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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

16 June 2017                                          

Managing Extremism
I have time and time again  expressed the negative influence over Tamil militants due to funding by Tamil Nadu politicians – especially Actor-Politician – MG Ramachandran. Such funding breeds extremism. Here in Australia, it was recently revealed by National TV that the Chinese have been funding National leaders and Public institutions. On the surface the reasons may seem ‘common interest’. But to the extent they are without respect for Australian elders in those fields – that is foreign funding.  That breeds popularity at the expense of ownership. One needs to forego earned popularity / status to own the authority to administer a common relationship / institution / nation. Often leaders who lack the authority through discipline tend to use ‘cash’ – in this instance from one to show status to the other.

MGR was a popular actor  due to the characters he portrayed. He was brought into politics due to this popularity credit. Changing roles from theatre to politics for lesser purposes brings the senior  issue to the junior level.    A parent driven by benefits easily assimilates with the child who returns money and popular status benefits. The child within the family boundaries, is entitled to show Equal status as the parent but not higher status. In Thesawalai Law – applicable to Northern Sri Lankan Tamils, this is facilitated by showing the separate pathways of  daughter, wife and mother to that of son, husband and father. To that extent there is Separation of Powers between man  and woman, so that each side could formulate its own hierarchy. When there is no hierarchy they are equal and that is how the equality of wife and husband was upheld by Thesawalamai Law. A wife who becomes dependent on her husband at common family level is acting in breach of  the principles and values of Thesawalamai.   

 In Sri Lanka, when Tamil juniors to the independence issue – entered the arena – they had to first pay their respects to the elders. LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran openly acknowledged MGR as his elder and not the elected leader of his land. This naturally breeds excessive manifestation of cleverness to ‘show’ others and not for our own inner governance and satisfaction. By including Karuna – the Eastern LTTE leader, as part of the National Government – the Sri Lankan Government dismissed itself from the position of authority to judge ‘Terrorism’/ ‘Extremism’.  Karuna separated from Northern LTTE for the same reason Velupillai Prabhakaran separated from Northern Tamils who fought through the higher pathway for self determination – just as Tamil ladies were entitled to under Thesawalamai Law. But women who abused Thesawalamai – lost this opportunity to develop and be supported by the heritage of  ‘Dignity’ that every mother has priority access to as per the law of Nature.  Every person who pays more costs – mentally and physically than the benefits s/he receives  - has Mother’s intuition inside – as Energy.

The Island reports through its articleUNP MP tears into extremists, demands immediate punitive measures:

[Alleging that LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran had caused irreparable damage to the Tamil community, MP Rahuman flayed TELO Northern Provincial Council member M.K. Sivajilingam for pursuing an extremist agenda severely inimical to post-war national reconciliation process. The TELO is one of the four parties represented in the Illankai Thamil Arasu Kadchi (ITAK) led Tamil national Alliance (TNA).......................................
Aluthgamage pointed out that R. Sampanthan led TNA instructed Tamil speaking people to exercise their franchise in favour of war winning Army Chief Gen. Sarath Fonseka at January 2010 presidential poll after having accused the military of massacring Tamil civilians. MP Aluthgamage said that TNA support for Fonseka should be examined against the backdrop of the TNA backing Maithripala Sirisena at January 2015 presidential poll to the disadvantage of Mahinda Rajapaksa.

The MP referred to massive foreign funding made available to various civil society organizations over the years to influence the electorate. The MP cited USD 6 mn made available to Dr. Kumar Rupesinghe by the Norwegian government over a period of three years to highlight the status of overseas funding.]

The damage caused by Velupillai Prabhakaran is not irreparable. It is already being repaired and eventually the Dignity of the Tamil Community would be restored to its earned level. Those who accept LTTE as part of Tamil Community need to also be conscious of the majority who have added dignity to the Tamil Community and this does include the LTTE also. There would have been no tolerance within the Tamil Community for outsiders – including Indian Tamils had they not been treated as foreigners in the place  they thought was their own homeland. Even now those who call the LTTE Terrorists, are foreigners to Sri Lankan Tamils.  To the extent  the LTTE acted within the boundaries set by all those who sacrificed earned benefits towards independence – they will continue to be part of Sri Lankan Tamils. No, we will not throw them away due to the threat of ‘Terrorism label’. If Tamils of Sri Lanka are damaged – so is Sri Lanka as a whole. To the extent militants were influenced by Indian money and mind, they are foreigners to Sri Lankan Tamils. To that extent they are effectively the hands and legs of Indian Tamils. If Indian Government pumps money into Upcountry Tamils – that is also ‘foreign’ money.

Likewise,  the Government and any organization that takes money without Common Governance values.   

Americans also indiscriminately mixed Politics and Theatre. This happens when goodwill becomes cheap popularity through the seen and the heard. But to the extent majority Americans followed the principles and values of Democracy – they retained their dignity. In Tamil Nadu – this happens largely through Spiritual Belief.    

In 2010,  Tamils voted against Mr. Rajapaksa who was seen as the source of disorder within the armed forces which resulted in Tamil civilians being killed. Between General Fonseka and Mr. Rajapaksa – the former was an officer and hence was taken as doing his duty. More to the point is the defeat of Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe in 2005 when Tamils were threatened by the LTTE to stay away from the polls. That again was due to the ‘money’ from Mr. Rajapaksa – effectively making the LTTE,  Mercenaries. If LTTE are officially Terrorists then so are those who funded them.

