Tuesday 6 June 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

06 June 2017

Australian First Name or Surname?

Naan Australian (my book) confirms that whatever I may seem to be to others, to my mind – I am Australian. Being true to myself,  I am able to identify with the Australian in others who may not be legally Australians. Thus, my true relativity through my Australian title is formed as per the Australian in me and not as per the official positions I hold nor who others say I am – for example Indian/Sri Lankan to the Australian Police. Naan Australian is the parallel of Vaddukoddai Resolution  - a Declaration of Belief.

Recently, in Northern Sri Lanka where we are going through identity crisis, on the way back from Jaffna Railway station to Thunaivi in Vaddukoddai where the first Political Declaration of Independence was made by Tamils I  made the sign of the Cross while passing Our Lady’s church close to my residence when I was  a student at Holy Family Convent. Later when I asked the driver to stop at our Vairavar-Kali temple in Thunaivi - Vaddukoddai  – the driver expressed surprise and said ‘Are you not Catholic? I noticed you praying when we passed the Church ? I paid my respects  also to Lord Buddha when we came past the Buddhist temple in Jaffna – but the Taxi driver whose name suggested that he may be Christian, seemed to have not noticed. I said to him in response to his above question  that I was Hindu who believed in Our Lady, the same way I believed in Amman.  In other words I was declaring that I was multi-religious in terms of  Democracy and higher Common thinker in terms of Autocracy.

As per ABC article ‘An Indigenous seventh state: a radical idea from a constitutional conservative’ : http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-06-03/an-indigenous-seventh-state-radical-and-constitutional/8585078
To Mansell, Indigenous people face a fundamental question — are they "Australian Aboriginals" or "Aboriginal Australians"?’

In my case the question would be ‘Am I Australian Tamil or Tamil Australian?
This question was raised by the then teenage son of an Australian migrant from Vaddukoddai – when he was facilitated to speak at a Saint Yoga Swami Guru Poojah, in Sydney. Likewise the question ‘Am I Tamil Sri Lankan or Sri Lankan Tamil?’ or ‘Am I Sinhalese Sri Lankan or Sri Lankan Sinhalese?’ could also be raised.  Likewise ‘Am I Australian Muslim or  Muslim Australian?
At the family level – Am I Gajalakshmi Paramasivam or Paramasivam Gajalakshmi. Ladies known to me especially from India’s Tamil Nadu, and Singapore Tamils – would say P.Gajalakshmi. This trend is now on the rise in Jaffna also, especially within Indigenous groups.  To make it more complex  do I call myself  daughter of Navaratnam or wife of Paramasivam or to be more accurate  second status wife of Paramasivam (due to my first marriage)?

On  23 May  when responding to our side argument – the opposition lawyer from Colombo stated yet again at the High Court of Jaffna – that this was my second marriage. During the primary hearing, the Tamil lawyer stated that I was not family. During the Appeal proceedings last month  – that lawyer kept stating that he wrote to the Bank etc – as if he was the brother of the Diseased – my husband’s brother. Under his influence our side Affidavit was set aside but the decision was withheld and  we were included as participants until the end.    But the Truth came out in that Court and I believe that happened due to my presence and deep participation at root cause / Energy level. The Tamil Colombo lawyer said to the Court that when he asked me as to why I needed the money – I had said ‘because she got the family  down to Australia and she wants this money as compensation’. 

This again is ‘Alternate Facts’.  As per the actual proceedings and recordings in the transcript – my response to that question was ‘This is Muthusum/Heritage. It has to be shared as per Thesawalamai (Customary Law of Tamils of Northern Sri Lanka).’ That would be respected by any law-abiding person belonging to that area.

Without that Affidavit that was set aside, and without knowing the details of the Defamation charges I brought in Australia, against the Australians who came to Australia due to my Ownership  Energy,  the Colombo lawyer would not have knowledge of my sponsorship of those Vaddukoddai Tamils – that at the time of sponsorship I considered them to be part of my  family.  More importantly, if he had not brought those details out expressly – he would have been personally affected due to unrighteous behaviour in Court. I do not know how the judges would rule. But my job in that Court is now over. Those who were sponsored by me on the basis that they were family – but conducted themselves to separate themselves – would weaken their own opportunities to enjoy Australian Multiculturalism but would live a life that is largely limited to Tamil as they know (largely through copying) it but without the blessings of Common Value that the architects of  Thesawalamai developed. They would tend to copy one side or the other as per the urges they are influenced by at that time. If at least one member of every migrant family from war torn countries of origin, set the records straight as per their feeling that they are Australians – Australia is safe from any Terrorism.

Law & Order in Jaffna has been strengthened due to my participation in the Court proceedings.

This is also the power of  Aborigines to whom the land that is their ‘home’ is now part of Australia – a bigger family home, which accommodates other cultures and hence has  wider common laws.  Like some Tamils in Northern Sri Lanka – who have little knowledge of other parts of Sri Lanka – and ladies who carry only their given name or their maiden name as surname - they would not recognize any other title. To the extent the net value of their contribution to the land is higher than that of later arrivals, they are entitled to self-governance on that land- even when the official government’s laws say otherwise. If that land is home to the latter also – there would be natural ‘privacy’ in respective areas and they would empower each other as common owners  – especially to keep out ‘foreigners’ to whom Australia is not home or is likely to be.

Such Indigenous Australians would, as per their own investment in the land, be entitled to identify themselves as  Australian Aborigines. As a Vaddukoddai Tamil by marriage – I carry the Tamil as surname in Vaddukoddai. But to the Common Sri Lankan with whom I have consciously or subconsciously shared deeper values – I am Sri Lankan. Likewise – in Australia – to those who see me from within their boundaries –I am Tamil. To others who have integrated or assimilated – I am Common Australian.

They say that there is a god within us. Each one us gives that god our own personal shape as per our Truth. Hence the global laws of privacy. This may include a Common Form as in family name – but not all of it would be common. Usually – the path through which we have our true experiences – shapes the form. Likewise, Nationality comes in all shapes and forms – some Common and others Unique. But true National will not damage another’s sovereignty. A true National will naturally invoke Natural powers to protect the Sovereignty of the whole.  One who does damage is not Sovereign and such a person’s actions are punishable by the victims as self-defence. The highest form of self-defence happens through  our own Ownership Energy which invokes the opposition forces in those to whom that place is ‘home’ even though they may ‘seem’ to be on the side of the opposition. Likewise, disorderly officials who lack ownership are in real terms ‘foreigners’ and hence would effectively work against the Government – even though they may not be conscious of it.

In the current challenge faced by Australians –especially White Australians, as per my Belief – the power of Muslims to whom Australia is Home will invoke such opposition within members of  IS. Likewise, if armed forces who are yet to practice Equal Opportunity laws and principles may turn the Natural Forces against Australians – especially if they attack someone to whom that place is ‘home’.    Armed power without this Common Belief – would be destructive.   

Young Tamils who defended their ‘home’ territory have been listed as ‘terrorists’ by Lankan authorities.  But to the extent those folks Defended their ‘Home’ – the karma is reversed and this was clearly demonstrated through the falls of the then Government in Sri Lanka. Likewise,  the then Australian Prime Minister Mr. Howard who failed to follow global laws common to him and the refugees or his own true experience with the relatives of such refugees to whom Australia had become Home by then.

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