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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

01  July 2017                                          

No to Eelam; Yes to India’s Backyard?

Yesterday’s article headed ‘Northern Woman’ brought the following response from the heart of a Diaspora leader:

[Well said Gaja. 
Speaking from outside is very easy but speaking from within is very difficult and doing something concrete is more difficult.  Hope Ananthy understands this and sees what she could do, especially to the several unfortunate and forgotten women and families, that are victims of our venture for achieving emancipation. Now we see a new group of "good doers" for these pathetic victims sprouting from various corners but any fair thinking person would  wonder as to how genuine these projects are  and how much really will reach the victims, if any at all? Past experiences show billions collected from the people vanished after the war. Ananthy, if she too does not fall into the typical rut, then she could co-ordinate all these sources and ensure the donations and generosities reach the real people in need.

Only the time will tell us. Earlier we blamed that we did not have a PC but after having acquired that what did we really achieve except severe disunity, infighting and pointing fingers at each other and becoming a good prey to the enemies, According to recent revelation nearly one third of the politicians who sold their tax free vehicles are from the N&E. Looking at it honesty or dishonesty appears to depend on opportunity rather than the race. How long are we going to carry on just blaming the majority for all our blunders and disunity and selfishness and greed for power. Let us do whatever best we could do within our means before blaming others. 
Failure to understand and accept the global reality will lead us to more failures. Running around carrying flags in the safe havens outside SL is not going to help and salvage the poor victims who are totally helpless and they even accuse the PC to be totally insensitive to their plight. We are responsible for the plight of these poor people and thus we have to take the responsibility to give them back at least something to lead a decent life. Publicity seeking behaviour for our personal ego ought to cease and let the honest good doers do the needful. We played with the lives of so many and thus it is not fair to play with any more lives.]

My response to this was as follows:
“Thank you for sharing your insight into our ‘inside reality’.  Those who suffered most deeply are the ones who ‘lost’ their children and siblings in the war. It’s a shame that we did not do enough to help them take an independent stand and keep both sides away from their homes. The women cadre that I shared time and experience with, found fighting more exciting than staying at home. Now the families don’t have them nor the funds that are due to them before the funds are allocated to ‘show’ power that we do not have.

To my mind, the recent conflict happened due to lack of wisdom in intellectual administration and lack of humility to learn from those who have that wisdom. This happens, when they think that they are the bosses by getting popular through emotional speeches. I heard Mrs. Sasitharan speak passionately at a Chulipuram meeting, when I was on my way to meet our lawyer regarding a Testamentary matter. I met her husband Elilan during Tsunami Reconstruction work, when I wrote the Proposal for TRO which group was allocated the village I was serving. Elilan was quiet and facilitated me to speak. Other chair-persons tried to ‘show’ their cleverness as Mrs. Sasitharan also seems to be demonstrating.  I find that most disappointing.

We pride ourselves that we are Hindus. But how many of us learn from our juniors – as Lord Shiva learnt from Lord Muruga? That reversal of roles is possible when both have completed the relationship to become One/Common. Those of us who contributed to the true purposes of Independence – have to be listened to by Politicians who inherited that structure as well as militants who USED that political structure. The likes of Mrs Ananthi and for that matter even Mr. Wigneswaran who lacks wisdom in Public Administration need to submit their credits to those who have wisdom in Public Administration. Towards this they need to become humble and not ‘hoard’ the credits they get through the issue being raised to the global level. If Administration is neglected in North – we would lose much more than the credits we have earned despite the ‘Terrorism’ label. We would lose our self-respect and dignity.  We need reports from the NP Ministers about actual work done to improve self-governance at the local level.  I don’t know about others – I am watching while I continue to do just that at my level.

