Sunday 3 July 2022


03 July 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam


Today is the birth anniversary of our aunt Mrs Padma Sanmugarajah. I believe that when we remember loved ones as if they are currently with us, and appreciate their goodness, we canonize their goodness. If we owe them and fail to settle it even after death, we inherit the opposite of their good qualities, or worse their bad qualities, if any. As per my discovery, when we pay our respects to our ancestors, we inherit their positive aspects. They mutate as per our true need.

I was therefore unhappy to read the article ‘Shock reason Sri Lankan-Australians won’t send money to struggling friends and family’ at

As per the above:

[Sri Lankans living in Australia are refraining from sending desperately-needed funds to struggling friends and family back home, fearing money will never end up in the hands of those in need because the government will steal it.]


The names in the report were Sinhalese, who in Sri Lanka hold majority power to elect government. For example:

[Upul Chandana, 49, is the secretary of the North Victoria Sri Lankan Welfare and Cultural Association.

He says the Sri Lankan community feels powerless….. Mr Chandana is also secretary of the Samadhi Buddhist Association and volunteers for the Craigieburn SES unit]

If Tamils do not trust this government, that would be understandable, due to the war against the LTTE, in which a large number of Tamil civilians were seriously wounded and/or killed.  In my circles, only a handful of Sri Lankans of Sinhalese origin felt for the civilian victims of the armed war. The rest inherited the karma of the government. Those who were grateful to the soldiers who risked their lives to do their duty inherited the commitment to duty through lawful process. Those who celebrated with the government – are paying the price now of that victory celebration. I witnessed some of those in Colombo, in 2009.

Money on its own is like unregulated/free pleasure. One such pleasure is the war victory celebration by those who were not direct victims of the war. The discipline in war is largely personal, due to absence of supervision. At personal level those who use their own conscience to know right from wrong, and abstain from acting ‘wrong’ earn positive karma. The reason for this is embedded in the saying ‘all is fair in love and war . We use our conscience which is the basis of our belief. Belief is soul power.

Those who celebrate war-victory against fellow Sri Lankans is unregulated to the extent common resources were  used to wound and kill on personal basis – as if for personal pleasure. Laws and Rules help prevent such personal pathways being taken.

The government and especially this President have their share of unregulated pleasures of war. But the reason why it affects the Sinhalese is their own failure to discipline that government through their votes.

I am a Tamil, and during the time the value of the Sri Lankan rupee started dropping we sent money through the banking system. This was largely towards post-war development work through structures developed by us. Those who are now hesitating to send money through the banking system are confirming that they have failed to contribute to the official system and that they have their own ‘unofficial’ system.

The foreign debts from India and China , to the extent they come from the common citizen’s money – becomes a curse when it is not settled. Australian Government  also donated money. If the current government is trustworthy – all refugee applicants from Sri Lanka need to be sent back to Sri Lanka. Otherwise, the current government  is paying towards prolonging the war – possibly to oppose China.

Free Monies need to be based on belief. Belief regulates us perfectly. Lack of belief requires firm agreements for money transfers – be they between individuals or governments.

Sinhalese have inherited China curse and Tamils have inherited Indian Tamil curse but to a lesser level. If LTTE had taken over North & East – Tamils also would have gone bankrupt.



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