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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

01 May  2019

Law Foremost for law makers  in Sri Lanka is the Cure

At the high end most of us believe that there is god common to all religions. At the primary  level this is Secularism. Those who do not invest in secularism – need to stick to their own religions and not come into the common area.

The deeper  I think about the Sunday bombings driven by the pain of victims – the more I identify with infiltration of specific religions into Secularism. Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith is being praised for ‘managing’ the Christians who are the foremost victims at local level. Yesterday however, Indian news reports lead one to make connection with white women’s clothes found in the home of the suspects. New Delhi Television for example reveals as follows through its report dated 29 April:

"Possible Attacks On Buddhist Temples", Sri Lankan Intelligence Reports
[The Sri Lankan intelligence agency has received inputs of possible attacks on Buddhist temples by female bombers of the banned local terror outfit National Thawheeth Jamath (NTJ) after police found white pairs of skirts and blouses from the house, which was raided after the explosion in Sainthamuruthu area in the Eastern province. 
This raised suspicion that the attackers might pose as Buddhist devotees, the Daily Mirror reported.
On March 29, Muslim women had spent 29,000 Sri Lankan rupees (USD 166) to purchase nine sets of such clothes from a textile shop in Giriulla, the report said.
The CCTV footage of the shop shows the visuals of these women who purchased clothes from the shop. ]
My attention was brought to this yesterday by a Tamil TV report in which the reporter made the connection between 29 and the attackers. I was intrigued because I am a 29 person. I do not know the science of numerology – except that most horoscope readers known to me  use numerology also. This morning after noting that the NDTV report was also published on 29 April – I looked up the significance of 29 in terms of the makeup of a person: at

[Born on the date 29? Your numerology meaning states you are a profound thinker, who is highly intuitive and creative. A 29-day person like you is devoted and caring, but likely sensitive and possessing strong self-esteem doubts. Often complicated and misunderstood, you are easily influenced by your surroundings and desire attention from others. The number 29 breaks down to the master number 11 (2+9). This master number symbolizes the potential for higher intuition and spiritual insight. Other characteristics include increased sensitivity and high levels of empathy toward others. Several strengths were derived from the master number, including intuition and empathy. Your high level of intuitiveness, which is your biggest gift, leads you to be creative and steers you to think in terms of pictures. Pulling ideas out of the sky is not a problem for you with your strong mind and acute insight. Because of your intuition, you are a great counselor and healer toward others. You have a strong love of family and home life. Mutli-tasking is never an issue for the 29-person who can do many things at once with no problem.
You truly have a gift to inspire and are a visionary with strong wisdom. You crave social interaction and attention. Your compassion makes people drawn to you and your leadership even though you may not see it. Believe it – you can persuade others and can actually be rather powerful.

You are usually a late bloomer and need to surrender to the higher powers to define your life. Because of this you may be frustrated with life at times. Develop faith to form your foundation and develop your character. With your high level of emotions, you can be hurt easily and get depressed. Jealousy can get the best of your emotions. Lack of confidence and self-esteem issues can also hold you back]

The above may seem superstitious to many but  when leaders like Mahinda Rajapaksa who consult with astrologers to determine the time of elections are using primitive methods to capture the top position one has to think at their level – the same way Mr Rajapaksa thought like Velupillai Prabhakaran to defeat him. Now in turn – his karma is returning through women from within the group we refer to as Muslims. Applying the above to myself I believe this to be a true science.
On that basis – I conclude that the person who organized the purchase was a lady and that she was born on 29th  or that her mentor was/is. When we are connected by nature / belief – the deeper believer knowingly or otherwise influences the junior believer. As a minority who suffered here in Australia – I did not take revenge but absorbed the  pain and became Shakthi – like good mothers become. Now I am able to comfortably practice Equal Opportunity Principles anytime anywhere. My pathway got completed due to this Shakthi that I developed which I now share also with Sri Lankans who are genuine with me and/or take their true position with me. I don’t need to think. The Shakthi is shared naturally. To my mind, all others who were common believers – with this lady and who chose the ‘self-sacrificial’ path to develop this Shakthi – guided her to lose herself and join them at the higher level. That way this lady’s mind is preserved for Sri Lankans like herself. It renders purpose to her birth.

Likewise, even though Mr Rajapaksa consulted with the Astrologer – his mind would have been influenced by other kings of Sri Lanka who also believed in Astrology more than his Sinhala colleagues in parliament. Then there was Prabhakaran who was law unto himself and to whom Mr Rajapaksa owed his first presidential position in 2005. Debts when not paid become slavery. Then the mind influenced by that slavery manifests defeat through the group whose rights were blocked. That was how Tamils became kingmakers in Sri Lanka. They continue to have the power to defeat any Rajapaksa led group provided they do not drop down to their level.

