Tuesday 25 July 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

25 July 2017
Courtesy Daily Mirror

Jaffna’s Peace Hero Police Sergeant Sarath Premachandra

In 2009, at the height of the ethnic war, I urged through a public communication,  for LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran to surrender himself to  Nallur Murgan. To most readers that  may have seemed  childish / superstitious. But to me it was not. Once we do what we can through the official system available to us – and submit the problem / issue to the Lord – every unit of contribution without expectations of personal return, from then on is of exponential value – and influences outcomes as if we are in charge of the whole. Meditation & Yoga in various forms also take us to that level. As we know, the LTTE leader did not surrender and those who were in his care were limited to human protection, unless they prayed personally to the Higher Powers.

During my lifetime, I have learnt about the return for my above prayer. To me it is no coincidence that I am present here in Northern Sri Lanka during the time of confirmation of the answer to my prayers has come.  Police Sergeant Sarath Premachandra is a Sinhalese who died for Jaffna. He surrendered to Nallur Murugan. He is a greater hero than any Tamil who died for Jaffna. No, Sarath Premachandra did not consciously think he was sacrificing his life for Jaffna. He was the Chosen One to become Peace Hero and put to rest all claims of ethnic Separation. Jaffna no longer has the authority to say no to Sinhalese Police. THAT is the Judgment from Nallur Murugan. 

Police Hero Sarath Premachandra lives through Justice Manickavasagar Ilancheliyan – a Tamil Judge. Every effort made by Justice Manickavasagar Ilancheliyan to uphold Justice would go towards natural and subconscious reconciliation between the two ethnicities. General Justice and Ethnic Justice have become Common at Nallur after this latest killing by Tamils whose real enemy was not the Judiciary but the armed Sinhalese. Lord Murugan is worshipped by Sri Lankan Buddhists also. To die at Nallur while on Police Duty – is the most honourable death of all to any Jaffna Hindu. Police Hero Sarath Premachandra has merged with the Hindu War Lord – Murugan and anyone who picks up arms against Sarath Premachandra’s people faces Lord Murugan Himself.  In terms of Divine Judgments even thoughts in breach earn us the punishment.

I am committed to marking 22 July as Harmony Day - the Day Reconciliation between the two ethnicities was confirmed to have been completed  due to merger of Tamil & Sinhalese custodians of Law and Order as One at Nallur. Recognising this  is the real protection for all those who seek security in their line of duty. Instead of striking for their selfish reasons – the lawyers of Jaffna had/have  the duty to assemble  at Nallur to pay their respects to Peace Hero Sarath Premachandra.

It is obvious that Justice Manickavasagar Ilancheliyan is emotionally distraught. He could learn from Saint Manickavasagar  who gave us Sivapuranam – which praises the Lord of the Mind as follows:  “Puratharku Seyon than Poongkalalgal Velha / Praise be to the Lotus Feet of the Lord who is the friend of outsiders”

Lord Shiva is the Lord of the Mind.   Only the body of Sarath Premachandra died.  Sarath’s  mind has merged with that of Judge Ilancheliayan and the Jaffna Judiciary and v.v. The death happened at Nallur to confirm that upholding THIS merger needs to be the first duty of Jaffna Judiciary. Sarath Premachandra is now a Jaffna Elder. When we pay our respects to Lord Muruga we pay our respects to Sarath Premachandra as well.  Striking against the Government confirms dependence on the Executive in breach of the Doctrine of Separation of Powers. The Lord has facilitated for Jaffna Judiciary to draw on Peace through Sarath Premachandra as our Ancestor. That is Universal Power that the folks of Jaffna now enjoy in common with Sarath Premachandra’s community. As Justice Ilancheliyan has demonstrated we are now One. That is the Judgment  of Nallur Murugan. 

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