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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

18 October 2021



Devolution Killed in the Womb?

[While it is evident that part of a potential solution to the national ethnic question is therefore intimately linked to the PC system and the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, it is the political will of the Parliament, which is elected to represent the people’s will, that will ultimately determine whether the solution becomes a political watershed or a political waterloo.] The Morning Editorial headed – ‘The national question and the PC polls’

My friend and Air Lanka colleague Shanmugasothi once said to me at the Sydney Murugan Temple - that in India where he was Manager – Air Lanka - for some time – men with powerful mind could move matter from place to place, without any physical contact. Later I learnt that this was known as Psychokinesis which is presented by Wikipedia as follows:


Psychokinesis (from Greek ψυχή "soul" and κίνησις "movement"), is an alleged psychic ability allowing a person to influence a physical system without physical interaction.


At this stage of my life I feel that to be the Soul power of Truth which guided me when I felt lost, but needed support. As per my discovery, whenever I forewent my status to become one with someone of lower status I accumulated this power. That to me is Soul-Power. Hence one who has this positive value is able to work the whole. Another name for this is Governance power. Only a governor is entitled to refer to his country as a ‘nation’.


In Sri Lanka the greedy politicians refer to their country as ‘Sinhala Nation’ and ‘Tamil Nation’. They also find fault with each other – thus confirming that they are not governors but politicians. The above mentioned editorial, presents the Provincial Council structure as follows:


[The PCs, established through the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, under the benevolent jackboot of the neighbourhood big brother – India, represent for India, an orphaned child; for Sri Lanka, a bastard child; for the Government of Sri Lanka, a problem child; for the Tamil people, the last vestige of self-determination, a semblance of sovereignty, and a modicum of autonomy — the latter seen as a Trojan horse by fascist fearmongers of the deep south, who, in their “unitary” state of infinite wisdom, conflate devolution and more specifically federalism with separatism, and for the general public, a white elephant. ]


I belong in the final category – the general public. Given that I am able to work well with those in remote parts of Northern community, as well as Southern community and command their respect, I consider Federalism a white elephant. It would also attract global vultures to divide and takeover Sri Lanka.


I feel that the key to my success is my loyalty to our ancestors – including our Colonial ancestors whose Administrative and Judicial systems we continue to follow. I inherited that common heritage and many others inherited those before them who were separated for most purposes. The Provincial Council structure was presented to please those politicians – in North as well as in South. It happened because Indians also went back in time.


Devolution was killed in the womb by the soul powers of our Customary laws which have served us well. New laws at provincial levels would naturally oppose and make these Customary laws obsolete.


It is English that renders me the higher status naturally in North as well as in South. I therefore conclude that in a free and natural environment – English foremost would restore ethnic harmony in Sri Lanka – not because they are proficient in it but because they know that they are not.


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