Monday 8 July 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

08 July  2019

Buddhist Isolation?

Even if you are a minority of one, the Truth is the Truth.” – so said Mahatma Gandhi. When we live in truth natural forces unite us with others who also live by their truth. The forms may be different but the experience is One. True experience when shared empowers exponentially. That is the value of Governance. As per Al Jazeera report headed ‘Sri Lanka on alert as Buddhist monks meet over presidential vote’:
[Police lined up on the streets of the Sri Lankan highland city of Kandy and the army was on standby, as hardline Buddhist monks gathered for their first big assembly since a spate of deadly bombings targeting churches and hotels on Easter Sunday.
Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara, the influential head of the Buddhist nationalist group Bodu Bala Sena (BBS), has called for as many as 10,000 clergymen from across the country to attend the meeting on Sunday.]
Unless Buddhists feel they contributed to this problem – they do not have democratic rights to participate in the solution. The problem Easter problem was apparently between Muslims and Christians at the cultural level. Neither group has sought the involvement of Buddhists as successful practitioners of their own order. The constitutional provisions have also separated Buddhists from non-Buddhists.  The Easter problem confirms this separation which has also been given form by government as being between Muslims and Christians. Both groups being part of minority  will manifest their own habits in a ‘free and natural’ environment. The government strongly influenced by Buddhist monks are foreigners to these minority groups.
As per the above report Buddhist monk Gnanasara is reported to have stated:
["Today, the Sinhala ethnicity, which has developed this country historically, has become very weak ... There is no leader who holds responsibility for Sinhalese". 
"We will only turn back after creating a leader to the country and getting the power to Sinhalese. Trust us" ]
The above is denial of  ownership by non-Sinhalese. But as per Gandhi’s discovery – even One person can have her/ his nation within the country called Sri Lanka. That is what prescriptive rights are about. The land through which that person realises such nationhood is hers/his by belief. As per the law of prescription – possession needs to be adverse, overt  and uninterrupted. In other words, these confirm belief based ownership. This is possible where the lawful owners neglect the property / position. Likewise when the lawfully elected government  neglects parts of the country – and an individual or group develops self-governance, such ownership becomes more valid than the ownership by law. When it happens through religion – then that governance is more valid than government by letter of law.
A citizen who practices the law more than the government  at a particular area – is entitled to use the government as a ‘facility’. Hence the ‘user pays’ system.
I believe that the Police facilities in Vaddukoddai area are such facilities in my case. When the minds of officers merge with such self-governing persons – their level of ownership is also escalated. Likewise when the government accepts such personal development of nationhood – the standard of government is elevated. But where there is law on the side of one group – such as Buddhist monks in this instance – and believe on the side of the other – the latter has the responsibility to demonstrate adverse possession – i.e. – opposite pathway to the lawfully endorsed Buddhist group. True rebellion happens through such adverse possession of the citizens’ pathway.
In Sri Lanka – politics is strongly linked to religion instead of land. To be also democratic there needs to be clear separation of powers between religious groups. The Easter bombings are the concerns of Muslims and Christians and not Buddhists who officially isolated themselves in 1972 through Buddhism Foremost provision in the Constitution. Any breach of the constitution that hurts a believer – albeit through a different pathway – would bring about exponential damage to the official government. Greater official empowerment of a Buddhist leader would only strengthen this return karma. I have witnessed this here in Australia, through my own belief based actions which returned exponentially when I was separated from the main group. The success of immigration  is strongly linked to Equal Opportunity to prevent such exponential adverse returns through the system of Truth.
Buddhists as Opposition of other religions have the duty to complete their ‘packaging’ and find leaders of ‘Buddhists Only’. They lack jurisdiction over non-Buddhists. The alternate is to join at Process level – as stipulated by the law. Then the Common Law elects the leader who would have jurisdiction over all citizens.

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