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21 April 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





The President said that we had two ‘E’ problems. One Ethnic and the other Economic. Are they in fact two sides of the same issue? A Sri Lankan professional commented about the ‘Common President’ article that he found it ‘Very interesting’. I stated ‘As you wrote, it is about seeking and matching the debits & credits.’

The professional then asked me ‘A personal question. Is Ramayana an epic poem or a factual story

I responded as follows:

I grew up with Ramayanam & Mahabaratham due to my mother. Never questioned whether it was factual. Given that fact leads to philosophy, it did not matter. When it worked for me, I knew it was true. Truth is fact without body. Once a White academic said to me that Jesus was not factual. But to me Jesus is true. As I quoted before if you see the stone you do not see god and v.v.


There is evidence that the Ramayana events did happen in Sri Lanka. Ravana was clever. Hence I am not surprised about the flying chariot. If Vishnu had to take Rama Avatharam it was because Ravana was exceptionally clever. But he was also an Asuran – one driven by brawn power. To him desiring another’s wife was natural. There are many such politicians during our times also. This weakens divine powers that we are capable of. Eventually it is about ‘Common Ownership.’ The closest I can think of in our profession is Goodwill.’

When we believe it is a legend. Otherwise it is myth. If we believe that we Sri Lankans are ‘One Nation’ we already are One. If like Pauline Hanson we say ‘go to your origin’  we are living in a country. Pauline Hanson lives in a country and not a nation. Likewise, ‘Sinhala only’ Sinhalese and ‘Tamil only’ Tamils in Sri Lanka who proudly call themselves ‘Nationalists’. A nationalist ‘owns’ the stated. Sinhala only Nationalist owns Sinhala part. Likewise, Tamil Eelam claimants.  If both are true, they will naturally oppose each other. When stated in Common area – Colombo, they would both collude to Oppose the Common Sri Lankan who seems to be landless. Given that the electorate is recognised through  land , votes represent ownership tickets. The current Sri President did not get elected due to being landless.

To the extent other nations treated us as Sri Lankans, they needed a common representative to recognise leadership. Hence the natural connection with IMF.

The other interesting cause is autocracy. The Rajapaksas were naturally autocratic. In autocracy, which is time based, one inherits power from previous rulers within the group. In democracy, which is place based, one shares laterally. Those who go back in time confirm autocracy. Hence they automatically oppose democracy. Those who use their current investments become Democratic and their power naturally opposes autocracy. Global minded Sri Lankans who distance themselves from Communal Nationalists, would naturally contribute to Democracy.

Those who fail to respect the system they practice, in a ‘free’ environment become their own opposition. Hence, those who come to power through Democratic process, but practice autocracy, lose the power of democracy.

Autocracy practiced through law, is regulated and therefore limits the ‘free’ use of power. Wars without laws would show us who we are. As per the Ethnic armed war, both confirmed that they are Asuras. Both groups identified with Ravana.

Currently there is Opposition to Anti Terrorism Act (ATA) is a plan that would oppose the minds of those members of Parliament who are likely to influence violence. The ‘Buddhism Foremost’ article in the Constitution is its Grandparent.  It was introduced in 1972, after the JVP insurrection in 1971.   

PTA – Prevention of Terrorism Act was introduced after the 1977 riots in Multicultural parts of Sri Lanka. This confirmed that  the 1978 Constitution was not written through belief. It was to impress the West. Hence the need for PTA – the parent of ATA.

The following ‘judgment by Human Rights watch confirms ignorance of  Sri Lankan reality.

“President Wickremesinghe’s use of antiterrorism legislation to lock up people peacefully calling for reform sends a chilling message to Sri Lankans that rights won’t get priority during his administration,” said Meenakshi Ganguly, South Asia director at Human Rights Watch. “The president’s suppression of dissent at home flies in the face of his pledges to allies abroad.”

One needs ownership in the problem that manifested itself through genuine protestors. When we own the measure / the law through which we are seeking a solution, that solution would work itself.

Ms Meenakshi Ganguly may believe in the law, but it is clear that the lady lacks ownership of Sri Lanka as well as its problem. The lady’s moral authority limits her to observer status.

Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe was ‘appointed’ by his predecessor in that position. Hence it is his duty to be autocratic until he earns his position through current merit. Given that the People voted for Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa after the war, one is entitled to conclude that their war-actions are their true and natural laws. If this were to manifest again we can bid goodbye to the IMF facilities. Like Budgets, laws are plans and not actuals. Those who do not protest against the grandparent - ‘Buddhism foremost’ article have no authority to protest against the birth of the grandchild – ATA.

‘Buddhism foremost’ article is now an Elder in Sri Lankan law.  Only a Sri Lankan elder who has continuously protested Truthfully and Peacefully against its inclusion in the Constitution has the power to diffuse this bomb. Once the origin is diffused, the grandchild would naturally lose consciousness of the Elder who promoted separation. Like money, brawn also separate. This is confirmed by our physical structure in which the senses are separate and not common.

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