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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

03 February   2021





On 31 January, I demonstrated identity with the following:


England had a ‘double set’ of institutions – the dignified ones ‘impress the many’ while the efficient ones ‘govern the many’. The dignified or ‘theatrical’ parts of the system played the essential role of winning and sustaining the loyalty and confidence of the mass of ordinary people whose political capacities were minimal or non-existent; they helped the state to gain authority and legitimacy, which the efficient institutions could then use.” Walter Bagehot in the book ‘The English Constitution’


There are times when we identify with wisdom and there are others when we relate. The former confirms ability to merge and the latter, the requirement to take junior position. Without either, we are ‘foreigners’.  When we take junior position there is a structured relationship. If this is through an existing structure, then we get Energised by those who developed and maintained the structure and through such the position.


The dignity of a system, its positions and those who are members of that system comes from our realised truth. Efficiency comes from the Milestones on the way to that truth in its current & future forms. The theories we use, when realised become part of us. Subjective powers are based on this. Hence when we become ‘juniors’ of such subjects those theories support us.


On 01 February, I concluded my article headed ‘WHO REPRESENTS THE LTTE AT UN?’ as follows:


[Interestingly the cartoon on page 3 of Tamil newspaper Eelanadu has expressed the sentiments that Mr Wigneswaran is recommending that all youth need to be trained in combat which would eventually pave the way to go overseas!]


Yesterday’s Eelanadu editorial is about this and more – with which I identify. It was like telepathy.  But the commonness is the Experience of the Jaffna citizen which gets shared with me naturally through the common ownership system.  Yesterday’s Eelanadu cartoon is about the East Container Terminal (ECT) at the Colombo Port. The Common citizen questions as to why Buddhist monk Gnanasara Thero (who is the Secretary General of Bodu Bala Sena – the Buddhist Power Force) is invoking problems for partnership with India but did not say a word when Hambantota was taken over by China. The Common Citizen of Jaffna questions as to whether Buddhism came from China?


In its article ‘Explained: Why Sri Lanka has pushed India out of Colombo terminal project and what’s being offered as compensation’:

[After Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa’s statement that the operation of the east terminal would be done by Sri Lanka Ports Authority on its own, a cabinet meeting approved a proposal to develop the West Terminal at the Colombo Port as a Public Private Partnership with India and Japan, which was seen as a bid to compensate India. It is unclear whether India would accept the latest proposal even as the Sri Lankan government rules out chances of further troubles.

How has India reacted?

To Mahinda Rajapaksa’s statement that ECT development and operation will be done by Sri Lanka on its own, a news that was seen as embarrassing the Indian side, India’s first response was that the island nation should not be taking a decision in a unilateral manner on an existing tripartite agreement.]

It is obvious that the agreement has not been between two Equals.  If the disagreement becomes irreconcilable, it is highly likely that Sri Lanka would become the common space to which  Indo-China war will extend. One who has dignity through faith in common ancestry, will become an observer of the two active forces. Those who seek to ‘show’ cleverness would take the side that they think is likely to ‘win’. Majority Sri Lankans would be idle foreigners due to lack of reliable structures in regional relationships.

Natural support of Hindus is part of the ‘theory’ through which Hindus all over the world would measure what happens. Likewise, Buddhists. Whose origin is Buddha and not  King Duttugemunu.

If Tamils react and become active at the current government’s level – our investment in dignity from renunciation of wins would be weakened and we would confirm that we deserve that which happens as the net outcome – as claimed by the ‘winning side’.


Indian leaders need to know that come what may – Tamils will share their true investment in Hinduism with India. With this, it is time for India to establish the regional management system to preserve common heritage and not for current economic purposes.

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