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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

18 April 2021






As per my discovery, cleverness is relative power and ownership is exponential power.  A Tamil professional wrote about Mr Vasudev – generally known as Sadguru:


[The westerners come and take over and corporatise and sell tickets etc. thinking Indians are not organised and they need to be organised where they have no clue at all of our philosophy or culture and their understanding is so so shallow. 


On the other hand I admire him for his intellectuality, he is extremely intelligent and understands things in the right context, intellectual people are despised since they threaten others. He is treading a fine line but delivering what is required.


As for the video, he is correct in what he is saying but may be making reference to current leadership, I see this from Hindu Indians, they are all supportive of the current leadership.]


My response to the above was :

You say [I admire him for his intellectuality, he is extremely intelligent and understands things in the right context, intellectual people are despised since they threaten others.]

[This is what I say about Clever Tamil Diaspora leaders in the Ethnic issue. They want to get it right for themselves and not for the folks who live over in Sri Lanka. They then become Ravanas

In my case – even though I was NOT a devotee of Sai Baba – the message that I was right came in His form. To be that was due to Universal power that Sai Baba represented in terms of Education. This leader (Vasudev) did not come and now I know why. It is because he is clever but is not the Universal power]

Due to my experiences, I better appreciate the value of the following message by  Sage Vyasagar, through Lord Krishna in the Hindu Bible Bhagavath Geetha.   Lord Krishna shares this with Prince Arjuna – the  cleverest and the best skilled  of the warriors and the one with deep trust and faith in Lord Krishna.

[Whatever is happening is happening well

Whatever has to happen will also happen well]

How does one read the ethnic war in Sri Lanka in the spirit of the above? Does this mean that even if we do not fight for that which we think is due to us – it would come to us ?

The answer is ‘yes’ if our thinking is based on Belief. This is how the universal system of ownership works. When civilians were killed in the war did that happen well? – to balance the Universal system of Dharma? Let us take the answer as ‘yes’ due to civilians not opposing their side leadership’s undemocratic ways. That would then mean that civilians failed to do their duty in their respective environments. Merely voting is not democracy. Consistently ensuring that the elected government is also conducting itself democratically is essential to enjoy Peace through democracy.

Most of us would not be heard by the government. But to the extent we act democratically in our own local environments, we would be supported by the global power of democracy. A Tamil Diaspora leader responded to my article ‘Intuitive Power of Truth’:

[Scale is the problem. Scale is the reason.

In the early days, armed struggle was met with rampage and random killings by the state. 

In comparison that became state terrorism at small scale, small scale for the purpose of international interest.


In an armed struggle, standard fight between warring parties is not counted as terrorism.

But then, as reprisals to state terrorism (random killing of civilians and rampage) we observed the liberation fighters also took to terrorism, though in comparison to state terrorism was very violent.


One side winning the war is a normal event. 

The problem is that the genocide reported at the close of war, and many other inhumane activities, including rape and mass killings of civilians is not a standard war dharma.  This is why, the mater is in the hands of UN.

The scale of terror by the state is the reason, why SL matter is in UN.


So the answer to minister is also, it is the scale of atrocities, that brings international attention. That can not be swept under the carpet. People of SL need to come to terms with this fact and not delay the normalizing of the country.

Unless China led tyranny becomes the un-civilization of the world, the SL issue is not going to disappear.]


According to the above – the scale of wrongs was much higher with the government. But to be relative, one has to be a member of the whole that both are part of. Most members of the Tamil Diaspora do not believe that they are part of Sri Lanka. Hence their judgments become foreign. If they did believe they would connect to the National issue through their own indifference when Tamil Politicians were killed. The rest is clever use of global resources and is not about Human Rights. Hence I responded as follows:


[True. The scale matters. But unless we are clean – do we have the moral authority to judge others? Staying close to our truth is important for us to have peace of mind]

In other words, when we view the world through our Truth – we would see both sides – the problem and the solution. When we do, we need to stop acting so we do not become a problem.





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