Sunday 10 October 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

10 October 2021


Namal Rajapaksa – President?

The Sunday Times reports ‘Namal leads big delegation for airport opening in Kushinagar. India’s Swarajya reported as follows yesterday:

PM Modi To Inaugurate Kushinagar International Airport on 20 October, First Flight to arrive carrying Sri Lankan President.

To most of us news reports are passages through which we travel to enhance our knowledge. To a few – they help strengthen the deeper intelligence.

As per the Sri Lankan report :

Minister Namal Rajapaksa together with more than 100 monks will leave in a fortnight on a special flight provided by the Indian government for Kushinagar, where the Buddha passed away and an important pilgrimage site for the opening of a new international airport…….

…Tourism Minister Prasanna Ranatunga, State Minister of Estate Housing and Community Infrastructure Jeevan Thondaman and officials from the Buddha Sasana and Religious Affairs Ministry would join the tour party.]

The question then arises as to why the Indian report refers to President. My intelligence led me to the Ministry of Buddhasasana, Religious & Cultural Affairs, where the above picture of former President appears.

The monks give the impression that it is a Buddhist function; Mr Thondaman  performed his father’s last rites as a Hindu. As per my intelligence Mr Thondaman’s presence is to confirm Namal’s harmony with Tamils.

But how would Buddha take this? The following conversation with members of the Sri Lankan Diaspora might help work out how Buddha would take it:


Sri Lankan Tamil Professional about Sri Lankans in the Pandora Papers matter: It is predicted that if they can recover all the loots that is enough to run the country for more than 100+years. Unbelievable betrayers but still people back them and worship them.

Gaja: Indian Cinema showed them the way. Nadesan dumped money in temples – including in Araly. I learnt about this when I went to the temple to pass on a donation by a cousin in Canada. I insisted that they gave me a receipt. Prabhakaran showed them the way – by ‘positioning’ MGR above him. How did MGR get that money? From cinema crazy Tamils who blindly follow. Kula’s hero also got paid out of that money

Sri Lankan Sinhalese  Professional : I cannot figure out the Logic behind temple offerings and entry fees.

Gaja: Offerings at temples vary as per the purposes. Indian Tamil actors make offerings at Thirupathi – in the belief that their ‘undeclared’ income would be purified by the power of the temple. The logic is that the poor come to the temple – seeking more income than they already get. The temple is the clearing house of believers. I have witnessed this through our own family temple where I know the cause and effect connection with greater certainty than at other temples. This includes increase in emigration from that area – after I went there from time to time. The cinema entry fees is the outer form of the investment made by the poor citizen in cinema heroes. Where that citizen has also belief in the temple – the connection happens through clearing houses/temples common to both. In Sri Lanka – this is through Buddhist Parliamentarians.

To be successful in clearing their names in the Pandora affair it is important to not take political benefits on the side.

 Son succeeding the father is autocracy. This would automatically oppose the power of Democracy that Sri Lankans have invested in.



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