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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

27 August  2020



Corona/King  killed Chinese Emperor?


The wise politician said “There are no permanent enemies, and no permanent friends, only permanent interests”. This applies to any governance power. India & China have been long term enemies. To be permanent they have to be unconnected through any relationship. Likewise, Tamils and Sinhalese of Sri Lanka.  They both have their own permanent interests.

This philosophy is highlighted by Indian Epic Mahabharatham, in which Lord Krishna urges Prince Arjuna to take his position as Opposition of his former Gurus and Family elders. To my mind this advice from Krishna meant that Arjuna’s permanent interests were his warrior skills in Archery and through such focus – Hands and  ‘Eyes’ become one. This confirms the mantra ‘Yatho Hasta Thatho Drishti/Where Hands (Hasta) are (artfully held)  the eyes (Drishti) come’

Who the Opposition is – is determined by Arjuna’s eldest brother Dharmar who personifies the Righteous Mind. ‘ Yatho Drishti thatho Manah/Where the eyes are focused the mind comes’. Through the consolidation, the Attitude is born – ‘Yatho Manah thatho Bhaava’. With the consolidated attitude one has the Experience – ‘Yatho Bhaava thatho Rasa’

That experience of the Consolidated outcome is the permanent interest that empowers all concerned.

With this in mind, let us look at the ABC report in relation to Australia-China Coronavirus politics:

[Wang Xining, the deputy head of mission at China's embassy in Australia, gave a rare address at the National Press Club in Canberra, where he said Australia's focus on determining the origins of the virus had damaged international relations.

"It hurts the feelings of the Chinese people," he said.

"All of a sudden, they heard this shocking news of a proposal coming from Australia, which is supposed to be a good friend of China."]

The relationship between Australia and China is based on Trade. At government level, we are not bound by the same rules of politics. If we were – our savings or profits respectively would lead to a senior-junior relationship. That was how China became Sri Lanka’s big brother due to  ‘Buddhism foremost’ structure.


China ranks highest through its  Buddhist population of 244 million. Sri Lanka ranks 5th through its  Buddhist population of 14 million. In the eyes of the surface reader there is natural seniority through numbers – as in majority wins theory.  Even if all Australians practised Buddhism we would be only 10% of their Buddhist power and therefore nine tenths short of being Equal by numbers.


In terms of Christianity – USA ranks highest with 230 million. Australia ranks 39th with 12 million. Since majority  makes us  look good in the number game it is natural that Australia would align with USA and Sri Lanka with China.


Until we know further, China is being held as the leader in Coronavirus-cause. The prayer that was invoked in our Parliament was Christian prayer. That was belief based and it worked for us more than any Chinese belief seems to have protected  the Chinese. American President did not say such prayers. Hence one is entitled to conclude that Americans were not protected through the intervention of their government.


As per the above report, the representative of China’s government stated that ‘while the virus was first recorded in Wuhan, it might not have come from there’.


Until we know otherwise – we have to take it that it originated in China. Each nation will conclude as per its own experience with China.


As for friendship – the example in Mahabharatham is that between Thuriyothanan – the majority leader and Karnan - the illegitimate eldest brother of the minorities in Opposition. It looks like the friendship between Tamil rebel leaders (illegitimate children of Tamil Politics) and the government of majority. But in substance it is a weak shadow of the friendship Karnan and Thuriyothanan had. Due to that friendship – Karnan fights against his own biological brothers and gets killed by them. If China had shielded any illegitimate part of Australia – that would have confirmed true friendship.


The representative of China’s government uses the example of Brutus, reported as follows:

[In describing Australia's action, Wang quoted the play "Julius Caesar" from a scene in which the dictator realizes that his friend Marcus Junius Brutus is among the assassins who are about to knife him.

"It is approximately identical to Julius Caesar in his final day when he saw Brutus approaching him: Et tu, Brute?," Wang said, using a Latin phrase meaning "And you, Brutus?" The World Health Assembly, the governing structure of the World Health Organization, has since endorsed a global investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 outbreak. Wang said that probe had an "entirely different origin" from the Australian proposal.]


Brutus turned against Caesar and joined Caesar’s opposition led by Pompey in the civil war. But Caesar later accepted him – like how Karuna Amman – the Deputy LTTE leader was accepted by Emperor Rajapaksa in Sri Lanka. Brutus confirmed that his permanent interest was with whoever had leadership status. This should not be confused with the type of friendship that Karnan was committed to.


The above is effectively confession  that this Coronavirus has killed  Emperor China who was using money to buy rights.

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