Friday 17 April 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

17 April  2020


I kept thinking about the confession by the former PM of Sri Lanka – Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe – that he watched Bollywood films during this shutdown period. This confirmed to me that he did not think he would be Prime Minister again. The individual was speaking and that individual outside the position structure had no authority to project on behalf of Sri Lanka in terms of  National borrowings. It sounded  as if he had been ‘brainwashed’.

I asked myself whether I was wrong in supporting Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe during the 2018 Constitutional crisis? The response from within me said that I supported myself in the position of Common Prime Minister and not Mr Wickremesinghe, the individual. One of the first lessons I learnt in Accounting studies taught by Mr A T Benedict - was that the business was different to the proprietor. The business in this instance is the governance structure of Sri Lanka which is close to Public Limited Company. The liability of the shareholder is limited to her/his shareholding and no more. So why would Mr Wickremesinghe recommend waiver of loans? To show false creditworthiness down the line and borrow new money?

The moves by the current President of Sri Lanka confirm that the business of Sri Lanka under his presidency would be army / security personnel?

The following from Daily News article ‘President adopting scientific response to pandemic – Health Minister’ – confirms this:

[President Gotabaya Rajapaksa takes decisions in connection with imposing and lifting the curfew after obtaining a report from the Epidemiology Unit and consulting all the other experts in all relevant sectors. Sri Lanka is in this very satisfactory position because of his scientific approach to handle COVID-19, Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi said]

As per the science of the mind – the problem in the mind of the Minister for Health has mutated from medicine to war against the Sri Lankan citizen to whom the war hero was more their hero. In Australia, it is now mutating into economic problem in the minds of those who desire to ‘show’ creditworthiness. The arrests of alleged perpetrators of Easter bombings which did not seriously directly affect the majority Buddhist community, confirms that ‘collecting’ alleged wrong doers has become important during this curfew period. This happened because the Government did not close the borders of Covid-19 but is using the fear of the virus to profit from the lockdown/curfew.
While the citizen’s liability of borrowings by the government is limited to the value of her/his share, the health of the individual is her/his own asset or liability. Every elected government  has the duty to stay and operate outside those boundaries.

The government has also to deal with the virus issue on project basis and not bring it under war issue which has been an ongoing program for Sri Lanka. Hence the need to draw the sovereign borders of the virus during this period when the government is showing that it  considers this to be a priority. This in turn would influence the citizen to self-diagnose before seeking medical assistance. If they had to go to the Armed forces, they are likely to keep the problem to themselves.

Sri Lanka is not a world player in health or in war. The government made the war a global problem and now it wants out. If a lesson had been learnt through that – Sri Lanka’s coronavirus problem should not be indiscriminately globalized. Due to the mind of the victims playing a crucial role each group must find its own reasoning. Within Sri Lanka the government acted in breach of global guidelines to order ‘Cremation Only’ – as per the Master’s voice where Muslim is the enemy. The Health Minister has confirmed this by effectively  calling the President ‘Scientist’. The lady needs to be treated for ‘fear’ syndrome.

Closing of country borders helps localize and trace the travel of the virus through independent media. Cyberspace cannot be closed and hence the fear factor cannot be localized. We depend on the individual to do this through her/his own local structures.

Relationships need positions and positions are part of structures. When we view a problem through our structure it is like viewing a problem through a theory / science. The same problem viewed by the individual ‘free’ of structure – would look different – as Mr Wickremesinghe confirmed. Those of us who invested in the position of Prime Minister will become the Prime Ministerial facility in our own environments. Likewise in world bodies such as the WHO

When Coronavirus is viewed individually without scientific basis – it would cause fear and desire alternately. Thus within closed environment – the desire of the Armed Forces would become the fear of the citizen in custody during curfew.

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