Monday 23 March 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

23 March  2020

Yoga the way to Positive Self-Isolation

The Sunday Times (Sri Lanka) political editor has written under the heading  People want to know what’s going on; public focus on corona scare not elections’

If this – that people are more concerned about corona than about elections - were true then the lack of intuition by Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa is confirmed. Aljazeera reported on 03 March:

[President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, who was elected in November, made use of his constitutional powers to dissolve parliament and called for elections on April 25.]

In Democracy the power of the People is the power of the leader. The above confirms that on  03 March (2 days after I left Sri Lanka), President Gotabaya Rajalaksa did not have intuition that Corona was a threat – even though by then incoming passengers were being asked to fill out forms in relation to the virus. This lack of ‘insight’ is confirmed by the following Wikipedia report:

[Sri Lankan government initially insisted that scheduled forthcoming the election would proceed as planned on 25 April despite the coronavirus pandemic in the country, and the authorities banned election rallies and meetings. During the video conference with SAARC leaders, Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa initially confirmed that the parliamentary elections would be held as scheduled.]

As per Article 3 of the  Constitution of Sri Lanka:

[In the Republic of Sri Lanka sovereignty is in the People and is inalienable. Sovereignty includes the powers of government, fundamental rights and the franchise.]

As per the above, if the People believed in March that they needed to focus on the Corona problem than on the elections, then the President failed to pick that up. If the People also did not feel so, then the President had the duty to intellectually mind-merge with other leaders of countries affected and how they were overcoming the problem.

Sri Lanka’s successful management is due to the Health professionals and the belief that the People have in such professionals. But the political editor fails to identify with this but credits as follows, the President who has strong subjective influence over the Armed Forces:

[Give or take a few flaws, the emergency measures put into place by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa are highly laudable. One is the deployment of the troops who played a remarkable role in helping set up detention centres and moving persons for quarantine. The other is identifying those persons who had mingled with those who tested positive for coronavirus. Also playing a relentless role were doctors and medical staff. Of course, there are critics of the government, particularly in the two feuding factions within the United National Party (UNP). They blamed the government for mishandling the issue. One of the major complaints was that the government should have foreseen the influx of passengers particularly from Italy. That was nothing less than a joke. ]

Armed forces were essential for the Government headed by Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa who lacked belief in Common Sri Lanka nor the skills to learn from those who have successfully managed multiculturalism. This resulted in thousands of deaths and demoralised many more. In 2017, I wrote:

[‘Sinhala Only’ and ‘Buddhism Foremost’ were used to empower through law, in addition to majority power – the closest manifestation of Absolute power of Belief. The Law of Truth is the law of Sovereignty. As per this law,  where one side is a member of majority at that place,  to uphold the Sovereignty of the whole, the minority needs to be facilitated to use the law first. Minority in the current environment, who are themselves driven by majority force in their own home-environments of the past, and/or outside that current environment, would fail to prepare themselves to manifest through the law. Hence when they fail despite the facility to intellectually balance themselves to the level of the other side to ensure they have a zero advantage/disadvantage at the start, there is separation due to Natural Forces. Minorities who continue to fight intellectually are the real Opposition. Majority who block that pathway are Traitors to Sovereignty.
Every place where one realises and/or practices Independence is the home of Sovereignty itself.  We need laws and official endorsements for others to beware – so as not to hurt themselves by lessening the value of such persons. Such Independent persons have the support of Natural Forces in returning the karma from wrongdoing. Hence the system of respecting such elders who are taken as being more independent than juniors, until known otherwise.
To my mind, where our base is strong, we would use the law that flows from that Truth as  causal Energy  and would belong in Management. Where our belief in the base is weak, we would tend to be driven by outcomes/effects and hence belong in the group being ‘Managed’ by the above group driven by causal forces. When the two forces are equal at that place within a particular period, that group becomes self-managing Sovereign group. To my mind therefore, it is understandable that Tamils of Sri Lanka, with such a strong management force within themselves,  would reject  laws that they did not identify with as being measures through which their / our contribution to the Land is confirmed . If such laws were accepted that would dilute the Sovereign value of Tamils as a community and therefore the Sovereign value of any country or region that this land is taken to be a part of. ] Miracles of Belief by Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
Around the time that President Gotabaya Rajapaksa announced the election date, I invoked my Australian ownership through article headed ‘MOTHER GAYATHRI  - GODDESS OF WELLBEING’.

The above article was to diffuse the negative Energies that politicians had added to the Parliament that had the effect of learning from others. Some indicators were:

[“I was thinking yesterday, as the member for Rankin, [came] into the chamber fresh from his Ashram deep in the mountains of the Himalayas … barefoot into the chamber, robes flowing, incense burning, beads in one hand, wellbeing budget in the other, I thought to myself: ‘[what] yoga position the member for Rankin would assume … to deliver the first wellbeing budget?’”
The treasurer went on to name a series of yoga poses.
Video footage of the Question Time antics shows Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Nationals leader Michael McCormack and other senior Coalition figures laughing during Mr Frydenberg’s tirade]

Now weeks later – the above group has to find ways of instilling the value of ‘Meditation’ and Yoga in Australians – through abstinence. Those who protested offset the exponential spread. As I said to those who expressed concerns indicated by the self-disciplinary measures suggested by the Government  we have been in social isolation since late 1998 – when my belief in Commonness was expressed at the topmost level (Prime Minister’s level)  to offset the subconscious racial discrimination habit by fellow Australians.  Now I empower the government because I am self-governing through meditation in isolation.

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