 THAT was the karma for allowing Eastern LTTE leader Karuna to separate in 2004 for economic reasons. A good  administrator would apply the same rule to himself as to his juniors.  A true Sri Lankan Tamil is a true Administrator. That was the basis on which we had the authority to make the Vaddukoddai  Declaration. Even now, those who pay their respects to the Tamil elders in Administration – will enjoy the ‘freedom’ of independence in Sri Lanka. I know I do.

Tamils are more UNP supporters and less SLFP supporters – and this is so despite Mr. Jayawardene’s extremism due to desire for both leaderships – in Politics as well as Intellectual Administration.  If not for the LTTE – Mr. Wickremesinghe would have become the president in 2005. In 2015 – without Mr. Wickremesinghe,  Mr Sirisena would not have had the Tamil votes and hence would have been defeated by Mr. Rajapaksa. If Mr. Sirisena believes in Buddhism foremost clause in the Constitution, he would identify with this structure of Truth.

So long as not only Tamils but any minority Community in Sri Lanka feels Sri Lankan – and alienates others of their religion and culture to keep their democratic political powers pure and local – they will have the power to influence governance of that area. To the extent their elected leaders feel Sri Lankan through higher structures especially through common laws and principles – this power would be manifested at the National level. By becoming Leader of the Opposition in National Parliament the Hon Sampanthan confirmed being such a leader. As per my knowledge I was the first Sri Lankan to declare this after the 2015 Parliamentary elections. Mr. Sampanthan should not be measured at the level of an army leader who ranks  below him in the system of Democracy.

When more of us sacrifice our earned status to include fellow Sri Lankans who are disorderly, we would develop the natural structures needed for self-governance including through enough separations to keep our belief  based manifestations local to that group.

As per the above report:

[Rahuman pointed out that extremism threatened many societies. The UNPer categorized India’s pro-Hindu Shiv Sena (Army of Shiva) as one of those extremist political parties threatening stability there. Pakistan, Bangladesh and UK, too, had groups propagating extremism, though they couldn’t influence electorates, the MP said, underscoring the urgent need to lock up those exploiting their respective communities here for their political advantage.]

As per Hindu culture,  Lord Shiva is the Destroyer of Body Consciousness and we invoke the Divine Power by chanting Sivapuranam for this reason, when someone passes away. As per my experience – when we bring the good in the person who has passed away, we become less conscious of ‘what happened’ – the body of our experience - and invoke the Truth of the person in the common form. Those who speak ill of that person after death also invoke the Truth to merge with their own negative energy. In Christian culture this value recommends that we do unto others what we would have those others do unto us. This is based on One soul – different bodies.  In terms of resources and benefits – money is the parallel of body and one who is driven by money would tend to separate. When Indian Politicians gave money and status that the Militants did not get in Sri Lanka, they separated the leadership and weakened the connection with the ‘Independent Cause’ and became mercenaries which eventually led to the killing of Indian Politician Rajiv Gandhi  himself when he was out of the position of Prime Minister. Our positions protect us and when we are true to them the protecting forces of all others true to that position including through various relationships – support us.  Without structures – it is more challenging to develop ownership Energies.

Losing body  consciousness helps us to identify with our own Truth. Hence the value of meditation. The parallel of that in Democracy is to lose consciousness of majority numbers to identify with the Consolidated power of One governance which is known as self-governance. Tamils have been supported by good part of majority race to uphold their Political independence at National level. We do not need to shrink our ‘home’ to Tamil Eelam so long as we as a Community feel Sri Lankan – however much the Terrorism label is pasted on us. Those of us who feel Sri Lankan,  have the power to return the karma to those who label us as Terrorists. That was how Mr. Rajapaksa fell.  If we disconnect supply – he would surface again – because of his attachment to benefits and self-demotion to bribe the LTTE. The election lesson is that UNP needs Tamils to win the top position in Common  and Sri Lanka needs UNP led Government to uphold her dignity at the global level.

As per Hindu culture – Lord Brammah is the Creator. When we are born, Divine Powers gives us a structure that restores our Sovereignty confirming our dignity at Birth. So long as we live close to this we would be Sovereign. But once we widen our world including through marriage, work  and migration and get carried away with easy benefits or depressed by defeat by outsiders / foreigners – we naturally invoke the opposites at that level. Here in Australia, where I upheld that my Sri Lankan qualifications were my highest and upheld my standards which earned me a position with Air Lanka – Sri Lanka’s national carrier, my opposition side was developed at that level. In turn, those who listed me as lowly often without going through the merit process – developed their own opposition at that lower level. My developed of opposition at higher level  helps  me self-assess and fill the gap when I am allocated lesser status by ‘foreigners’. By not reacting at the lower level even in my mind, but treating them as juniors in Administration – I continue to protect Australians from extremism.

When we migrate to new countries – we become Brammah and it is our duty to ensure that we are first Sovereign in our new nations before we share that with others. It would be wrong of us to be ‘told’ in our new nations and then ‘tell’ our country of birth. If we are yet to identify with our sovereignty,  we are foreigners to those very nations and hence when we find fault with foreign leaders as if they are terrorists, we earn the Terrorism label – as was proven by the Tamil groups that demonstrated violence in Britain as revealed through the recent  Axe Murder Trials.  (War & Immigration at ) They naturally inherit the violent nature of the groups that caused them to emigrate from their ‘home-areas’ and therefore away from their Sovereign structures. Then they attack and not defend and protect.   

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