Sunday 19 March 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
19 March 2017

Who has the first Right of Access to the UN?
[Recognizing that the Tamil People are a Distinct Nation with their traditional homeland in the contiguous North–East region of Sri Lanka, and they are entitled to self–determination, the Government of Sri Lanka must offer the Tamils an equitable political solution which at the minimum shall consist of the merged Northern and Eastern Provinces offering full and complete federalism with explicit declaration and recognition of such system in the Constitution. ] – NPC resolution sent to UN human rights chief -
Northern Provincial Council is a structured institution – the local parallel of the UN in Northern Sri Lanka. It has every right to represent the Truth of  the People of Northern Sri Lanka. But it has no right to express on behalf of the People of Eastern Sri Lanka. In addition, going directly to the UN has to happen only AFTER all internal official processes have been duly exhausted. This includes suing the National Government on the basis of Common Principles.  I did just that against Former Prime Minister of Australia – Mr. John Howard, despite expecting to ‘lose’ in Court after being dismissed by the Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission. But the verdict that the system of Truth delivered was dismissal of  Mr. Howard at the elections and the downsizing of the Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission to which I believe I also contributed through my Truth-sharing.
The parallel of the above in the case of Tamils is the victory of Tamil National Alliance to hold the position of Equal Opposition in National Parliament. If this manifestation of Truth is not identified with, then there is negative value in including the discovery of Truth in the list of  requirements included in the UN Resolution. There is negative value because one who takes authority over the other ought to have sacrificed more to discover the Truth than the other. Truth is Common and the one who discovered the Truth is the one with the authority to give that Truth form – so it could be reliably used by all those who contribute/d to Commonness would derive their respective  values. The authority to lead is that of the one who sacrificed most to discover the Truth.
One who sacrifices more towards Commonness in the issue has the authority to lead and the other side has the duty/responsibility to follow  and if they officially are the higher side of the relationship they have the responsibility to ‘facilitate the person making the deeper sacrifice, to have her/his say and derive her/his own judgment. Such persons should not be judged by the weaker contributors to commonness and if they are – then Natural forces work to deteriorate the structure through which the weaker contributor judges the stronger contributor to Commonness.
What has the NPC sacrificed towards global governance to have the right to directly access the UN? Declaring / showing  the list of such sacrifices  would show the pathway followed and strengthen the contribution to  transparency  by the Provincial Council of Northern Sri Lanka. If an individual believes then that individual has the duty to first renounce her/his official portfolio before making the declaration of belief. I did and stood sans all official positions and was sent to prison unlawfully for peaceful assembly at the office of the Vice Chancellor of the University of NSW. That Vice Chancellor got dismissed by the Governing Council for trying to enforce American pathway in Australian institution where there was serious breakdown in law and order. Through both Chancellors of my time, I shared in the ownership power of the People. If therefore, a Tamil seeks to access the UN Council s/he must do so through her/his investment in Truth in Governance and present it through the structure that led to the discovery of Truth.  
Tamils of Sri Lanka who sacrificed earned benefits to become Common Sri Lankans have the mandate to represent at National level and not those leaders who represent at provincial level. Until we know otherwise, these are the Tamils who live in areas outside North and East. Those in North and East have the duty to declare through their own local structures which are clearly different to Tamil structures outside North or East.  Otherwise they are disrespectful of these structures and if they did ‘get’ the outcome they have asked for – they would become dependents on the UN and are not entitled to call themselves representatives of ‘Independent Tamils’.
When a self-governing Tamil uses her/his own investment in global governance – the UN has the duty to facilitate the outcome that such person legitimately seeks – and when the UN fails to do so – it would open itself to the risk of getting infected by disorderly minds driven strongly by their own desires and Natural Justice for Its turn would manifest such outcomes. This happened at the University of NSW through other migrants who took the shortcut to media to expose disorderly academic conduct. The true contributor has the power to return the karma.
The longer it takes for the perpetrator to mark her/himself wrong through the Common Measure – the stronger the entitlement for the victim to take the lead. If this is blocked – then natural powers would join forces with the victim to manifest outcomes that would mark the perpetrator a failure – through the lowest common measure.
In the case of Sri Lankan war, the LTTE is the parallel of the Sri Lankan army. Tamils who have not found LTTE guilty have no moral authority to judge Sinhalese, outside the official process. Every Tamil who judges the Sinhalese soldier more harshly than s/he judges the LTTE for similar acts – is taking the one-way route of emotions. Those of us driven by emotions have the right to share our pain with our local environments but not take them outside as judgments. If they do not meet – then we are entitled to devolution of powers. Not otherwise.
The NPC has/d the right to ask for Global Counselors but not judges. I believe I am such a Counselor in Northern Sri Lanka – especially in Vaddukoddai where the Political declaration of independence was made in 1976, but no member of the NPC has supported me thus far. Hence to me – they and I are not of Common belief.
Tamils who are seeking to be independent of any other race may make their political declarations through structures and pathways available to them in their local environments. When we do so within the boundaries of our belief - it’s like praying in privacy.
The entitlement to seek the mind of foreign judges – belongs to the global minded person/group. If Global Tamil Forum is such a mind – then we must leave it to the British Government to craft the form and not take the issue back to local levels. If forced back to local levels – then there is internal disorder and that in-itself confirms that we have failed as a Community by failing to use Common measures. What moral authority do we then have to find fault with any other community of identical weaknesses?

Our separation is confirmed by the Government asking for Time and Tamils asking for Space. The two won’t meet but are entitled to travel parallel to each other. As for the UN, if it grants time to the Government and Tamils ask for Foreign Judges – through the Official Opposition – then the UN has the duty to facilitate such Foreign Judges. The longer it takes – the more ‘foreign’ the problem becomes. That is the law of nature. At the local level – the official army that refuses to self-assess at the earliest time – is making itself ‘foreigner’ to the victims and has the duty to vacate occupied areas. A self-governing body would do just that once it knows that it is not able to share in the pain and loss of the other. One who shares in the pain has already reconciled and does not need time. 

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