Thursday 11 March 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

11 March 2021




A British Tamil – Mrs Ambigai Selvakumar is currently on hunger strike and has declared that she fast unto death is at least one of her demands were not met. Tamil has presented this as follows:


[Mrs Ambihai Selvakumar has begun her hunger strike unto death in the UK. , She requests the UNHRC 47-member state including the Core Group on Sri Lanka to pass a strong resolution in the 46th UNHRC session. Her requests revolve around 4 main demands from referring Sri Lanka to the ICC, establishing an independent investigative mechanism, OHCHR to appoint a Special Rapporteur to continue to monitor Sri Lanka for on-going violations and a referendum to determine the aspirations of the Tamil people in Sri Lanka. 

Tamil Solidarity empathises with Mrs Ambihai Selvakumar, other diaspora organisations  and individuals fighting to this day for truth, accountability and justice for the massacre endured 12 years ago. The Sri Lankan government has stepped up militarisation using the Covid situation as cover. But the so-called “international community” continued to turn a blind eye to the atrocities that are being committed. ]


I also fasted from time to time, to deepen my experience. Mine was more like Gandhi’s. Gandhi became one of the ‘masses’ and their voice. In doing so, Gandhi forewent his higher status and income as a professional lawyer. That in itself was ‘fasting’. Later when he fasted – it was as if all those masses that he believed in – as part of himself -  fasted. That is the way true belief works.


On 09 March I shared the following :


Q7: Here is another quiz especially for you. What is the one and only book,  one must read in his entire life? 

A: Oneself

Today, that person quoted Saint Yoga Swami as follows

[உனக்குள்ளேதான் புத்தகம் ; தினமும் அதை புரட்டிப் புரட்டிப் படி / The book is in you. Turn it over and over and read it every day]

I responded to it as follows:

[Even though I am a devotee I did not have conscious knowledge of the above. But my belief in Swami brought out the response ‘myself’.


Your above quote has confirmed how true belief works before the conscious knowledge]



A Canadian Tamil wrote  about the fast:


[Thileepan. An old boy of JHC (Jaffna Hindu College) died as a consequence of hunger strike in 1987 September . There was no significant  international sympathy . However Ambigai Selvakumar drew international sympathy, Many organizations including Ottawa TAMIL senior association diaspora ,Canada  have endorsed their signatures that would be forwarded to U.K embassy here]

If Mrs Ambigai Selvakumar is being true to herself  - then her real purpose has already been delivered by her real government. In her claim at Mrs Selvakumar states ‘If Britain had left the island as they captured, Tamils would not have faced Genocide. And the island of Sri Lanka would have had two great – Tamil & Sinhala nations.’

Given that Mrs Ambigai Selvakumar is confirming the LTTE to be her leadership structure – the two Nations has happened – of Tamil Nation that is bound by law and its punishments through due processes and the other Tamil Nation that is led by armed power – as happened in Pakistan that separated despite Gandhi’s desperate efforts to keep India as One Nation. Mrs Ambigai Selvakumar states also that Thanthai Selva / Father Selva recommended armed struggle. I have no knowledge of this and consider it an insult not only to Mr SJV Chelvanayakam but also to Gandhi.

Our purpose works and all those who are like Mrs Ambigai Selvakumar, and in support of her – would form the parallel of Pakistan in their own minds. Those of us who truly follow in Gandhi’s pathway would remain the Original Tamil Nation – the parallel of India. Whether others recognize it or not when we believe – we bring the mind into us. Mrs Ambigai Selvakumar confessed to not being able to bring Gandhi into her. Hence she would divide the community into two. When we are asking for boons – we need to be careful – that our intent and our claim are One. When we are granted as per our Truth that which is Our Nation gets separated. Ultimately that is likely to bring peace to those Tamils living in Sri Lanka who have voted to become Equal Opposition in Lankan Parliament. We need that opposition to be competitive and that is good for Sri Lanka.  Mrs Ambigai Selvakumar does not represent any of us and we are Tamils.



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