the basis that her condition was likely to be prolonged and difficult to treat.
Mrs. Paramasivam has a paranoid psychosis. This condition has been present for several years and is characterized delusions of grandiosity, passivity and persecution and probable visual and auditory hallucinations, In addition she has prominent obsessional traits in her personality with a tendency to be quite moralistic, rigid and somewhat inflexible in her manner in relating to the world.
There is no indication that she has a drug and alcohol problem or that she is developmentally disabled.
Mrs. Paramasivam is mentally ill and although she has made a nuisance of herself I do not believe that she would harm either herself or others in particular members of the university. She needs treatment with appropriate antipsychotic medication, Based on past experiences it is unfortunately highly probable that she would not be admitted if she was sent to a psychiatric hospital in the community. Two hospitals have already denied her care.
I believe that it would be appropriate to seek a Community Treatment Order under Section 32 of  the Mental Health Act. Due to her total lack of insight she will not voluntarily seek treatment. As her beliefs are very entrenched and have been present for several years her response to medication is likely to be slow however this is not a reason to avoid or deny treatment.
Without treatment I believe there is a considerable risk that she will reoffend. She perceives herself as a martyr who is fighting for the rights of others and her own well being is of little significance to her. Although she is prone to place her own interpretation on the law she does have a strong moral code. She indicated that she would adhere to an AVO if she knew that there was one in place and for this reason I would encourage the University to take out an AVO if this has not already been done.
As the above ‘specialists in science of law and medicine’ I was mentally ill – a mad daughter.  But many Hindus touch my feet as a mark of respect for an elder. This is common practice in Buddhists also. We therefore belong in two different worlds.

Let us now go to the case against Mr Gotabhaya  Rajapaksa which was dismissed by the Court of Appeal on 04 October 2019. The last two pages of the judgment are reported to be as follows:

As per my interpretation of the above,  the ‘issue’ as stated by the judges was whether or not there was a legal basis to issue formal Notice of the Application to the Respondents?

If yes, all one needed was the rule of Court of Appeal in relation to acceptance and processing of  documents. This usually is a Registry function – the function parallel to those in Citizenship section of the Department of Immigration in relation to Dual Citizenship Applications. The matter is resolved through the simple science of Administration – the same way I would check the level of my body temperature to decide whether or not to take Panadol? . But the Court went through three days of hearing and 41 pages of discussion – before delivering the ruling that there was no legal basis to issue formal Notice of the Application to the Respondents?

The case laws that have been included are the parallels of my prayers to Saint Shirdi Baba and my communications with Sai Baba – included as follows in the above report by the Australian specialist:

Mrs. Paramasivam acknowledged that for several years she had been in communication with a range of people including Yoga Swami, Our Lady and Sai Baba the leader of an Indian Religious Group. She told me that Sai Baba was a saint and on the 5 November 1998 red powder materialized on her picture of him. She interpreted this as meaning that he was in communication with her and felt that it was a miracle, a sign of his love for society.
She said that Sai Baba was able to anticipate her thoughts and she felt comforted by this and said that she had experienced an intuitive relationship with Sai Baba and her communication with him had continued to this day. She described the communication as a “blissful state” it felt as if she did not have a  care in the world. She acknowledges that her current charges did not concern her because of the comfort she received from Sai Baba and said that he was the only one whose opinion counted with her.

The fact that I connected the above materialization to the Auditor General’s report confirming my own conclusions about the University’s Financial Management system  - published on the same day – 05 November 1998 was left out of the above report – by the scientist.

In modern management this mind to mind communication is recognized as Performance Indicators. One does not need proof because one believes. Case laws likewise are about how our ancestors structured the problem and applied that particular law. The same manifestation is likely to  produce different outcomes when passed through two different laws of the one country – as per the minds of those who produced those laws.

As per science – Time and Place influence change in form. If we therefore go deep into the matter until we come to the ‘time’ when a previous outcome happened – we would have the true experience. Then that truth will lead us. But if we blindly copy the form – that would mislead us. The Island editor states in this regard:

[Most Sri Lankan political leaders flaunt their raja yoga or rare planetary combinations in their horoscopes, believed to indicate their ascent to the zenith of their careers; they do as their astrologers say in a bid to achieve their goals. There have been instances where their decisions based on astrological predictions brought about their downfall. It may be recalled that a popular president once had a painful pratfall as he took his palace seer’s advice seriously and advanced a presidential election only to be beaten by a dark horse in the race. The astrologer concerned is still having a good practice, we are told. There is said to be a sucker born every minute.]

What about the Ides of March? Is it mythology? The month of March was the month of war as well as the first month in the ancient Roman calendar. Hence the prophecy by someone who went into that science at that time. Caesar was a warlord and the time was ripe for a new beginning. One who believes in Astrology would see the deeper mind of the person whose ‘fate’/ ‘karma’ s/he is reading than the person her/himself. It’s not different to a doctor reading the patient’s mind in relation to a particular disease. Like the Island editor – Caesar also did not feel warned by the ‘ides of March prophesy’.

Mr Mahinda  Rajapaksa was influenced by not only the ‘palace seer’ but also the ‘case law’ of the 2010 elections in which he emerged victor. Both – 2010 as well as the 2015 elections were called in the month of November – the month dedicated to the souls of the dead. November 23 on which the 2010 elections were confirmed by Mr Rajapaksa  is also the birthday of Swami Sathya Sai Baba. The Opposition in those elections was General Fonseka who demonstrated greater faith in his secular skills than in religion. In addition – a good proportion of the LTTE were also known to have been disrespectful of Swami Sathya Sai Baba. Hence their soul power would not have worked against Mr Rajapaksa’s religious beliefs.

But in 2015 civilian pain due to the war surfaced as a strong factor. Every time the loved ones of the dead felt deep pain – to which the Rajapaksas did not respond – the victims’  civilian powers got strengthened. The soul power of November was thus spread over the years. Mr Sirisena who became the medium was very much a religious man. These aspects would be experienced when we go deep into the minds of participants through our common belief. This common belief could include astrology as well as  Buddhism. By 2014 – Mr Rajapaksa may have become less and less connected to the minds of those who believed in astrology by failing to say ‘thank you’ to the astrological powers and/or the voters who had common belief.

Belief is Absolute power and it delivers through the main pathway through which one has travelled. I believe that my insight into law happened due to my belief in secular law. When one of the above mentioned matters was being heard – and a good psychiatrist declared that I was quite normal and directed the matter back to the courts.  That psychiatrist – Dr Peter Vaugh stated that I was following in the path of Gandhi. The courts released me – and later I found that on 01 November 2004 the same day the above happened -  my response to Justice C.G. Weeramantry, former Vice President of the International Court of Justice – was Published by Daily News of Sri Lanka That was Déjà vu.

My mind did and would help others in need – as case law – especially when Judicial rulings become superstitious due to lack of belief in judicial ancestors.