Saturday 1 May 2021

 Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

01 May 2021



Most of us have knowledge that genes are inherited. As per my external knowledge the Covid19 virus also lethal due to gene variation. Do we inherit characteristics through cultural pathways?

As per Colombo Gazette article ‘Investigations launched into Bathiudeen’s Kerala connections’:

[The Intelligence Bureau in India and Kerala Police have launched an investigation into the links between Parliamentarian Rishad Bathiudeen and Kerala after he was arrested by Sri Lankan Police in connection with the April 2019 Easter Sunday attacks, the New Indian Express reported.

As per intelligence officials, Rishad’s father hailed from Padna in Kasaragod and he was in touch with a few persons in the region.

The Intelligence Bureau and National Investigation Agency (NIA) are coordinating with the Sri Lankan Government in the probe and the NIA had busted an IS module in Tamil Nadu by arresting a person in June 2019 for being in touch with Zahran Hashim and his accomplices over social media.

 Hashmi is one of the suicide bombers who executed the Easter Day bombings in the island nation. “Kerala police will be looking into the links of arrested Sri Lankan political leader in Kerala to confirm the reports,” said Kerala State Police Chief Loknath Behera.

Bathiudeen was arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA). His brother Riyaaj Bathiudeen, who was arrested in April 2020 but released later due to lack of evidence, was also arrested again.

According to intelligence officers, the Kasaragod connection of Bathiudeen will be explored in detail as an earlier probe into the missing of five young Muslim families from Padna, who left for Syria in 2016 to join IS, had revealed that a few in the group had been to National Thowheed Jamaath in Sri Lanka where they underwent religious training before proceeding to Syria. ]


All this knowledge would not help prevent the cultural spread of armed retaliation. When performed to protect one’s sovereignty it is positive and v.v. The LTTE was given refuge in India’s Tamil Nadu due to this reason. Likewise, Islamic State to Muslims.


It is the government’s responsibility to prevent such attacks. But at the level of the individual, one who has the ‘freedom’ genes would be comfortable even in prison, provided, as per her/his conscience s/he fought as per the dictates of that  conscience and not due to external factors.  


If for example, Muslim attackers and LTTE shared common genes, then when isolated, those genes would activate them.


As per Hindustan Times article ‘SL Muslims' historical links with India’ :

[Sri Lanka's indigenous Muslims, called Ceylon Moors, like other communities in the island, have had historical ties with India, especially Tamil Nadu and Kerala in South India

Today, sadly, these links are very weak, if they exist at all. And they are neither remembered nor acknowledged.

 Political exigencies arising from the redrawing of international boundaries after the collapse of the British Empire have put up barriers between the Ceylon Moors and India.


New identities were created, and are being constantly created. New links are forged in response to new stimuli, both domestic and international.


But India's impact on the Ceylon Moors (a community distinct from Indian Moors who are more recent Muslim migrants from India) cannot be ignored because it can be seen in the language, culture and practices of the community.

The active links have snapped, but the legacy is there for all to see.

 Ceylon Moors are of Arab descent. Although from the earliest times, Arabs from the Gulf had been coming straight to the island for trade, the really significant migration for settlement came via the Malabar coast in what is now Kerala……..]


The question then arises as to whether isolated Tamil Communities from Malabar Coast for whom Thesawalamai law was coded, were genetically connected more to Muslims from the Malabar Coast than to Tamils who were practicing the Common Law inherited largely from the British.


The parallel here in Australia has been published by ABC through academic article ‘Researchers demystify the secrets of ancient Aboriginal migration across Australia’:

["No-one has 70 thousand years of oral history, but it doesn't mean that there's not deep stories that are associated with land," Professor Russell said.

"People talk about that when the land was made when the ancestors came when the creators created the land.

"I think in those stories, and particularly in those songs and song lines, we may well find information that tallies with, but also may contradict the scientists approach."

Professor Russell said the new maps are a starting point, rather than exact facts, when it comes to Aboriginal history.

"These modelling papers are important because they give us they're a heuristic device for which we can then start to imagine what the past might have been like."]


Where folks are culturally isolated due to Government policy and/or negligence, it would be wrong to punish them through laws that are called ‘Common’ but are effectively ‘foreign’ to those folks. Be it the indigenous community in Australia or Sri Lanka, the respective governments need to first clear themselves of the above wrongs to rule out isolation by government before applying the common law. In Sri Lanka, where Tamils & Muslims are isolated by policy, the Buddhist government has no moral authority to punish except through objectively measurable evidence of wrong doing in common area.


When Majority Power is unjustly used, caring minorities would be protected by their ancestral powers.


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