Monday 9 July 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

09 July 2018

LTTE Matter or Energy?


My recent article headed ‘Karma or Merit’ in relation to Sri Lankan Minister Mrs Maheswaran’s claim about LTTE brought about some interesting responses which raised the question in my mind, whether Einstein’s theory of relativity – represented by E = mc2  would help us reconcile the different internal cultures. The answer is YES.


The first response which was NOT addressed to me but included by another reader later went as follows:


A Tamil Woman, Sri Lankan cabinet minster, An accomplice in Attempting to save A Rapist from Law & justice, NOW Crying for Tamil Freedom fighters!!!
It is damn disgrace to PRAISE a Mindless creature, who stood on the ROAD through out night to SAVE a RAPIST cum Murderer, SWISS based TAMIL Drug peddler,  who came to Thamil homeland in to film a PORN movie to make money.
The so called Sri Lankan Cabinet Minister( Tamil  woman wearing Saree), trying to cry for Tamil freedom fighters, but  TURNED deaf to the cries of a mother of the TAMIL school girl, who had been GANG raped,Filmed and Brutally murdered in our THAMIL EELAM.
In contrast, she ended up trying to provide safe passage for the SWISS RAPIST to Colombo to flee from Sri Lanka, with the support of another inhuman Tamil CREATURE< a Law scholar. 
Even though the Rapist and his co rapist/murder gang got caught and were sentenced to DEATH due to Civilian Uprising and protest, the TAMIL woman MINISTER and her accomplice LAW faculty Scholar somewhat escaped the hands of Law enforcement and the Justice system.
But, we Shall never forget or Forgive any and all Crimes & Criminals against Humanity, even those wearing  SAREE, POTTU or VETTEE, posing as Tamils.
In this regard, I wish caution to our SENIOR Tamil Activist of Malaysia,  not to jump the gun in PRAISING  CRIMINALS life Minister Vijayakala Maheswaran or the law scholar , as she now plays the ROLE of  VOICE for our Tamil Martyrs.
She would have been PUNISHED  for her crime by those freedom fighters, without mercy, if they are still alive in our homeland.
Please do not go on with the brands to worship, like a vision marred, brain retarded    fool, as I still want to see you as a rational person with active BRAIN.

The response from that leader/ second responder was as follows:

[Don't misunderstand my intentions. I am fully aware of the criminal murder of Vidya in Jaffna and Vijeyakala is accused of helping the criminal to escape to Colombo. I agree with you there is no pardon for anyone, who aid and abet a criminal. After that the accusation on Vijeyakala died down. Now she has come up with an accusation of the deterioration of law and order situation in the North, including the rape of young children. What reason can you give me for not supporting her, not withstanding the accusation against her. No one is guilty until he or she is proven to be so. It is for the government to bring charges against her.
The situation in the Tamil Eelam today, is that the people are suffering mainly due to criminal activities of the military and SL government. Our deceitfully elected Colombo Tamil MPs are enjoying their perks and are silent. Now that the election is on the way, they are talking of the Tamil sufferings. Some of the Diaspora henchmen are still supporting these deceitful leaders. I am deadly against these leaders, whom I supported in 2010.]

The first one to my mind – as per my direct experience with the LTTE - is connected to the Spirit of Independence that the LTTE also contributed to in their own way. This included protection of children and women in their care. The first responder above considered Minister Vijayakala to be on the wrong side of the LTTE by using the Energy that LTTE had developed in protecting women and children in their care. In other words if LTTE were in charge of the matter - Mrs Vijayakala would have been summarily punished in this matter.
The second responder on the other hand is confirming that to him, the LTTE were ‘matter’ in this issue. Those who ‘show’ outcomes produced through a different pathway to theirs without paying their respects to the original Energy are using the barter system – as if they are the main heirs of the original formation. Hence the dilution of the importance of women and children expressed as follows:
[Now she has come up with an accusation of the deterioration of law and order situation in the North, including the rape of young children.]
The main accusation by  this male is deterioration of law and order. The picture is war-crimes through which the Tamil issue has been presented to the world by such persons. They present and then sit back for the world to bring them the answers.
This person does not represent the People who are currently in need of such protection as per the current reality in North. The problem is presented to others at matter level which is tightly ‘possessed’ by this kind of leaders. A big portion of this would not benefit the women and children of the current generation living in Northern Sri Lanka. There may be plans for such protection in future from the external world, but he failed to listen to the People who rose against the perpetrators of Miss Vithya Sivaloganathan’s suffering and the sufferings of those who carry apprehension of such wrongs if the punishment was not severe.
To promote Mrs Maheswaran is to desecrate the war memorials of LTTE who raised this protection to Energy level. Stating the words for selfish reasons is desecration of the true memorial of the Protective Energy – by LTTE and all those who through their daily lives contribute to self-development of that Energy by burying their own pleasures. Those are also war memorials – the war to conquer oneself.
I believe that I have been protected due to my contribution to such Energy. I share this especially in Northern Sri Lanka, with those who are yet to invest in such orderly systems. I don’t need to talk about it and I do not, with those who do not yet understand that level language. But in areas of their understanding I share my Energy which includes this protective Energy – as happens with Superannuation / Pension contributions.
The one who passed on the above conversation to me wrote as follows:
[I do not know this Gajalusmi From Australia,
But rather than analysising the important actual facts of the State, you are all writing about the past.
As a gentlemen said there was security of woman in the region under LTTE control .
( what do you see today in a region under occupation of the armed forces, the insecurity is very high, where drugs, rape, gang attacks are very high, in its maximum- so this shows the state of Sri Lanka is not able to protect the people and this way its complice to this)  
We have heard the cry of Muslim women asking for the LTTE to come back when they were attacked by the sinhalese.
And for those saying that the 30 years was a waste. In a freedom struggle there is no waste, its was part of a freedom struggle of an oppressed people. 
You are all sitting comfortabaly in your countries and writing your opinion, and thing you are not the right person to say it. When I am writing this you might talk about democracy but what is democracy to you understand it in this todays world.
Read this article below.
So you have no right  to write about the LTTE ( as its part of a struggle) yours opinons on the negative part you can keep it for you as there were also positive sides of it.
If you really want to do something, try to win the right to live with dignity and live freely of the oppressed people in Sri Lanka.
Other than then, you have no right to write about the arm struggle as it is part of the Tamils history like Thanthai Selva and other Tamil political leaders.

The third responder ‘takes’ matter of LTTE and ‘gives’ LTTE to those of his kind - as if he were the sole-custodian of LTTE heritage. Those of us who elevate that heritage through our own Energies at global level sharing – have made that heritage common. But the third responder sees that heritage as matter – local matter.

When others like myself  contribute to the Independence Energy especially of Women it  seems to give him distress. To avoid this distress he claims he does not know me even though he included me as his email link matter .  At the other end of this bipolar disorder is his eustress when an organization of  apparently high reputation – ‘groundviews’ in this instance says what he likes to hear. When the tiny investment he made in this issue is spent on such copying and pasting he has no investment matter  left to be raised as ownership energy. So the likes of him pounce on something that would generate that eustress – such as the posters that promote Mrs Maheswaran as a Tamil leader. Such leadership could only be of those who ‘convert’ easily from one side to another.  The terminology that comes to mind is ‘charlatan’.

When more matter than the worth of the Energy is produced it confirms presence of eustress which when left undisciplined to cover up the presenter who is ‘internal’ - results in distress. True education is the natural cure for this disorder of the mind.

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