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Subject: Re: The Ex UN Mandate and the Ex Jaffna Mandate

Medical Academic: Qualification alone does not make one “educated’.  One can be well educated and enlightened without any paper qualification at all. What makes a person educated is based on his wisdom and how he  gets about in life and how practical and realistic he is and what amount of service he does to the community at large without expecting anything in return. It is natural that all living things, including humans, expect recognition and that is the plus and minus side of our struggle.

I refer to the post that quoted the advice given by the chief guest at the Jaffna Medical Faculty:

He  urged the Jaffna people to think of themselves not just as sources of great talent for the rest of the world but for their own community.

This great weakness is one of the curses that haunt our community despite all the abilities that we have. A few years ago I volunteered to go to University of Jaffna to conduct a two-week course, all free but at the last stage it was sabotaged by some academics for their own reasons and that was it. And instead Colombo invited me by meeting  all my expenses and  even professional fee and I happily went and rendered my service. This is part of Jaffna and if they don’t want you or if they don’t recognise you well you just carry on and it is not ones bread and butter.

Gaja without portfolio: I found the parallel of this in my interactions with the University of Jaffna. I find the CM’s example more close to our current needs than the Jaffna Uni example. The CM is the parallel of VC of Jaffa Uni. You and I are small players to them. The parallel of Colombo inviting you was Professor Sathananthan humbly asking me to prepare the project reports in relation to the needs at the camps.
The question I have asked since is whether I went there for Professor Satha or  to help the needy as they saw their need? Your two week course offer is the parallel of the project reports I promised to prepare. Jaffna is not of the mind structure  known to us through  our regular clients. If you were groomed through the Sri Lankan system – then they would naturally identify with you. Not so Jaffna Uni – until they become common Sri Lankans and not Tamil only or Tamil foremost Lankans. One has to forego the particular to become common. Jaffna is yet to reach that level. Some of us continue to add ourselves so they would have the opportunity to choose alternate lifestyles. Those who seek to remain local need to be specialists in the services particular to Jaffna. Can’t have both.
The CM asking for lateral participation while claiming devolution for North-Eastern provinces – is against the laws of Nature / Truth – for this reason

Medical Academic:  As N said,

“However, if others in charge of something are not considering you for those positions, then there must be some reasons. If is not always necessary to choose the most qualified and experienced for every position. There could be other qualities such as amiability, affability, flexibility, acceptability etc., etc. Irrespective of educational qualifications the above mentioned qualities too go hand in hand when dealing with public and their affairs”.

As a matter of fact in many developed countries today accepting someone does not necessarily depend on one’s qualification alone but with how he or she sets about, gets along with others, exhibit  a sound thinking ability, etc., etc.

Gaja without portfolio:  In other words – both you and N are in agreement with the CM’s request and reject my criticism.  Did you find out what experience I have had in change management ? Whether my experience is deeper and stronger than yours?  In both your cases – as per your responses I am minority power just as Tamils are to Lankan Government.

Just yesterday, Param and I went through this in relation to the Defamation action I brought against his sisters. Param said that he was hurt that I kept saying that he was going along with his sisters when in fact he openly partnered me in my actions. I said that his problem was that he did not ‘position’ me in relation to his sisters – through my service to him viz a viz their services to him. There he already had the structure as per his father’s mind. Since Param wanted a professional as his wife – he needed to restructure the mind. He did not do that. Hence when I criticised them in areas that seemed ‘normal’ to him – I became the ‘outsider’. Most men and I feel this includes both of you – do not structure the position of ‘wife’ but go along with what they are used to. Mine is the transitional generation of women to suffer the consequences. Have you not extended this in relation to the Jaffna Uni / CM matters? Based on my discussions with you – did you give me a position relative to yours? Likewise with that of the CM? Without that position – there is NO DUTY. But N preached to me to do my DUTY !!!!!  I was doing my duty as per the position I have taken through my development work primarily in Vaddukoddai and as a user of Public Facilities for which I pay. What positions do you both hold in current Jaffna structure? Not the positions given by others – but the positions that you develop through your ‘service’ contributions.

Medical Academic:  In fact Einstein said “education is not a matter of learning  facts and acquiring knowledge but to learn the skill to thinking”.

In the world scene today, especially in the professional and academic fields we see numerous people with plenty of qualifications  but their ability to handle a situation and cope with a crisis is nil. In Tamil we say “eddu surakai karikku uthavaathu”.

Gaja without portfolio: As per my observations – your knowledge of what works outside Jaffna is ehttu surakkai/book vege  to Jaffna Tamils. These interactions between us would raise our common thinking only if you include my contribution  also when you make your conclusions. Otherwise like the UNSW Medical Academics who USED my services to boost their own status / ego – you are also using my work to ‘tell’ me and not learn from me. I am ready to be told to the extent you are ready to listen to me as if you were me. I do not owe anyone any more than that.

Medical Academic: If we look for recognition or do things expecting the same then we will end up as a great failure. Our knowledge, skill, logic, maturity should make us to be happy and contended with what we do and not from what others think about us. 

Gaja without portfolio: Wrong. If you had paid your dues to Einstein – and said your Thank You’s to him – you would not have made such statement. You have plagiarized.  You quoting Einstein at word level is an example of using surface knowledge for selfish reasons – to show that you are cleverer than I. Einstein himself reached the heights of relativity which shows the connection between cause and effect. Take for example E = mc2

E is the Energy and at that level we are of Absolute value. The parallel of that in religion is Mhotcham / Nirvana / Eternity.   If you were at that level – I would have been right as well as the CM and the Jaffna Uni Academics. You are part of the other side of the equation - MC2  To get to E state your thinking needs to be as fast as light – i.e. – Natural – so that mass becomes a very small component of the equation – relative to the speed at which you think – process the ‘facts’ in your mind. If you touch the feet of Einstein when you quote him – Einstein will come into you and then your mind will think at the speed of light.

Medical Academic: Experience is not what happens to you but what you do with what happens to you. Happiness does not come from what you do but from liking what you do.  

Gaja without portfolio: Einstein said that he mentally travelled with light – as if he was light itself. Thou art that / Tat tvam Asi
Warm regards (relative and not absolute)


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