Tuesday 29 January 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

29 January 2019

Government of Buddhist-Sinhalese by the Buddhist Sinhalese for the Buddhist-Sinhalese

Yesterday I received the report that Mr K.Arunthavabalan had resigned from ITAK and therefore the TNA:
[K.Arunthavabalan, an ardent member of ITAK, the main component of TNA, has now distanced himself both from ITAK and TNA, as it has abandoned the principles enunciated by Thantai Chelva when ITAK was formed.
Although they stood for elections in 2013 and 2015 under the ITAK symbol, 'House' and set out the manifesto on the aspiration of the Tamils, they abandoned those principles set out in the manifesto, the moment the election was over.
Justice C.V Wigneswaran, noticed the change in policy of TNA by August 2015 SL general elections and advised the Tamil voters to get out of the 'House' and vote for those candidates who are trustworthy.
However, the voters' trust on the 'House was so great that they still voted for the 'House'.
Belatedly they regret their to trust on TNA's promises in the manifesto. They are particularly angry with Sampanthan and Sumanthiran for leaning towards the Sinhalese partys' schemes.
Sumanthiran was trying to get Wigneswaran sacked from the CM's post, but the people's response was so strong, that they had to withdraw from their intentions.

I said last morning to someone whose children’s education in a private school in Sri Lanka is resourced by us – that  he and his wife, lacked the founding experience to project the future of their children at that consolidated level. Our minds need to be included for such a reliable base. This happens when the beneficiaries  are grateful and/or demonstrate respect. The pattern observed by me in Northern Sri Lanka is that many  want our money but not our mind. This was observed and expressed also by other professionals serving in Northern Sri Lanka. This I believe was also the case with politicians who wanted the votes but not the mind of the voter. Politicians who expect money returns or pay money bribes – contribute strongly to this kind of weak structuring. Every bit of self-sacrifice by us for the purpose we are most in need of and/or are conscious of at the time of sacrifice,  brings us the outcomes needed by us. That was how Gandhi’s self-sacrifice had exponential value for the whole of India.

 To me, Mr Wigneswaran, leave alone Mr Arunthavanbalan lacks the Political wisdom to project into the political future of Tamils unless he includes mature minds already in politics. Yesterday, Mr Yogendra – the lawyer who represented our opposition (relations) in a testamentary case apologized to us after my husband said Mr Yogendra had erred in insulting our marriage in court and claimed that our children were not part of the family. Mr Yogendra said that he had said as he did – in the heat of the moment. If Mr Yogendra had not stated as he did – he probably would not have won the case in the highly disorderly District Court of Mallakam in Northern Sri Lanka. For our part – the case surfaced the Truth that our relatives whom we invested in were driven by the benefits that would come from us and not the love nor family commonness.

Had we not escalated our investment in law and order through this testamentary case, the ‘show’ of family would have continued. We based the escalation on our consolidated truth in respecting our family elders. In this instance for my husband it was largely his father and the deceased brother. When I, as a witness, stated in Mallakam District Court – that my husband was very appreciative that his brother (the deceased) resourced him for one year to complete his university  education when their father died – the judge Mr Gajanithibalan stated that my husband could not look after himself – so how could he claim eligibility to Administer? I was shocked that this judge could not see that the point being made was that both brothers had followed in the way of Thesawalamai – and that between the married sister and my husband – my husband was the one with higher entitlement as per the law of Thesawalamai. The judge dismissed our objections and awarded that no Administration was needed. This was upheld by Judge Elancheliyan at the Jaffna Civil Appellate Court. But when I sought to collect my husband’s certificate of Heirship – I learnt that the Registrar of Mallakam District Court was behaving as if the Court had the authority to Administer!!!!! I doubt that the judge and the registrar who hold responsible positions in the Community - had Thanthai Chelva’s mind as their base – any more than my apparent heirs at Air Lanka carried me or Singapore Airlines,  into Sri Lankan Airlines. Mr Wigneswaran would, by his mere presence in court environment – add his Energy to other legal professionals. His judicial energy would not manifest in political environment unless the latter is very orderly. Mr Wigneswaran’s relationship with Politics is like a wise old gentleman marrying a physically attractive young lady. The risk is that they may produce children / heirs who look like Thanthai Chelva but with the unattractive brains of the good looking partner! / business voter.

Whether we like it or not – we are the heirs of our yesterday’s elders grooming OUR heirs of tomorrow. The way politics has become unreliable to some politicians – the Judiciary is also unreliable to us citizens. Yet, we have to do our best to maintain the system that supported us. That is the base that would render reliable projections. Any grander projection  than that would lead to cheating.

Mr Wigneswaran who himself would have experienced unjust discrimination to rise to the status he did – as Judge of the Supreme Court – carries that ‘gap’ between his true entitlement and the received entitlement as - Energy. The blessing of being minority is this opportunity to develop that sacred power. Someone  said recently – the usual – that we Tamils have been asking for years and years – but we have not received anything. Like in the testamentary case above – I identify with our success – a small minority becoming Equal half of Sri Lankan government. This happened through the Truth that  the Government of Buddhist-Sinhalese by the Buddhist Sinhalese for tomorrow’s Buddhist-Sinhalese  lost that position to Tamils all by themselves. That is a realist projection that happened in my lifetime twice.

This risk producing old looking intellectually weak children -  is now with Tamil Politicians  also – because they are copying instead of independently producing their own wise outcomes. Some Tamils as well as Sinhalese -  copy Westerners while chanting Tamil Only or Sinhala only mantra.

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