Sunday 31 May 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

31 May  2020


Yesterday’s communication brought the following response:

[Dear Ms.Gajalakshmi,
You write copiously, but I do not see in your writing any suggestions on how the Tamil Persons in this country can live side by side with the Sinhala and Muslim persons OR have I missed your opinion?. Please share with me, even privately, a few proposals you have.]
I do not have firm proposals but I believe that I have the Energy of my true experience which I share through my regular communications. I did share with this person who responded – the outlines of projected development proposals in North & East – Sri Lanka. When we genuinely care those places/groups communicate their needs to us. We then merge those needs with our true abilities to serve and satisfy their needs. Often my communications help the needy discover their own ability to earn income through opportunities that are pictured through the ‘merger’. To me that is merger at policy level. Hence they are not easily identifiable by those who are used to ‘structured’ approach.

To my mind, the deepest sharing happens through belief. Yesterday for example, I was recalling my experience with Christopher Pulle – a Josephian who served the needs of many other Josephians through a regular social forum. This morning I learnt that Chris has passed away. That kind of telepathy happens naturally to confirm our true commonness.

I identify with reports in the media – the same way. When someone else’s need is mine, my mind is led to the relevant articles. I did not have a person physically close to me – who made that connect between belief and effects. I learnt it through my own experiences and now I am able to help others find out through their belief - why something happened to them. These are Energy sharings and are most effective and least visible.

On that basis, I feel that the Philadelphia racial riots are strongly connected to the American President’s withdrawal from the World Health Organization in which America also has shared heritage. Elimination of Racial Discrimination has been a program to which the UN is strongly committed. All those who work to eliminate unjust inequality on the basis of race are empowered by this commitment by the UN at world level. This helps us find the courage to express ourselves as per our discovery. Making discoveries through belief - of the connection between cause and effect is the sure way to eliminate injustice. Pathway of Belief  is the least painful pathway and is the most disciplined and therefore reliable pathway.

Like the American President – the current Sri Lankan President also promised separation  from another arm of the UN the UNHRC that facilitated the group led by America  to find fault with the Sri Lankan Government. We thus invoked Racism at Policy level through denial of burial of Muslim victims of Covid19.
In her article ‘Sri Lanka's COVID-19 Response Is Proof That Demonisation of Minorities Has Been Normalised, published by the wire, Dr Harini Amarasuriya shares as follows:
[A leaked conversation between a moderator of a talk show and his panel (which included a government minister as well as representatives from the opposition parties), between takes, from a pro-government television station, revealed this attitude all too crudely. The discussion that was leaked suggests that the whole point of insisting on cremation is to teach the Muslim community that they must follow rules – that they cannot have their own way.  Enforcing cremation was articulated as an opportunity too good to be missed to teach the Muslim community a lesson.]
The consequences of the above are confirmed by Dr Harini Amarasuriya as follows:

[However, till a cluster of infections were discovered in a Navy camp, shifting attention away from the Muslim community, the notion that infections were rife among Muslims was the prevailing view. ]

For my part – I was connecting the Navy to the Virus through China taking over Sri Lanka’s Hambantota Port – for the Silk-Road program. When we have no pathway to make intellectual or visible connections between cause and effect – believers find a way through to the extent of their need on the basis of their belief. Mine was prevention of war Sri Lanka. Hence I made the connection with the Navy. Most discoveries begin with belief.

Today I learnt through Wikipedia that ‘Philadelphia is the birthplace of the United States Marine Corps’ .

As per my interpretation of Hindu philosophy, natural elements carry our  karma. The system of karma works as per the essence rights and wrongs that are no longer within our control. The essence is stored by each Soul and is shared beyond the body – with the environment in which the experience happened. Why Covid19 became global  has been the basic question for which I was seeing answers. The main avenue that came to me was the Silk-Road which was being used for current economic purposes. Damage to a structure is far more painful than damage to current work and benefits. Heritage happens due to sacrifice of structural ownership by sharing with the whole world. The Silk road has been listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is not China’s alone to do as it pleased.

Dr Harini Amarasuriya beautifully articulates this psychology as follows:

[Behind recent campaigns calling for ‘one country, one law’ was also the need to bring the Muslim community to heel. Most calls for ‘unity’, a ‘Sri Lankan identity’, also reflect the majority preoccupation of ‘taming’ the minorities and bringing them under the benevolent control of the majority community.]

To the extent the Sri Lankan government used global resources to claim victory to continue with this control over minorities – it would naturally be affected by what happens in those countries – for better or for worse. There have been reports of the American Navy training the Sri Lankan Navy. Muslims of Sri Lanka must have prayed hard to return the karma to sender.

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