After the 2018 coup failed – Mr Rajapaksa took-over the position of Opposition leadership from Mr Sampanthan. He ought to have been stopped from doing that by a no-confidence vote in parliament. The parliament that did not recognize the divine powers that brought about the TNA’s equal position in Parliament in 2015 – loses that strength of the naturally  higher mind of  the Common Tamil who did not succumb to the easy way out. This is why Ranil did not oppose when Mr Sirisena excluded him. Empowered by the Common Tamil mind – he would have had the courage. Going to Thirupathi is not enough. Saying ‘thank you’ from the heart completes the experience and helps merge with the deeper belief in Vishnu who came to earth as Krishna.

There is a message in Mahabharatham which was used a couple of years back by a British Tamil TV program. The essence of it is that the special mirror that one of the ladies had showed the one who thought of you most. In  the case of Krishna  - that was Sakuni who was continuously thinking of defeating  Krishna. Likewise LTTE leader Prabhakaran would have appeared when Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa stood in front of that mirror. In turn Mr Rajapaksa would appear in that mirror when any rebel stands in front of that mirror.

When the mind  transcends time and place boundaries – individuals become common forces. A Muslim rebel’s mind would naturally merge with that of a Tamil rebel’s. Tamils who were not independent - took refuge in India to form a common force. Likewise Muslims   dependent on Muslim leadership.
The question arises as to why Christians? At global level the commonness is East v West. Why Sri Lanka? – because this is a place where religion has been used for secular purposes and therefore a place where weapons are superior to religious beliefs. Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith is known to have spoken in support of Buddhism Foremost. I recall writing against such support. The New Indian Express expressed similar sentiments through its article
Does Vatican disapprove of Cardinal's nod to give Buddhism 'foremost place' in Sri Lanka?

My reasoning was that the Cardinal was breaking the boundaries of his position as Catholic  leader to support a religion that already had majority power. The powers of religious leadership are separated by the Constitution – with non-Buddhists sharing equal power and Buddhists owning their own territory. It’s like the separation of powers between Judiciary and the Executive. Hence when Buddhists infiltrate  into Non-Buddhist powers – Non-Buddhists have the constitutional duty  to get together to defend their territory. By promoting Buddhism – through Buddhism foremost article in the constitution – the Cardinal made himself a junior in that group and therefore lost the sovereign powers of his religious leadership. The group that is committed to no religion as armed rebel groups are – would find such places to be easy targets to show their power.

The more Sri Lankan leaders use Buddhism for secular purposes – the less protected they are from the ‘no religion’ groups. It is this identity with such minds – that bring armed groups such as ISIS into Sri Lanka to show their superior power. Such leaders who pay lip-service to get votes and then to use arms as a first weapon  - become juniors  to these armed groups who live in that kind world almost exclusively.

As if to confirm this – the Muslims bought Buddhist clothes before President Sirisena banned the burqa. Until October when Mr Rajapaksa took over power unlawfully Sri Lanka was harmonious. Escalating the issue to the UN helped bring about this harmony. If therefore Muslims also escalate their pain to the UN with the support of India which despite the Kashmir problem has not banned the burqa, harmony will return to Sri Lanka. If we are to manage it locally – Sri Lankans needs to eliminate weapon driven government that uses rebels as an excuse for its own lack of faith in their own religion.

Whether it is weapons based operation or religion based operation – one who practices within her / his boundaries of belief acquires exponential powers. But the moment one desires the benefits from the territory of others one becomes negative power to the group that empowers her/him. That is the example of the ‘forbidden fruit’ that the Cardinal seems to have forgotten. Buddhist benefits is forbidden to Christians.

Weapons using Rebels who have no-religion can easily be cured before they are alienated as ‘Terrorists’. Once alienated – they become ‘foreigners’ and cannot be cured by sub-groups such as a religion within a democratic country. Sri Lankan rebels can be cured only by Sri Lankans which the Rajapaksas are not.

Global rebels can be cured by global minds. The closest that we can identify with is the mind that lives in Truth most of the time.

Law makers must qualify by demonstrating belief in Common Law first. Otherwise the system of Natural Justice will dismiss them at the needed time.  Those who claim Buddhism foremost are Separatists and they would attract other separatists more powerful than themselves. They would attract those who likewise use their religion to have ruling power. 

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