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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

21 August   2021

Truth will manage the Virus II

Tamil Medical Professor:


Gaja Acca and Gotta’s Gnana Acca are the same type of charlatans who are there to hoodwink gullible fools. Recently at Muneswaram temple, the crooked asamy was boasting about his Kali and its power and warned others not to mess around with that Kali. Oh Vairava, in a matter of weeks that Kali Amma statue was stolen, it is valuable due to the metals in which this kali is made. Then why did this powerful Kali elope with someone else. May be not satisfied with the hora Samy. The following day this hora samy was at Chilaw police station to lodge a complain about the missing Kali. This is how Kali and allurr and stupid followers manage their affairs and try to fool other gullibles. Gaja, forget about SL being Hindu or Buddhist, but unless we use our head, these are totally irrelevant. Coming to allur, it is good that police stopped that nonsense that was a threat to the safety of the people. If Nalluran is so powerful Gaja Acca, then why cant he stop the covid deaths in Jaffna. I am sure being a gullible, you will say it is their past karma.If you are after Viravar and Kali then why on earth you and your husband and children got Covid vaccine. You could have jous prayed to them to get your immunity for covid. Sometimes IGNORANCE is more dangerous than lying. 


You have obviously not had the direct experience. But others in the group – for example Janakan whose father was a devotee of Muneeswaram might appreciate this response.


One day I had this dream – when staying at my aunt Pathama’s home. In that dream came Sivambi – daughter of your one time principal. Sivambi who married Dr Jega was then living in Chilaw. In that dream I was going to a temple with Sivambi and that Amman was in Dance posture. When I woke up and narrated it to the group there Priya (Janakan’s brother’s sister in law) took me to the shrine room, showed me a picture and asked me whether that Amman who came in my dream was like the Amman she showed me in the shrine room. I said ‘yes’. Back then I had not been to Chilaw. My aunt then shared with me the legend about Muneeswaram Amman.

According to that a fisherman found the statue of Amman in the ocean. He kept her at home and worshipped. The king got to know and stole the statue. When the fisherman went to the king – the king said to come back the next day to pick his statue from a row of statues.

The fisherman was upset for he was worried that he may not identify his statue. In his dream that night – Amman appeared and said she would have her foot to a side as in dance position above. The following day the fisherman duly identified his statue. That is the one in Muneeswaram – as Vadivambikai.

My dream happened just before Vasantha Navarathri . Priya and her mum arranged for me to go with a group that Priya had booked for her mum to go with. A chain of events happened to take me to Papua New Guinea with my three children and find a job there. As per my belief that happened due to Mother Vadivambikai and our family faith in Her.

If you do not believe in god  that is fine. But it is barbaric to ridicule others who do.  Most of my sweetest memories are through my belief in the god power in me. I was born in such a family and I developed within that structure first. Now they are my inner Energy.

You say

[Gaja, forget about SL being Hindu or Buddhist, but unless we use our head, these are totally irrelevant.]

My head did not help me when I did not know who was in need of my services in 2003 when I went to help the LTTE set up Public Admin structure nor in 2009 when I went to the camps. In 2009, while waiting to get clearance from Health ministry to go to the camps in Chettikulam, I prayed also at the Sai Baba mandir at Barnes Place – Colombo. While so praying – the thought came to my mind as to which side needed my support. This was followed by the response – about the 13 soldiers killed by the LTTE. Right then the flower from Swami’s picture fell and as per my family and community culture – I took it as my cue to support the victims of LTTE. When I went to Vavuniya – and went to the Sai Baba mandir there – the caretaker said to me that Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa who was then Defence Secretary had paid his respects at the Mandir before proceeding to the camps. To me – that was further confirmation as to who was more right than the other for my community.

I ask you as to whose side you would have felt for at that time & what your logic would have been to take that side – especially considering that you declared that the LTTE were Terrorists. You probably were one of those who sat on the fence and later jumped on the bandwagon to support Tamil Diaspora leaders. In my case, I was fully involved with the victims – including the family whose daughter got killed in an air attack and whose son lost his leg to LTTE bullets when they attempted to stop him from fleeing. That particular family was connected to me through my belief in St Anthony.

You state:

[Coming to Nallur, it is good that police stopped that nonsense that was a threat to the safety of the people.]

Are you the Chief Minister of Northern Province? As per my observation – the devotees were acting within the law. They wore face masks and they wanted the bus that was blocking their view moved out of the way so they would see the temple from far. So long as they acted within the law – the police had no authority to block their view.

I wrote against the blockage and within days I was facilitated to tutor a student from Hambantota – which to me is part of Kathirgamam sacred area. This year’s Kandy Perahera commentary covered many Hindu deities – including Vishnu, Rama and Seetha. Katharagama Perahera commentator stated that Lord Skanda protected the Nation. That confirms commonness through Hinduism.

You ask

[ If Nalluran is so powerful Gaja Acca, then why can’t he stop the covid deaths in Jaffna]

You ask the question because you are attached to visible outcomes. Since you lack belief and left behind your own cultural structures you lack the Energy that a past structure becomes. Why did you not ask about Cancer or any other disease that spreads exponentially within an individual?

Death is part of nature. If we believe that we are needed by someone including ourselves – we would not die until that need is satisfied. That is how I make the connection between cause and effect.  But then I do believe that my soul is eternal.

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