Saturday 4 May 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

04 May  2019

Is University of Jaffna  a Militant Military University?

Colombo Page reports that Sri Lanka's Ex-LTTE cadre are ready to support the security forces to ensure security in the country. In response to this, Tamil Centre for Human Rights-France has urged the Ex-LTTE cadre not to accept the offer. When I learnt about the offer I was neutral about it because I was never part of that group and hence I did not use the outcomes produced by that group as mine. I respect them as diverse equals within the Tamil community. In turn I do not expect them to treat me as their senior. If they do join the lawful structure – then we would have a direct relationship with me as their senior in law and order. Likewise within the Diaspora -  Tamil Centre for Human Rights-France  is Equal to Australian Tamil Management Service. To the group of Ex-LTTE – the Tamil Centre for Human Rights-France  is junior in Tamil combat issues. Then the Tamil Centre for Human Rights-France, has the duty to ‘submit’ and not suggest in such matters. It was on this basis that when the LTTE asked me for money – I said I would help them with project reports – in which skills I was and am senior to them. The other passengers in the van were surprised to learn that I was not compelled to pay. I informed them that I used my own truth to take the senior position in the community as a whole where education ranks higher than armed combat. Suicide bombers develop due to first complying and then giving up on themselves. Many of the Ex-LTTE would have done exactly that. Now that they have started living with respect and self-confidence they are entitled to join mainstream through Due Process. That’s when militancy becomes a project for Tamils and not program.
When Tamil Poet Kannathasan was asked as to why he did not write the words of his mentor Pattinathaar – in the song (Veeduvarai uravu…) that talks about where each relationship ends – the words that we take only our sins and virtues beyond death – Kannathasan is reported to have stated that they were the words that Pattinathaar wrote as per his experience; they should not be written as is by Kannathasan.
Each generation needs to write its own experience in history books. Likewise Sri Lanka’s history needs to be written by Sri Lankans and not by the French. Like ISIS various Diaspora groups living off the outcomes of combatants may form a Tamil Nation at that level. There are others who would form a higher Tamil Nation through the intellectual pathway. They are equal and parallel and only the essence – as sin or virtue should be merged with the other groups. When both are considered to be Equal – both are projects. When one is lower in investment hierarchy – the net energy  of that needs to be merged with the higher pathway so that combatants would be part of the educated pathway.
Democratic public service, as per my Australian experience becomes messy when projects and programs are mixed indiscriminately. Likewise in Global Tamil Public Service. Ms Usha Sriskandarajah who to my mind is part of the ex-combatant diaspora leadership referred us to the article headed ‘DEFEND JAFFNA UNIVERSITY ; UNDER ATTACK TODAY; TAMILS PLEASE SHARE!’ by Shivani Jeyarajah. The contents include :

[Security forces carried major search operation at the University of Jaffna 'on the invitation of the University authorities' from 6.30 am onwards this morning. President & Secretary of Students Union arrested for keeping a framed photo of the LTTE leader in their union office
The search operations were carried out with the stated objective of ensuring that the university premises was safe for recommencement of academic activities in the aftermath of the #EasterSundayAttacksLK.
Forces took photos of the Maaveerar memorial, Mukluvaaykkal memorial and the Pongu Tamil declaration monument. Army personnel were heard commenting that the said structures were illegal.
Though these search operations are styled as being on the invitation of the respective universities we have been made to understand that without the security clearance the universities will not be allowed to reopen.]
The above is a typical example of trying to brainwash through Facebook. The writer in turn confirms having been brainwashed by a senior in that frivolous ground that propagates information without having had the experience. As per my knowledge Ms Usha Sriskandarajah was never a combatant nor held management  position in Public Service and/or in a University. In essence the above is critical of the above operations by the Sri Lankan armed forces. But whenever I was searched during war times – I spoke to the officer -  mind to mind and said ‘do your duty please’. I was cleared most of the time. On the few occasions  I was put through more and more – senior officers cleared me. I believe that was because of my respect for  the common Sri Lankan path through which I earned my status in Status. Where the goal is not common, we would go our own ways – at the end of that pathway. Then we take only the net value as Truth to support us during the rest of our travel.

Arresting students for keeping LTTE leadership’s photo was wrong at a time when ex-LTTE cadre are being invited to join in the Prevention of Terrorism project. But at the same time – the question that the Jaffna Public need to know the answer to  is –‘ whether University of Jaffna is a militant military university?’

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