Sadly, I had to go to Health Ministry in Colombo to meet the Minister when some nurses from Vaddukoddai – Chankanai area sought to have their appointments made permanent and their efforts to process it through NPC failed. Not one of the nurses was familiar with Colombo – nor did they know about Due Process in Health Ministry. Since they were going to do it anyway – I undertook to become their bridge. I myself relied on my investment in that Ministry in 2009, when I went to the Ministry over and over again to get approval to go to the camps.  The approval came and even while signing the letter the Senior Officer said ‘Don’t go there and claim Eelam’. I prayed to Lord Buddha to help me stay focused on the real need.  My forbearance  / sacrifice – remained there and became positive Energy through which I was able to get the approval as per the promises made when the nursing aids were first recruited. Some of them keep thanking me whenever I seem to need some inner support. I say sadly because – no one from NPC was ready to learn and include my mind as theirs. So their desire for power grows when they ‘see’ free money and status. ]

Like a hawk waiting for its victim to come along – India has come to the University of Jaffna’s Vavuniya campus:
[In a ceremony held on June 30, 2017, the faculty of Agriculture and faculty of Engineering of Kilinochchi campus of University of Jaffna were dedicated by  Hon’ble Minister of  Higher Education and Highways, Lakshman  Kiriella, High Commissioner of India H.E. Mr. Taranjit Singh Sandhu and Hon’ble Governor of Northern Province Reginald Cooray. Vice Chancellor of University of Jaffna, Deans of various faculty, other faculty members, officials and students participated in the ceremony.

High Commissioner in his remarks reiterated Government of India’s continued commitment to the wellbeing and socio-economic development of people of Sri Lanka. He highlighted the importance of agriculture and engineering in the economic development. In his remarks, Hon’ble Minister thanked the Government of India for the support.

Government of India gave a grant of SLR 600 million for the project. The project includes construction of physical infrastructure like lecture halls, conference hall, computer laboratory, library, and sports complex for the Faculty of Agriculture; and lecture halls, a conference hall, laboratories, administrative office and staff room for the Faculty of Engineering. In addition, the Government of India will also provide support for curriculum development, faculty exchanges, training and research. The project will benefit students pursuing professional courses in Agriculture and Engineering by providing them better facilities and improved learning environment.] India assists in developing Kilinochchi campus – reported by the Indian High Commission

I was then reminded of the invitation I received to attend the Conference at the Vavuniya campus in August. Today I looked up the details and the faces of the keynote speakers made my heart sink:

Sri Lanka’s North is well known for its investment in Higher Education – especially in Engineering and  Medicine which facilitate integration with wider world. Professor Ratnajeevan Hoole for example has made strong investment in Engineering and there would have been enough leaders in Agriculture and / or in Resource Management,  to invoke positive Energies in fellow Sri Lankans to continue with our heritage. But instead, Indian and Pakistani speakers are being valued by this branch of the University.
Conspicuous is  absence of the Provincial Minister for Education in this function – as reported by the Indian High Commission.
The motto of the University of Jaffna is ‘Mei Porul Kaanpanthu Arivu’ / ‘The End of Knowledge is Truth
Outsiders to Northern Sri Lanka need to observe and appreciate the values of Northerners, if we are to prevent Sri Lanka becoming foreign land to its own people.  The root cause is money without accountability which has led to internal divisions – confirming that we are lacking in self sacrifice.

As per another report published by the Indian High Commission:

[Speaking on the occasion, High Commissioner Taranjit Singh Sandhu highlighted the efforts led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the United Nations declaring June 21 as the International Day of Yoga, and the world now recognizes yoga, as a human treasure - a  key to good health. High Commissioner underlined the interest of H.E. President Maithripala Sirisena in health issues and admired his support to promote yoga, as a powerful tool for both, preventive and curative healthcare.]

Yoga without meditation to identify with one’s Truth is purely external. If the Sri Lankan President and the Indian High Commissioner had performed true Yoga on 21 June – they would not have disturbed the Truth of Northern Province on 30 June by opening a new faculty in Vavuniya after it was brought under the control of the Government through its armed forces. Shame on all of you. One who identifies with his Truth would identify with others’ Truth. That is the core purpose of Yoga as well as Higher Education. 

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