Monday 21 October 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

21 October  2019


Last night I said during a discussion with my husband – that I had written to the reporter who exposed the plagiarism scandal at the University of New Castle – that he had plagiarized my work. My husband said ‘if he did not read your work how can it be plagiarism?’

A deep researcher  would appreciate that plagiarism, like racism and could be subconscious. They are influenced by our genes. In the above instance, since I had been publishing my work by writing to the Universities concerned, the Government and the Media – about my discoveries at the University of NSW – and continued to take legal action despite being marked wrong – it was the duty of the official media to have taken note. Those in official media have the ‘freedom’ of expression because they are required to publish the truth.

As per the laws of Nature – Truth connects to truth. Hence even if we do not know the reader of our reports – to the extent our report is true – and it covers a certain issue – plagiarism in this instance – the Energy of our report would be received by a true seeker. As I explained to my husband, to my mind, it is like the ‘posting rule’ in law of contract –whereby an acceptance is taken to have happened when it is posted / mailed – even if it has not reached the other side. It is a belief based communication. Once we believe – the system of truth /dharma is responsible to carry it and manifest it at the appropriate level. Mine eventually happened through my book Naan Australian going to the National Library of Australia without any particular intervention on my part. That is equivalent of all true Australians reading my work.

The other example I highlighted to my husband who knows the ‘internal steps’ is my book ‘Jaffna is my Muthusum/ heritage and not dowry’. Through those experiences – I merged my global values with Jaffna and hence now that the Northern airport is being named Jaffna International Airport – I believe that the system of Dharma has done Its duty to this contributor. I recognized the blessings of  Jaffna – and therefore  Nallur Murugan – when I received the call from the publishers while I was praying at Nallur Murugan temple. Those are the indicators that believers identify with. Its external expression is the majority vote. One who believes has 100% approval of all genuine voters.
Laws bring our minds under one order of thought structure. Stated the other way around, those who are of similar thought structure – become the law. Hence subjective power.

This morning’s news from SBS confirmed the above power of the mind:

[Why Australia's media front pages are blacked out today
Australia's major media organisations have come together to fight for increased press freedom and whistleblower protection.
Updated Updated 1 hour ago
By Maani Truu, Biwa Kwan
Australia's major media organisations blacked out their newspaper front pages and websites on Monday in a coordinated push for legislative change to protect press freedom and force the government to increase transparency.
According to the organisations - which include SBS, the ABC, Nine, News Corp Australia and The Guardian - a slew of laws introduced over the past 20 years have hindered the media's capacity to act as the fourth estate and hold the government and other powerful figures to account. ]

To my mind, it was my intuition that picked up the above last night itself. Every member has this intuitive power through investment above the level of their derived benefits. They are feelers like mothers. The requirement is to continue to stay within that group and continuing to practice one’s truth.

This applies in government as well. Yesterday’s Sunday Observer editorial ‘Definition of a ‘war hero’ for example includes the following:

[In most peoples’ minds, a war hero is an individual who has performed an act of heroism or valour in a theatre of conflict. An individual who wears the uniform of the armed forces or Police does not automatically qualify to become a ‘war hero’, particularly if they have committed an offence that is illegal or criminal in nature. On the contrary, they should never be hailed as ‘war heroes’.]

The question then arises as to whether the Sunday Observer would list at least one LTTE member as a war hero? Did they seek and find or did not find such a parallel in LTTE who are accused as Terrorists by the Sinhalese community of which Mr Rajapaksa is a permanent member.

Like the Australian press - the LTTE also fought for ‘freedom’ to express their skills. Without them – the Rajapaksa Government would have had very little to gloat about. When they are ‘forgotten’ except for that purpose of opposition – it leads to mental imbalance – as was demonstrated by Mr Sirisena last year and is being strongly indicated by  Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa in relation to war activities.  Benefits from one system and costs in another system lead to imbalance of the mind.
At reader/voter level – those of us who complete the other side as per our own truth – become the law – even if it is to judge ourselves by ourselves. Truth is the basis of reliable law. If Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa truly believes that  the imprisoned soldiers were ‘heroes’ – then he would facilitate LTTE supporters also to celebrate their war-heroes – not as per the law but as per the truth. That way  there would be a true opposing force to defend and protect the privacy of our culture. Otherwise, under the claim of ‘Unitary State’ which is would be interpreted as Sinhalese leadership – minority cultures would be invaded by the government of majority – by the majority for the majority. Minorities who intellectually oppose this – would promote themselves to become global. That is how Dharma balances our system.

In terms of the Australian Media – its authority  to publish the truth is limited to its own experience of truth. When whistle-blowers are punished by the government – unlawfully – it would be the media’s business to expose that – within the regulated pathway of journalism. If it hurts and damages the government’s investment in its own area – as per its own culture – the media effectively has invaded. Freedom of the Press ought not to effectively become invasion of Government’s privacy.
Likewise in Sri Lanka – the freedom of politicians should not become invasion of the Judiciary.

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