Thursday 8 November 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

08 November 2018

Xenophobia manifested as Homophobia ?

This morning I said to the father of one of my students in Thunaivi – Northern Sri Lanka, that he needed to caution himself against development of Eustress. To my mind, eustress develops when we imagine our abilities to be better than they really are. In this instance, I had pulled up the son for being distracted in my class. The son was adding his own words to the passage in the book and I considered that to be due to his haste to ‘show’. I said to the son that he could not similarly  recall what he had learnt in school, because he would have been distracted by thinking he knew more than he actually did. After the class the father said to me that he had noticed his son in school from time to time talking to the student next to him while the class went on. I then said to the father – not to pull his son up on the basis of my discovery – but to limit his disciplining to what he had discovered. I explained to him that if he did – he would develop eustress. In many ways even academics suffer from this when they get carried away with their understanding of a topic and use knowledge without attributing to the person from whom they learnt.
This to my mind was the problem with president  Sirisena when he used the term ‘butterflies’ to Mr Wickremesinghe’s group. The Island reports as follows:
[Co-Cabinet Spokesman and Ports and Shipping Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe claimed yesterday that President Mathiripala Sirisena’s claim that a ‘butterfly group’ had taken vital decisions under the Ranil Wickremesinghe government, was not in reference to the LGBT community.] – report headed ‘Govt. claims President Sirisena did not refer to LGBT community

As stated previously – the Public are free to interpret as per their belief – the outcomes manifested by public institutions and individuals. Hence the need to have objectivity. The real purpose is known through the core purpose. As per my knowledge of Sri Lanka, the LGBT community are marginalized. In reality, even women who have married more than once – are a disenfranchised group in Sri Lanka – and are often insulted in courts by lawyers  – without any disciplinary action by the Judges. This is worse in Northern Sri Lanka where some are claiming separation. If they are successful – one of the first casualties would be the war-widows group.

Mr Sirisena specifically stated ‘foreign interference’ as a reason for wanting to remove Mr Wickremesinghe from the position of Prime Minister. This confirms Xenophobia of the kind that Australia’s Ms Pauline Hanson demonstrated. Since I had accumulated racial discrimination pain here in Australia, I was seriously affected by this show of Xenophobia and I resigned from my position at the University of  NSW – specifically mentioning Ms Hanson in my letter of resignation. I now realize that my Truth was leading me from within. From then on – I started reading the whole through minorities who suffered like I did – whatever the reason may be.
Like my student mentioned above, Mr Kamer Nizamdeen was distracted by the cheap status from New South Wales Police – during his early life at the University of NSW – and hence to draw on the corporate wisdom about the immaturity of the Academics who tend to live in their past. They thus infect the Police out of fear of the foreign looking person. Unlike the ‘notebook’ evidence the NSW Police had NO OBJECTIVELY MEASURABLE  EVIDENCE of violence on my part – not even when they dragged me to the Police wagon on 22 October 2004. The law clearly said I was within my rights. Nizamdeen’s current position once he is back in Sri Lanka is stated as follows:

[His lawyer, Farman Cassim, said that legal action will be taken to redress Nizamdeen’s grievances once his client’s costs’ application is taken up for hearing on 23 November. While praising the Australian judicial system for exonerating him, Nizamdeen criticised the conduct of the Australian Federal Police (AFP) as “immature, unprofessional, embarrassing and biased”.

I strongly believe this happened because I am an Asian on a student visa and the AFP, led by detective Darrine Eljarrar, had the wrong impression that I did not have the resources and the capability of defending my innocence,” he said. ]
Well, THAT is the Truth – isn’t it? – That Nizamdeen was released by the Judiciary because of the  support  he received from the Sri Lankan government in which his uncle is a Minister? According to the above Detective Darrine Eljarrar’s mind was read by Nizamdeen and as per the above, one could conclude that if  AFP had known about Nizamdeen’s ‘resources’ he would not have been arrested in the first instance.
As per the above report:
[He also pledged to speak up for other victims of injustice at every opportunity in the future …..Nizamdeen’s Attorney Farman Cassim opined that Australia’s counterterrorism laws were even worse than Sri Lanka’s Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA), and that there was a clear bias in the implementation of the laws, as was evidenced in his client’s case.]

Well, if Nizamdeen is sincere – how about doing the easy work to influence his uncle – the Minister to release the political prisoners arrested and charged under the PTA? Will his uncle speak to the duly appointed Prime Minister – Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe or the one who came under the high class influence – Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa?
A foreigner that Nizamdeen clearly was in Australia has to be assessed on Objective evidence available to the system. If Nizamdeen wins in his compensation claim – I would file a strong complaint  not only with our officials but also with the god within me. The alleged ‘impartial judiciary’ insisted on me filing with them a bank guarantee of $10,000 towards legal costs and this was after they failed to settle the deal by offering me $10,000 for withdrawing my complaint. I am not rich nor do I have influential relatives to influence the Australian judiciary. In addition to the above bond, I paid the University of NSW more than $10,000  - in monthly instalments of $400 – to lift  the caveat they had placed on my home unit.
All that is karma from Xenophobia. I strongly recommend that Mr Nizamdeen uses his influence internally with his Minister uncle  to prevent Xenophobia karma of his boss - from isolating the nation from the global community.

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