Wednesday 1 April 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

01 April   2020


As per my knowledge of spoken Sinhalese the Sinhala extended version of Quo Vadis is – ‘Koheda yanne ? malle pol.’ (Where are you going? Coconuts in the basket)

In today’s Sri Lanka – the question is asked by the minority voter who rejected the current president -  to which  and the response from the deaf soldier is ‘head in the basket’ – highlighted  about  Sri Lanka currently in war mode – as follows:

[ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka Muslim Congress leader Rauff Hakeem is condemning the fact that the remains of a Muslim man, the second person to die from COVID 19, were cremated as it is against the teachings of the Islamic faith.]

When the politician ‘sees’ the vote, the soldier led by such a politician ‘sees’ the head (Oluwa = head) . When we ‘see’ the benefits we do not have the experience and v.v. In Body, Mind & Soul – Body is most visible, mind is knowable and is relative; Soul is beyond Body & Mind and is Experienced with a still body and still mind – in Nirvana.

To get close to the Truth – we need to go deeper than the apparent and the intellectually derived logic. Then we become the other Equal half of Coronavirus and   hence do not see it nor know it as an external but realise it Exists. That confirms Governance.

It is interesting that this death is from Negombo – the area that suffered highest rate of death due to Easter bombing. It is also an area from where high numbers of illegal migrants travelled by boat to Italy. Every such migrant who was relatively better off in Sri Lanka than the parallel Italian of  her/his generation, is in breach of the fundamentals of ‘Terra Nullius’  (nobody’s land) principles of  positive migration. Governments that fail to maintain this fundamental principle in migration are weakening their own sovereignty.  When we lose connection with our intrinsic sovereignty, we start depending on others including ‘god’/ ‘divinity’ – as in ‘Buddhism Foremost’ relative value in Sri Lankan Constitution.

Here in Australia, there is a ‘situation’ at the moment with the Cruise Ships refusing to ‘go home’ to their own home countries. We had a similar challenge with the Tampa Affair in 2001 which eventually went towards  toppling Mr Howard and his government  in 2007.  

Wherever Truth is realized – that place is sacred even when that discovery is not published or is published but not read. The Anniversary of that time is also sacred – as in Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

As per current figures, about 10% of  Australia’s  Coronavirus cases came from the Ruby Princess Cruise ship. Hence the order for Ships to go back to their home countries is valid and protects Australia’s Sovereignty.

At the individual level, the way to determine whether we are right or wrong in the eyes of our path to Sovereignty – is to identify with the group that is our ‘home-group’. Within such a group – we would intuitively know whether or not another member would be more adversely affected by our rulings and/or actions than our gain by such rulings and/or actions. In other words we are the winners and we are the losers. Our wins must NOT come from insiders. If they do – we weaken our sovereignty and when we weaken our sovereignty, we weaken our natural powers.

In 2019, the Italian Government ended up allowing Refugees from Sea-Watch 3 & Ocean Viking to enter Italy. There was strong opposition to this from its Political Opposition. If that Opposition was genuine, then effectively 50% of Italian Government is taken to have Opposed this. One needs to therefore ask the question as to whether the old had to die to make way for the young?

Our Australian Government’s ‘advice’ to over 70’s to self-isolate is being challenged by some – through the question whether this would lead to mental problems. Isolation is likely to lead to an idle mind and hence loss of memory of deeper values. The Sri Lankan Human Rights Commission’s suggestion to release prisoners above 70, would have similar effects. Neither is experience based.

While none of the Australian Prime Ministers of our times seem to have worked in that position beyond 70 – the current Sri Lankan President became president at the age of 70. Since his ‘Pardoning’ of the soldier is a governance decision, morally speaking – Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa as well as  anyone in the  current parliament who did not oppose him – disqualify the  eligibility test for Executive Presidential Powers. Executive Powers are to Administer and they are relative. They lead us close  to realising Absolute Power of Ownership. When Absolute Powers are used at the lower level – it is confirmation that any law above that level is merely for intellectual purposes. They do not qualify in making governance decisions.

We go to the temple by vehicle, walk towards the altar on foot and at the altar we are still. The voter is the vehicle, the Executive is our feet and  Governance happens when both are still.

The Island’s article ‘COVID-19: Quo Vadis Sri Lanka’ presents as follows:
[Prof Ricardo Hausman (Harvard University) has recommended that EM governments should borrow as much as they can to provide sufficient liquidity to firms and income support to households. The focus should be on borrowing from domestic sources and mobilising external financing from official sources. A multilateral debt relief initiative organised by the IMF/World Bank for vulnerable countries should also be on the cards. Access to international capital markets is severely constrained as a result of the spike in yield of high risk assets as result of “flight to quality” as reflected in a strengthening of the USD.]

On 30 March I highlighted as follows:

[ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka has asked international lending agencies to give debt relief for vulnerable nations as a Coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc around the world.
“President Gotabaya Rajapaksa requests international donor agencies to provide a debt moratorium or debt deferment facility to all vulnerable developing nations to the COVID – 19 risk,” his office said in a statement.
“President had urged Director General of the World Health Organization to forward this request to multi-lateral and bilateral lending agencies.”]

To Sri Lankans - Professor Hausman is the vehicle – like Peacock being the vehicle of Lord Murugan. The feet that walk towards the altar need to be Sri Lankan.

Quo Vadis ?
Malle Salli Nae / No money in the basket

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