Wednesday 7 June 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

07 June 2017

In the name of Buddha?

While Muslims in Western Nations are made to feel uncomfortable due to their apparent commonness with extremists using the name of Islam, in Sri Lanka, the Buddhist Clergy seem to be specially targeting Muslims to show their power. If Muslims did bring their brotherhood army – would they be known as Terrorists – as happened with Tamils of Sri Lanka whose militants were resourced by the Indian Government especially after the 1983 pogrom in Colombo to which the then Government turned a blind eye. As per independent observations, it was after this pogrom that the ordinary Tamil youth actively joined militant groups. Militants in many ways became the pawns through which the Indian Government showed its powers over Sri Lankan Government.  Majority Tamils of Sri Lanka do not consider the militants to be Terrorists. Likewise, majority Buddhists of Sri Lanka would not consider their soldiers to be war criminals. Lord Buddha is not likely to consider Tamil militants to be Terrorists nor Sinhalese soldiers to be War Criminals. I believe that each one of us who feels Sri Lankan can make  a difference – to prevent another war in Sri Lanka. Living in or close to Truth keeps our mind in good order. Sharing our Truth helps harness Natural powers. Those so helped are our Natural Relatives.

As per Daily Mirror report:
[The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) the collective voice of the Muslim world stressed the its full solidarity with and support for the Muslim community of Sri Lanka against the apparent rising trend of violence instigated by extremists, which is spreading fear and mistrust among the population. The OIC Secretary General Dr. Yousef Al-Othaimeen stressed his displeasure over the recent attacks taken place at the Muslim community in Sri Lanka at OIC official website. “The reports of attacks on homes, businesses and mosques are of great concern and deeply regrettable,” it said. ]:]

It’s similar to India’s stand in terms of the attacks against Tamils. But eventually, the relationship got out of control and resulted in militants taking no one as their supervisor. The Sri Lankan Government as per its Constitution has taken on Lord Buddha as their supervisor. Laws when practiced bring our minds together. One can therefore accept that if majority Sri Lankans accepted Lord Buddha as their leader / supervisor – they would think alike and therefore would have prevented war through Buddhist power alone. But what happens if their leader/supervisor is not the real Lord Buddha but some other personality – for example the Vedda Leader? Likewise the Tamil militants and those Tamils who do not ‘see’ any fault in them?  Ravana – the villain of Ramayanam  was a Hindu. Like the Sinhala Only and Tamil Only leaders – King Ravana also took no leadership from higher personalities. Ravana was a Shiva devotee but that was limited largely to getting  boons (the parallel of UN Benefits to Sri Lankan Government) and not to merge with Divine Power.
Given that ‘time based’ seniority seems to influence the average person in determining ‘ownership’ by possession / occupation – one needs to ask as to whether a democratic constitution needs to address this issue.  The Muslim leader is reported to have stated in the case of Sri Lanka:
[ that the Muslim community in Sri Lanka has a long standing presence in the country and a tradition of living in peace and harmony with their compatriots and contributing to the cultural and economic life of the country as a whole. -]

Traditional  Values / Heritage are the  less visible powers of minorities. There is Matter at the bottom and there is Energy at the top. Once our contributions become Energy – they can be accessed only through Belief. Mother’s power is intuitive due to this Nuclear Energy. It was this Nuclear Energy that manifested in the form of Equal Opposition position in Sri Lankan parliament – for Tamils.  That did not happen due to gun power. It happened due to Tamil Administrators  continuing to consider Sri Lanka as their ‘home’ despite the challenges posed in the name of  Majority Rule which effectively is ‘animal rule’. Names of ancestors were invoked by both sides – which confirmed dependence in the past. The past to be of common value, has to be an invisible power – motivating from within. When activated to ‘show’ now – it confirms dependence. Likewise cultural powers of those who are currently not visible to us – like Indian leader Madam Indira Ghandi was to the Tamil militants and Muslim Political leaders in other countries could be to those in countries where Muslims are threatened.  One who believes in Global powers will receive the support during her/his time of need. Minorities seeking to realize Independence should never be directly influenced by powerful foreign leaders of their religion/culture. Once we take leadership as per those orders – which happened without or participation - we lose the power of Democracy. That was how militants dictated to elected leaders and to the very citizens who were victims of majority power in the hands of lower level thinkers.

To prevent another internal war in Sri Lanka, all Sri Lankans must commit themselves to preventing war based on old powers like the name of Buddha and/or majority power used against higher intellectual and spiritual powers.  

Ancestors whose name only is used to give form to current authority also become part of majority power, in the mind of such user. The two would not merge except at point zero – as in X and Y axes of the graph. This causes chaos and eventually disorder of the mind of the authority that abused the power. If we do all within our official power and submitted the rest to God – that would be the most likely outcome and true investors in Peace and Harmony would make the karmic connection.

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