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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

28 March 2021






One of my readers who is honest with me, wrote to me in response to my yesterday’s article:



My response to him was:

[What have you done for India to expect India to do this? Did you at least condemn those who killed Rajiv?]

The killing of an Indian leader by LTTE denied us the blessings of the position that he represented to us. In every position that has survived the test of time, there is a Sithar / Saint who receives the ownership contribution by the incumbent and/or its relatives. I believe that I have contributed to this in and through many of my positions. An independent person draws on and is supported by this Energy. In Hindu philosophy, a mother who gets lesser returns for her work, relative to father is respected as Energy for this reason. It is the ownership component that is beyond the physical and the intellectual.

In democracy we are entitled to vote to elect our leader as per our belief so the Energy flow of the voter who lives close to Earth, empowers the leader to relate to the whole that the voter’s earth is part of. This is confirmed in the Sri Lankan Constitution through Article 3 which states:

[In the Republic of Sri Lanka sovereignty is in the People and is inalienable. Sovereignty includes the powers of government, fundamental rights and the franchise]

Whether we vote or not – the Franchise exists as per the degree of independence we feel in our home environment. It extends to the region and beyond, as per our common belief – even though we do not have a lawful position through which to express it. The UNHRC vote is an example of this quiet influence of the global mind. Many Tamils were dependent on Western governments which confirmed their dependence on these new governments with high status at that level. It does not have the independence to reach the  eternally independent mind of the Sithar in UNHRC.


In contrast, one who like a mother in the UN community – contributes through her/his truth has direct and instantaneous connection to the UNHRC’s true mind – developed from zero base. It is quite common for Hindus, including in Australia, to seek the indicators of Divine powers when we are not sure as to which direction to take. I sought this in May 2009 while praying at Sri Sathya Sai Baba Centre at Barnes Place – Colombo. The indicator was that the LTTE  had been punished for its contribution to the war by taking it beyond Sri Lankan borders to India. That indicator helped me connect to the mind of law-abiding soldier in uniform and more importantly prevented me from rewarding victims as if the government was the only perpetrator. When I went to the camps and shared in the pain of victims, I appreciated the direction very much. I believe that my independence protected me and that led to me helping the victims in need. No armed officer prevented me from being with the victims. They were my government at that time at that place.


Research is essential in Universities for this reason. The deeper we go into the issue – the less apparent our learning becomes. Those who ‘take’ benefits thinking that they are free to do so – become dependents and the Sithar in that environment indicate the way forward to the common mind. Those who ask without belief – become superstitious.


There is an example of this in the Island published under the heading ‘What if she was THEIR PRESIDENT?’ . The author states:

[The whole wide world wants her to be their President. An American says “If we had a President like her in the United States, things would have been so different in the world“. Americans, Asians, Africans, Australians, Europeans, and hordes of people around the globe watched in admiration, as this lady led her country to be COVID-free in just seven weeks last year. She is reputed to be one of the very best politicians in the world.]


Out of the ones specifically mentioned above – I belong in the group known as ‘Australians’ . I do not know of a single Australian in my circles who has stated that they would like Ms Arden to be their leader. One who even thinks so would disqualify her/himself as Australian. Given that the Island is a Sri Lankan news medium – my question is whether the Island wants Ms Arden to be their President? If yes, then Lankan Muslims would make Sri Lanka a Muslim country as compensation – through the process of RESTORATIVE JUSTICE for the Muslim lives lost in the Christchurch massacre on 15 March 2019. As per the Royal Commission report into that shooting:


[ New Zealand’s intelligence agencies were far too focused on the threat posed by Islamic extremism at the expense of other threats including white supremacism….

Abdigani Ali, a spokesperson for the Muslim Association of Canterbury, told reporters in Christchurch that his community should have been kept safe.].


If one goes into the war between the LTTE and the Government – as if it were a project – the government got even with the LTTE which was backed by India. If the government had continued to fail – Sri Lanka would have been taken over by other stronger players or been invaded by de facto governments. The Sri Lankan Easter Bombings that happened weeks after the Christchurch shooting on Ides of March dedicated to Jupiter – strongly indicates the cause to be to RESTORATIVE JUSTICE by the Muslin parallels of the Australian Supremacist whose idle mind failed to recognize the work discipline of his father, who committed suicide after being diagnosed with lung cancer caused by exposure to asbestos .  The Australian’s hard saved money was wasted by his son who is likely to have become mentally ill due to failing to pay his dues to the ‘system’ that helped preserve that wealth. By traveling freely – Brenton Tarrant picked up the war bug in those countries. When we respect our elders – we inherit their commitment to preserving the wealth they earned and protected. Then it naturally gets inherited by our heirs.


Ms Arden would not have prevented that attack but she shared in the pain of the victims and thus developed the Energy to protect her nation from the attack of the king-virus. War and disease follow each other once we lose control. In Sri Lanka, the Rajapaksa government was able to prevent the attacks but lacked the capacity to control the virus. The vote at Security Council level would have been different to that of the Human Rights Council level for this reason. Pain at UNHRC would prevent the need for a vote at Security Council level. That would also help remove the proscription against the LTTE – provided Tamils also accept the pain on Equal footing. Then we would be Equal partners and do not need to go begging to India.



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