Saturday 7 March 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

07 March  2020


Taken that we recognize Time and Space as agents of change in form, if we freeze one and move through the other, we would reach the origin which is also the targeted  destination. Indigenous folks, travel through time. Hence the dreamtime realities.  

In any indigenous group – including many villages in Sri Lanka untouched by ‘secular law’, the laws applicable are strongly based on faith in their ancestors. This feeling of ownership in land is essential for true governance through democracy. Voters who connect to the leader through such faith of common living in land space known as the Electorate connect to the whole electorate. When that leader connects to the Parliament through its institutional values – s/he connects to the whole nation that the Parliament is led by.
The Judiciary on the other hand, connects to the origins of the Judiciary. In Sri Lanka, where English Law and Roman Dutch Law are the bases of Secular Law – the minds of the Judiciary would connect to our Colonial ancestors.

A current outcome / matter / judgment needs to be then escalated on the basis of that true belief  – along the time pathway  to deliver outcomes/judgements that confirm connection to the original discoverers. These are often embedded in  Due Processes. As per my observation, India’s  Tamil Nadu’s system of education – includes high level of rote learning. But Tamil students are also connected through Common Hindu faith to Tamil Mathematicians like Srinivasa Ramanujan and Scientists such as Professor Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar. Like voters, they connect to the higher institution that such leaders were/are part of. It is for this reason that religious freedom is preserved to prevent conversion.

Rina Chandran of  Thomson Reuters Foundation, has reported as follows, about the folks of Keppapilavu in Sri Lanka, under the heading ‘Sri Lankan Tamil women fight for land a decade after war ends’:

[In Sri Lanka's embattled north and the east, Tamils - an ethnic minority - were uprooted several times during and after the decades-long conflict by both the separatist forces of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and the Sri Lankan army.]
Here, the causal forces include Tamil Tigers and therefore the Tamil Community. A Sinhalese would not be able to connect to the Tamil origin through faith and v.v. Tamils of North are strongly influenced by the law of Thesawalamai while the Sinhalese soldier occupying that land would be strongly influenced by Kandyan law. Neither is likely to believe in the Secular Law. Yet if it were to go to Courts – the Judicial mind is likely to be strongly influenced by the Secular law in the consciousness of global observers.

White Australians also occupied land that Indigenous Australians believed was theirs by Prescription. Ultimately belief based ownership must prevail. If this is blocked by the Government – then Sri Lanka is likely to become more and more disorderly – especially if Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa of Hambantota is elected by Kurunegala voters.

These ladies hold the balance of power through their belief. How it works is up to the system of Nature which did deliver victory to Tamil Politicians in 1977. The deeper this ownership pain – the higher the outcome that the faith would produce.

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