Tuesday 3 July 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
03 July 2018

Regrouping of Militants


“It is seen that there is a huge need of reorganization of the LTTE in the North and East, State Minister of Child Affairs Vijayakala Maheswaran claimed today addressing the 'Janapathi Nila Mehewara' event at the Weerasingham Hall in Jaffna. She said that reports relating to traces of LTTE reorganizing are heard regularly as a result of the people in the North and the East not willing to discard the LTTE from their hearts.
“Now we remember how we lived before May 18, 2009. In the present conditions our main intention is to bring back the LTTE If we want to live, if we want to walk freely, if we need our children to attend schools and return back.,” – Daily Mirror report Vijayakala sees need for LTTE in N-E
It’s puzzling to the genuine observer as to whether  the Minister is part of the Government or the militants who are listed as Terrorists by the Government. If LTTE were to regroup and become ruling power in Northern and Eastern Sri Lanka, then at best we would be indigenous community with little investment in higher education and therefore higher civilization.
Mrs Maheswaran reveals her Truth through the following statement in the report:
[She pointed out that a 6-year-old child had been raped and killed and now people feel why they appointed the present President into power.]


The above tragedy has been confirmed to have happened due to conflict within family members. The earlier report about a male teacher abusing students and causing a 12 year old to become pregnant in a private coaching institute in Vaddukoddai happened also in the same district and the home of the accused   is not too far from the area where the little 6 year girl was raped. It is inhumane to use this to selfishly gain political points by running down the President.


These are deep seated problems that went into hiding during the war.  They were not cured by the LTTE but they were replaced by ego pleasures through gun power.  I keep getting insider reports about how those who earn their pleasures assess the reason for such problems. As per the essence of such reports those whose emotional highs were used in battle are now addicted to such power and hence the emotion-driven weapon based attacks.


When I resided in Thunaivi in Vaddukkodai  district – I witnessed such behaviour within that toddy-tapper community. Family relationships are weak in that community and what is right and wrong for us would not be so for them. The only way to improve such juniors is through common faith – based on genuine caring. On my part it took deep faith in my ancestral power at the centre of the  that temple community to bring some order so they would not hurt each other and also maintain it from far now that I do not feel physically safe there. A man from the other side of the road said to me when I first started residing there – that I was brave and that he himself would not dare to live there. One of the University students complained that she could not understand why her fellow students were hesitant to come into that village.


She, like Mrs Maheswaran  was saying ‘I am stuck in the Traffic; instead of saying I am the Traffic’.


Pleasures enjoyed way above our earnings confirm lack of order in our environment. If armed forces from South were to punish – the Chief Minister of Northern Province would complain that they were ‘foreign’ forces.  The solution is within the problem. The restless ex-combatants could be trained as security officers or neutralized  by their equal opposites who are accused of having raped women in their care. This equal opposition is needed when the vertical connection between seniors and juniors becomes weaker and weaker and non-existent in the end. Mere talk about the past would not prevent this deterioration.


Some blame the caste system which is more entrenched in places like Vaddukoddai than in Jaffna town. When manual workers such as toddy tappers were juniors to mental workers and both sides accepted it – that connection helped them complete the relationship and become one by participating in each other’s experience from their allocated positions. The war falsely elevated the juniors above seniors including in social environments. Those who are ‘used’ to such power would tend to live off that power especially where they have not suffered pain through personal losses and / or punishment.


Majority Tamil leaders who supported the armed rebellion are reluctant to internally discipline the rebels but would rather blame the government at the higher level. Who is then to integrate these guys and the communities that they are a part of,  with mainstream society?


Yesterday, I heard that a toddy tapper had gone into the altar of our temple and that the gardener cum cleaner who is also of that community had acted in breach of our rules and opened the door of the altar before the Priest came, to facilitate the above guy.   I felt seriously upset by this report because that behaviour was a strong indicator of disrespect for me as the owner of the temple and the rules as per my ‘class’ – the high order class that accommodates all investors. We have started investing heavily in boundary walls and security cameras towards maintaining order in that community where family structures are very weak. Without such measures – there is bound to be takeover by those who ‘think’ they are more powerful due to their brawn power. During the inquiry into this I learnt that the person who initially approached us for the donation of land for the pathway and common building was now asking to be facilitated to clean the temple compound. I responded that the structure had changed since then and that they had demonstrated  that they did not know how to put the donated property to good use. The building is largely idle because outsiders are fearful of entering such environment. That Truth was manifested through our donation.


Similarly, many  ex combatants are not able to fit in with civilian communities and are finding that their old home environments have changed dramatically. Some withdraw and some others seek to recreate the war environment. That is the sad state of affairs in post war Tamil areas that were better off before the war/militancy. Let us stop blaming those whom we consider to be ‘foreigners’ and escape our own unpleasant Truth. Wrongs when left uncorrected – become sins and sins are beyond our control and can only be offset by virtues in someone else in the family, community or other ‘home-entity’.


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