Monday 4 May 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

04 May  2020


On 28 April 2020, I received from a group of Independent Professionals their insight into the Coronavirus problem. This report included the following:

[Civil society and human rights groups have not raised objections to the demeaning treatment of the poor people when they are forcibly taken into quarantine. This was observed in Pettah (Colombo 11 and Dematagoda) where impoverished males were partly undressed and forcibly sprayed down with disinfectant in full view of media personnel taking pictures and video recording. In the shanties of Bandaranayake Mawatha, the people were assaulted by military and police while being lined up at night. ]

Yesterday, we received the confirmation that the message had gone home to the appropriate authorities:

[Colombo Page May 03, Colombo: Sri Lanka College of Microbiologists in a statement says they strongly advise against using Decontamination Chambers and spraying disinfectants on people to minimize spread of COVID-19 virus]

Whether this government is able to see it or not, many of its measures are to promote itself as armed leadership. The current president came to power on that mandate. Towards this it is necessary to subdue the mind of the independent opposition. Positive or negative, the rights and wrongs in one structure become Energies beyond our direct control. To the extent Health experts escalate their assessment as per their independent professional ethics they carry positive energy which naturally empowers their heirs. Such is Absolute in value and has the effect of preventing wrongs in their heirs. The real heirs are those who believe in them.

During the virus lockdown, this power was strengthened. I felt this in my own circles. If therefore governments are to escalate their contributions to the exponential level – so the value spreads naturally, they need go into lockdown and discover their own Sovereign borders. The Australian government for example needs to go into meditation and find out through its total knowledge – as to WHY WE AUSTRALIANS HAD THE PAIN. It needs also to find out whether that pain was positive or negative.

Last week for example, I had the pain of being told that I could not retile my bathroom within my Strata unit – without special legal process – for which I had to pay. As a genuine practitioner of law, I felt it was unjust and decided not to go ahead with the improvement. But gradually by focusing only on that problem – I discovered that the definition of ‘Common Property’ within a lot was specifically stated in the original law and that this part has remained unchanged. I believe that it was my  intuition (Positive Energy from completed experiences) that Energised me to travel within the lawful pathway and discover the true purpose of Strata law. Had I been hasty and followed the leader/s – the Energy would have not awoken itself to support me. During my search I discovered that others outside our Scheme were paying lawyers and that not even Department of Fair Trading had clarified through the fundamental of the law.

The Central Administration of the University of NSW also used the ignored such fundamental definition of Trespass law to intimidate me and have me arrested by armed police. I fought my way out of the charges as a lay litigant and that experience is very much part of my intuition. If I had been compensated for the wrong or had I reacted at that level  - I would not have developed that positive Energy.

Australia protected itself from more serious damage from coronavirus due to the lockdown. The positive Energy came from those who willingly embraced those measures because we cared about others in our home-circles. Even our PM prayed to the Lord – confirming his belief in the Existence of such a power. This message happened during Easter when the intuition of those of us who believe that Jesus died for us and that this was confirmed by the Resurrection which is Exponential and self-driven.

The way positive Energy develops through our sacrifices negative Energy develops when we take from the Common to reward the particular. When it is not corrected within due date – it becomes a sin. That sin – leads us when we are idle in our current environments and oppose even one who carries positive Energy of self-governance. Many events surfaced at the University of NSW after I was unjustly punished. This included the dismissal of the then Vice Chancellor during whose term I was punished.

Now I realise that the above happened due to my feelings as Australian which prevented me from taking revenge.

Some Business leaders in Australia are calling for an inquiry into China’s conduct during this pandemic. They are the parallels of the leaders in our Strata group who said that we must get lawyers’ services for what we wanted to do. When Sri Lankans died in Sri Lanka during rebellions which eventually transmuted themselves as ethnic discrimination at preliminary level – did these leaders call for an inquiry? The US Government did eventually pass a resolution – the effects of which are yet to be realised by the common citizen of Sri Lanka. To my knowledge, then there was no call by Australia for any trade boycott of Sri Lanka. Recently – our Government even handed over as Aid – Personal Protective Equipment - to the armed forces – as if they are the highest powers in Sri Lanka. Were the PPE in Australia handed over to the Australian Army? This confirms that the current Australian Government lacks Independent Energy to make up its own mind on the basis of Global principles. The victim of this aid is the common independent citizen of Sri Lanka. When that karma is reversed Australia will seriously dilute its own Intuitive powers and become victim of future wars and pandemics. One who listens to the Common is always a winner – whatever s/he may seem to be to others. In Democracy, victory is usually driven by those seniors in junior clothing.

If there is another armed war in Sri Lanka during the tenure of this regime – we would know that Australia contributed to it. How can 718 cases and 7 deaths in Sri Lanka be considered serious by Australia that has reported 6,822 infections and 95 deaths? If the wounded and killed is the measure – then ethic war in Sri Lanka is its pandemic. It resurrected itself last year on Easter Sunday – confirming negative Energy – because Sri Lankans ‘forgot’ those who died in the war for others.  

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