Wednesday 20 July 2022

 20 July 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam


JVP Communism, SLPP autocracy or UNP Democracy – Parliament Votes and We Conclude


[Still current at:20 July 2022

Updated:18 July 2022

Latest update:An island wide Public Emergency has been declared and curfews may be imposed at short notice. Demonstrations are occurring throughout Colombo. Several violent incidents have taken place during large demonstrations. Avoid areas impacted by demonstrations. Carry relevant travel and identification documents with you at all times. Follow the advice of local authorities and monitor the media for updates.

We continue to advise you reconsider your need to travel to Sri Lanka due to the security situation. The Australian Government has authorised the voluntary departure of dependents of Australian High Commission staff in Colombo. Public demonstrations continue to occur throughout Sri Lanka. Demonstrations can lead to disruptions to traffic and public transport.

Sri Lanka is experiencing a shortage of fuel, cooking gas and medicines. You may experience disruption to fuel supply and planned power outages. ]


The above became family policy to us, even before the Australian cricketers left for Sri Lanka. A sovereign group gets early indicators. I took the above advice by the government as confirmation that my continuous reporting on how I read the Sri Lankan news.

Last  night a fellow Australian Tamil responded as follows, to my article headed ‘CORRUPT PROTESTORS EXPOSED’:

[Well well, this is the kind of news item you expect to see in the govt run media two days before a major decision to be made in parliament that will make or break Sri Lanka. Someone is out there with a cheque book writing out millions to buy corrupt gullible politicos. ]

My response was:

[According to you, no media could be trusted. I take their report on what happened and then use my own truth to identify with why it happened.

Not surprisingly, you remained silent when I kept writing about ‘political influence within the protestors. Now media is confirming it. If you seek to be blind – that would lead to ignorance.]

Those who are dependent on others – like the LTTE, JVP  and Politicians would eventually mark the person who challenges their ‘pictures’ , wrong – so they can mark themselves right. That is a form of ‘welfare mentality’ outcomes.


As if to offset the above, Mr Valentine Kursusumuthu– a long time loyal reader wrote to me on the basis of the same article:

[Dear madam... you compare Ghandi and Jesus in a right time about a fight for "democracy '.. Clever, intelligent and "very correct in an incorrect situation "]

As per the ABC report ‘As Sri Lanka's politicians decide the next president, locals feel country's crippling crisis’ at

[A day after Sri Lanka's President fled the country, Mohamed Ishad waited outside an immigration office near the capital, clutching a file of documents that he hopes will get his passport renewed so he can leave, too.

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