Tuesday 22 October 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

22 October  2019

On 19 October , I wrote under the heading ‘WHO OWNS THE WAR?’ . Today – the response came out of the woodwork – through Island Editor’s article headed -  Who won the war?’

The Island Editor is not likely to have read my article. But Truth did. Hence the editor’s truth surfaced.

The opening statement goes as follows:
[It is said that victory has a thousand fathers and defeat is an orphan. ]

Given that my mind says John F Kennedy said it – I ask the question  - When did John F Kennedy become ‘It’ ? Only ‘it’ would produce ‘it’.  The above becomes hearsay due to being separated from the owner.

The next expression  that attracted my attention was :
[Who really won the war? Was it Fonseka or the Rajapaksas or Karannagoda or the war-time Air Force Commander Roshan Goonathilake? ]

LTTE East  weakened LTTE North. Without Karuna the mind of LTTE North would have been out of approachable range by all of the above and more . Rajapaksas cheated . Only insiders know the mind of other insiders. To the extent LTTE was a foreign force to the Sri Lankan Government – it did not have the insight into LTTE psyche. But once they had Karuna’s sight – they realized that the LTTE was like themselves. That is how Divide and Rule system works.

But then to forget Karuna’s role and claim victory meant that they could not maintain that higher status over militants. Hence the Easter Bombings which brought shame to Sri Lankan ‘Intelligence’. Truth alone would sustain long term - the intelligence that eliminated the other side.

The UNP for its part seems to be forgetting the contribution by Tamils – not just political leaders but all Tamils who contributed through their Belief in Lawful governance. That is the positive version  of the submission by Karuna who assimilated. Ours was integration and would be healthy for the mind of any government which carries us  as part of its consciousness. Politicians need to identify with that to accept a law based workable solution to the ethnic problem.

‘Tamil only’ Tamils  need to withdraw to their own areas and likewise ‘Sinhala only’ Sinhalese. It’s withdrawal that we fought for and are continuing to fight for. One who desires ‘wins’  will interpret it as ‘war’. This will perpetuate the war-mode in Sri Lanka and like John F Kennedy the Tamil mind also would become ‘It’ to the Sinhalese.  

The Island editor concludes as follows:

[Fonseka should be asked whether he, as the Defence Minister of a future government, led by a group of opponents of war advocating appeasement, would be able to fight a war in case of terrorism re-emerging. The Rajapaksas need to be asked whether they would be equal to the task of countering terrorism again without military commanders of Fonseka’s calibre.]

This Tamil mind responds  as follows:

The Island Editor needs to ask himself whether he is Sri Lankan or Sinhalese only. When the common law fails – Truth alone can save us from killing each other to possess inanimate land – as if it has no Energy to protect Itself through the Truth manifested by all those to whom Sri Lanka was / is ‘Home’ as per their own conscience.

In a family, there are no wins and losses. Just disciplinary actions to become one minded – so our energies work for each other continuously and subconsciously. A nation is an extended  version of that family.

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