Thursday 20 April 2023


20 April 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





During my time at the University of New South Wales, the chancellors – Sir Anthony Mason , followed by Dr John Yu  responded to my communications from time to time. Once Mr Tony Blair  responded when he was British Prime Minister. None of them produced the outcomes expected by me. But all of their positions facilitated me to find my own solutions towards self-governance. In turn, my energy would have empowered them to be self-governing at their levels.

Each time someone responds genuinely to my work, I feel completion. Today, when my husband handed over the letter addressed to me, from the Sri Lankan Presidential Secretariat, I felt happy. It was a ‘thank you’ letter for the book ‘Different Logics’ -  made in Australia and published in Sri Lanka. When there is no response from within or expressly from outside  I conclude that we are separating. The inner response is from the person and/or position I have invested in. We refer to them as the indwellers of the heart. They come to us naturally from within. From time to time, when there are no takers, and I have invested in the position, the ‘position’ takes it. That is the way of truth.

In addition to the completion by the position of President of Sri Lanka, I received the following response from a Sri Lankan professional, to my article ‘MONKEY CITIZENSHIP BILL?

Historically this may be coblnsidered as revenge taking. According to Ramayana, Rama and his monkey brigade invaded Lankapuri and waged war against King Ravana, an ardent Shiva worshiper and a great musician for abducting Rama's wife Sita. The war ended with killing Ravana and taking back Sita. In fact the monkey brigade was formed from South India and they built the stone causeway to Lankapuri. Some say that they used floating stones. The latter are still around that are formed from volcanic action with trapping of air thus they float.


So there is a historic dislike for monkeys in SL and thus the proposed expected expatriation to China. Sri Lanka hit two mangoes with one stone; taking revenge and making dollars. Whether those dollars will come to SL is another matter. I am sure it will be a typical monkey business. Now it is revealed that the compensation for the burnt ship has gone into a private account in London.


Now hanuman is a powerful god in India and it has become popular in SL too. Hindus of course dont spare any animals. But the problem is about exporting peacocks too. Peacock is Lord Muruga's vehicle. But on the other hand Muruga is also called Kataragama Deiyo by Buddhist and he is very powerful among them, immaterial who owned Muruga originally. So this peacock  business may hurt the Buddhists of SL too but what matters most for them is the money. So we have to wait and see how hanumans and Lord Muruga are going to deal with our Sinhala Buddhist brothers. And let  historians and enlightened clergy to first draw a demarcation line between hinduism and its endless Gods and Sinhala Buddhism, a new concept that is neither here or there. We all know how Kali Amma let down Gota and Thirupathiyan let down King Mahinda.’


I responded as follows:




Thank you, for that highly intelligent analysis. I learnt today about the ‘floating stones’ from you. I feel strongly that that part of Ramayanam confirms the scientific wisdom of Indians. Another example is Ravana’s flying chariot. My cousin who was a clever engineer (xxx would know him as Duraipillai’s son Billy) took me to Ekambareswarar Temple in Kanchipuram and demonstrated his appreciation of the symmetry of the pillars – admiring the perfection achieved during ancient times. It has a thousand-pillared hall . We have one in Sri Lanka also.


You highlight:

[So there is a historic dislike for monkeys in SL and thus the proposed expected expatriation to China]


Whether it is like or dislike – if we benefit from it now, it naturally invokes its other side exponentially – as happened with covid. It is the Pandora’s box syndrome. Hence my opposition.

[Whether those dollars will come to SL is another matter]

If they come, they will oppose US led IMF money. If they don’t come it is an eye for an eye. The latter is the reason why Rajapaksas did not go to IMF.


[Kali Amma let down Gota and Thirupathiyan let down King Mahinda]


Kali Amma is the goddess of Asuras who live through the physical and die with dignity. Gota’s army killed LTTE and LTTE in turn worked through Tamil Ravana intelligence to dethrone Gota prematurely. As for Mainda, his Thirupathy is at Dehiwela. When given in India, the money goes to Indians. That is the rule of Sovereignty.  LTTE Prabhakaran who brought King Mahinda to power, sent his heir Subaskaran Allirajah to India to collect the charity on behalf of  MGR who funded LTTE as well as donated to Thirupathy.  Alliraja produces meaningless but expensive films – like the Sri Lankan war. It’s a perfect settlement from which Americans learnt lessons and funded Aragalaya followed by the IMF.



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