Sunday 3 April 2022



The first message I read this morning was that a curfew was in place in Jaffna also and therefore they would not be able to hold the memorial service for our cousin Sri Premkumar – whose wife Vathanee is part of the  management group of our family temple in Sangarathai-Thunaivi. I had already said my prayers for the eternal soul of Sri who valued us. Sri was respectful of the law and memorial services to honour him would benefit that area exponentially. To me the observance of curfew rules was also another way of honouring our elders and ancestors who followed the law. Hence I instructed our staff to ensure that they followed the curfew rules.

The news reports about the Sri Lankan situation are depressing. But  no one escapes karma. As the President declared Emergency, we expected curfew. Al Jazeera reports as follows:

[Al Jazeera’s, Minelle Fernandez, reporting from Colombo, said the government says the emergency measures will lead to an uninterrupted supply of goods and services.

“But the concerning factor is that the emergency regulations will grant sweeping powers to authorities,” she said.]

I then thought about the Guardian report ‘Federal police blame ‘oversight’ for delay in Australian review of Sri Lankan war crime allegations

AFP not aware of ‘administrative oversight’ until letter from justice groups seeking update on 2019 complaint about Jagath Jayasuriya . As per this report:

[ The war crimes lawsuits, based on evidence gathered by the International Truth and Justice Project (ITJP), said he was in charge of troops in Sri Lanka’s north-east who allegedly abducted, tortured and killed civilians, attacked hospitals and committed acts of sexual violence.]

Using secular law, I responded on 31 March that Australian authorities lacked Jurisdiction. The following day – the Sri Lankan President declared Emergency. I am now wondering whether then Australian government was part of this move – albeit indirectly. It is now election time in Australia and there are many electorates that are strongly driven by Tamil voters. In addition, there is the China issue un which Australia tends towards the USA


Wikipedia reports as follows about this officer:

[General Jagath JayasuriyaVSVUSP is a retired senior Sri Lanka Army officer; he was the Chief of Defence Staff of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces and Commander of the Sri Lankan Army. During the closing stages of the Sri Lankan Civil War, he served as the Commander Security Forces Headquarters - Wanni with overall command of SLA offensives in the Wanni region during the 2008 - 2009 period.]

As per the essence of my investment in Sri Lanka, the question that came to my mind was whether Australia was also contributing to the current outcomes and more importantly whether the war issue has become part of our karma and hence the return when the identical structures are in place for the passage of Truth to manifest its other side at that place. In 2009 – the Sri Lankan government ‘blocked’ the outside world, to isolate those in the war zone. Today their actions are being exposed to the whole world – due to war victims who did not take benefits in compensation. Those who emigrated stating the war ‘took’ compensation. They also lack jurisdiction to ‘judge’. Those who participated to compensate by replacing those who left – have jurisdiction as if they were the victims.

When karma manifests Itself we need to facilitate its path and not take revenge at lower level.

Likewise in terms of our cultural values through which we recover from the war pain. Each one who finds the solution through the their culture  has the exponential power of heritage.

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