Friday, 31 March 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
31 March 2017 

War Crimes and / OR Racism

 The SBS message in our bus – here in Sydney, says words to the effect ‘One in five Australians on the bus has experienced racism’.

Even though I did not know the numbers – I identified with the Truth of it through my own experiences. This positive role played by SBS as a leading member of Australian media is confirmed through this independent action as part of the People. SBS is not in denial. It accepts that there is Racism in Australia. By including Racial Discrimination Act 1975 as part of the Common pathway through which we Australians travel, the Australian Government also acknowledged the presence of Racism in Australia. The SBS message was needed due to the failure of the Government’s failure to practice the Common Value of that legislation as well as the Judiciary’s failure  to  uphold the law. When Truth alone can save us from this mental disorder, one of the better avenues available is the media. When we reach out and help others share their Truth just for the relief of some of the pain – the value is exponential.

When I filed my complaints with the Australian Federal Court, through the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission some officers at clerk level said to me openly to go to the Industrial Relations Commission. But  intuitively I knew that my actions through the Racial Discrimination Act were more valuable to ALL Australians. Hence I continued even though I knew I would be ‘dismissed’ by the Courts. At the time of Action – I did not five form to this projection of ‘failure’. I just included the Judiciary also as part of the media for my Truth. Like the river that cleans the pathway through which it merges with the sea, our personal belief cleans the pathway through which It merges with Truth common to all.

The parallel of the above in Sri Lanka’s case is whether the problem in Sri Lanka is Racism or general violence. When the reason is belief based – it could be either but not both at the same time. If the Authorities concerned are able to deliver justice by accepting objectively measurable evidence as proof – then neither side’s belief can override that. In my case, had the University of NSW and / or the Police produced such evidence as per my performance / conduct – then there was no room for me to complain on the basis of Racism. But I was an outstanding performer at the University and I acted within the law at all times in the case of Police. Hence the matter was promoted to the system of Natural Justice where the returns to the respective parties were decided as per their respective karma.

As per my discovery – when it goes to the system of Nature – it returns to us. Our own self-esteem goes down and our mind order becomes disorderly to the extent we upset the person acting as per her/his Truth and belief. It is in the interest of authorities to ensure that the based used to exercise authority is just as per the law/laws  they are bound by.

In the case of Sri Lanka there is no law that makes racism unlawful. Hence one is left to Belief to identify with the Truth. In a recent experience, I was monetarily penalized by the Airbnb system through which we provide Tourist accommodation. The money was taken out on the same day we received the fee for one of our guests who also gave glowing review about our hosting. I was puzzled but just accepted it as machine error. But today, I realized that that happened because I obliged another customer regarding another property which is available only during a short period of the year. That customer asked me to cancel so she would get the full refund of the money she had paid before receiving my confirmation. I therefore got the penalty taken out of my income for accommodating the private request of this customer and it happened due to my ignorance of the laws of Airbnb.  Now I feel good again because I know what I have to do to prevent such losses in the future in the confidence that Airbnb is a reliable supporter facilitating this service. I believe that my genuine provision of service surfaced the true situation regarding the cancellation and has armed me against such irresponsible selfish customers. It the knowledge of my own Truth that restored my confidence in Airbnb’s reliability.  Likewise if we believe – the evidence would surface one way or the other for our own purposes – especially if the official system fails us.

In terms of the Sri Lankan Government’s stand on the war the following report is of interest:

[In an address to war veterans, the president said he will stand by the military which crushed the Tamil Tigers and ended the decades-long ethnic war, but he will not protect those who attacked journalists and sportsmen.
His remarks were a thinly veiled reference to the January 2009 assassination of Lasantha Wickrematunga and the May 2012 murder of rugby star Wasim Thajudeen. Both cases were brushed under the carpet during the Rajapaksa regime.

As per the above report, the President used the description ethnic-war. Hence the confirmation of racism. Standing by the military means there would be no inquiry into the conduct of soldiers on the basis of the law, during the war-period.  That is the parallel of the Vice Chancellor of the University of NSW, protecting the Administrators from merit based inquiry. It’s indirect political power in Administration. In terms of Natural Justice – the Administrative system of such a Government gets demoted to the lower level – in this instance - as if there were no laws that soldiers had to follow during combat. That is the summary verdict.

The Prime Minister in turn is reported to have stated:

[Addressing a gathering at the unveiling of the Buddha statue at Suduwella, Maradana, the Prime Minister observed that people of all ethnicities and religious groups had come for the unveiling, demonstrating the power of reconciliation and unity in the country.
 “We must create a Sri Lankan identity under which all ethnicities are united within a unitary Sri Lanka. For this we need reconciliation between religions and act without causing religious or ethnic conflict. To bring about such an environment, there needs to be a suitable a political solution,” the Prime Minister said.] – Daily News article – ‘Political solution leading to ethnic harmony will fast track development: PM’.

Non-Buddhists attending the unveiling of Buddha Statue confirms intimidation including passive, self-imposed  intimidation. If Buddhists had attended a Hindu, Muslim or Christian function – then that would be confirmation of affirmative action to override natural tendencies associated with majority power. Reconciliation is possible only when the same principle/law is applied in different environments and both being right for their environment – as in the Executive and the Judiciary; the Central Government and the Provincial Government. Belief in multicultural society cannot be reconciled because that is why we are multicultural and we are facilitated to develop our own diversity in our private space.
Now that the President has confirmed that the laws of Administration applicable to the armed forces is to be effectively made invalid – we need more Belief based pathways and hence our own spaces through Devolution of Power.

The Tamil Diaspora group in Britain:

[The Global Tamil Forum (GTF) cautiously welcomed the unanimous adoption of the resolution ‘Promoting reconciliation, accountability and human rights in Sri Lanka’ (34/L.1) at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC).]

If GTF accepts the need for Reconciliation and accountability – then it is looking towards the measure of Common Law. GTF cannot then claim Racism as the reason for its belief in relation to why the Tamils suffered.

One who believes does not need proof and therefore does not need reconciliation. One who promotes reconciliation has no space to express belief based reasoning.  

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