Tuesday 11 December 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

11 December 2018

Ranil & Tamils – the Truth was revealed by the Lord

In 1996, Rena – a Revenue collection officer at NSW Health Service said at that staff meeting ‘the best man for the job is a woman’. That was the first time I heard it and I was happy to hear that – not only because of the staff’s positive review of my performance as their manager, but also because of the ‘inclusiveness’ I felt. I felt it again when I read the following report:
[A public interest case was filed by a woman activist identified as Thakshila Jayawardene who argued that ‘irrational’ behavior of the president was due to severe stress of adjusting to an urban life style, depression caused by the recent arrest of his chief of staff while taking a bribe and genetics.
Attorney Sisira Kumara Siriwardena said he hoped the Court of Appeal will take up the case, although many in the legal fraternity casts doubts if it will be entertained as the president enjoyed immunity.
We are asking that he be subjected to an examination by a board of doctors at the Angoda mental hospital to establish if he is of sound mind, Siriwardena told reporters outside the court. ]
Such action has been provided for in the Constitution but to facilitate members of Parliament:
Article 38
‘(2) (a) Any Member of Parliament may, by a writing addressed to the Speaker, give notice of a resolution alleging that the President is permanently incapable of discharging the functions of his office by reason of mental or physical infirmity……….’

Given that no member of Parliament has invoked  this article, one must conclude that they also suffer from such disorder.
But one who genuinely believes this to be the case vis-à-vis her/his own conduct in parallel structure in her/his environment – has the right to express it through the highest structure that s/he relates to mentally and / or contributed to through direct participation. Such a person is supported by other believers and/or by Natural forces. When I first raised this issue – I felt supported by Lord Muruga’s Soorasamharam power. I wrote as follows on the same subject matter on 14 November as follows:

[As per adaderana.lk  report - ‘GAJA’ very likely to move closer to Sri Lanka. This indicates to me that the next form of Sooran is Intellectual ego – as personified by Elephant / Gaja. Intellectual achievements of the past need to be ‘forgotten’ and made formless ‘heritage’. Mr Sirisena has confirmed that Mr Rajapaksa was still his ‘boss’ and demonstrated bipolar behaviour .] Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – article of 14 November, headed ‘Soorasamharam Happened All Lankan leaders – take note’ - http://austms.blogspot.com/2018/11/gajalakshmi-paramasivam-14november-2018.html

Similarly, yesterday I asked through the Comments section of the article headed ‘The Implications & Consequences Of The Verdict, Whatever It Is’  by Dr Dayan Jayatilleka -
[Dr Dayan
Did you predict the outcome of 2015 Presidential elections? The proof is in eating the pudding – i.e. experiencing it – not in imagining as per your wishes. Your ideas do not reach the independent voter anyway. Most of them do not know much about Colombo politics – leave alone London politics. Truth please not speculation. You would not speculate if you truly cared.

I was still a bit disturbed by such talkfest by an intellectual with idle resources. Then something urged me to look up my own work acknowledged by others and I came across the following published by Lankanesweb at  https://lankanewsweb.net/featured/33942-pain-of-sri-lanka%E2%80%99s-globalization

Pain of Sri Lanka’s Globalization

During the early hours of the morning I had this dream in which Mr.Ranil Wickremesinghe was comfortably socializing in our social circle. In physical terms this is not likely to happen. But in real terms this has already happened.
This was confirmed this morning when I read the Daily Mirror Editorial ‘Keeping ends warm with India’……………………..
The editorial highlights the current leadership situation as follows:
[This is a country which is harping on solving its ‘national question’; how to find a viable solution to the grievances of the minority Tamils. But despite this question being spoken about in the open, there is a question that seems to be addressed behind closed doors. That question is; how to unite the president and the prime minister?
The relationship between Maithripala Sirisena and Ranil Wickremesignhe was deteriorating over the past several months and reached boiling point just a few days ago.]
The two leaders represent the National Question. Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe represents in real terms – pluralistic groups within Sri Lanka. This includes Sinhalese also. Mr Maithripala Sirisena represents monistic groups within Sri Lanka and this includes Tamils also. Without real and natural connections between Sinhalese and Tamils within the former group – the Tamil National Alliance would not have become the leading Opposition in National Parliament. Likewise the war against the Government by Tamil militants would not have happened without commonness with Sinhalese militants. Every Christian who believes, makes this connection naturally. Likewise every Sinhalese who believes in Hindu philosophy. Belief happens at Energy level. Hence the natural connection. To my mind this is the meaning of ‘man proposes and god disposes’/ "the gods bring many matters to surprising ends"……..

The above article was published by me on 20 October 2018 ; the President made his first big move on 26 October. As a consequence – Mr Wickremesinghe is now socializing with Tamil National Alliance – as if they are UNP’s other half.

Some Tamils, like Dr Dayan in the case of his ideology, are dreaming of Separation and hence are expressing opposition from time to time to the partnership between TNA and UNP. Many of them are genuine – but the environment has changed at ground level. Going into the war reality is valuable in the case of those who did have the war experience; but only the Truth needs to be brought into the post-war period. If we draw benefits from the current environment for the wrongs by others, we lose the Energy to work the system through Truth.

To my mind, those who lived off the Terrorism victory – despite the allegations of war-crimes becoming public globally, invoked this internal chaos between themselves. SLFP and UNP both  partnered LTTE at different times. To that extent LTTE were their local forces or they are Terrorists. We may successfully fool voters by showing other people’s weaknesses but to the extent we benefited from such weaknesses – the weaknesses jump from them to us. That is the way of Truth.  

Ms Thakshila Jayawardene’s  petition needs to be as per Article 126 – on the basis of Fundamental Rights being damaged. The Respondent is the Attorney General and ought also be members of the Parliament for their negligence to invoke Article  38.

I sued Mr John Howard as Prime Minister for his negligence to practice Racial Discrimination Act 1975.  I represented myself and escalated the Appeal to High Court (the highest level in Australia).  I recorded this as follows in my book Naan Australian – Chapter 20 :

[After being attacked by the Central Office staff, I was sharing the experience with Loraine Brooks – who was then the Administrative Officer of the School of Anatomy which also had hired me on contract – when a lady walked in and said that she was looking for space and could not find any (due to the storm).  The lady said she would take the matter to the very top! This lady kept saying it many again and again and I felt that she was talking to me – urging me to take matter  to the very top. Back then, I thought it was the CEO of the country. But now I feel that the lady was asking me to take it beyond that to the real Higher Powers who recognize Truth above all else. The legal processes helped me submit to Divine Powers as per my belief – after following Due Process through the Human Justice system. ]

I did sue Mr Howard but the results came through Elections – when Mr Howard lost his seat  which some leaders attributed to be due to migrant power. I know mine was part of that Energy. Likewise Ms Jayawardene’s Energy would be shared with true voters to demote Mr Sirisena. Until the voter without high portfolio feels the pain we have to live with the reality that  majority voters are like Mr Sirisena.

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