Tuesday 2 October 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

02 October 2018

Japanese follow the Chinese in Sri Lanka

Today is Gandhi’s birth anniversary. The more we seek through  Truth,  the more universal / global we become. Where our systems/pathways  are different – adherence to Truth liberates us at root level, from our dependency. The more we identify through Truth the less significant our outer differences become. One such sharing, in relation to my sharing ‘LTTE  Attack from Chennai – True or False?’  was confirmed  to me this morning:

[The allegations that LTTE would be bombing Colombo by flying from Chennai are totally false.
The LTTE was not trained in Tamil Nadu.
Prabhakaran did take money from Rajapakse to prevent the Tamil voters in areas under LTTE control to go and vote.  If they had gone they would have voted  for Ranil Wickramsinghe and history would have been different!]

The only difference in expressions of ‘facts’ was about where LTTE were trained. It’s a difference that stems from the level at which we know details. The above reader knew more ‘factual’ details about the training, as General Fonseka knew about the Government’s positioning in May 2009. My knowledge of the LTTE Training in India is the parallel of Mr Sirisena’s knowledge of that positioning. We were there but did not have knowledge of the full picture due to our lack of interest in that issue at that time. But the way we expressed our knowledge differed vastly, due to the purpose for which we express. Mr Sirisena was ‘telling’ and I have been ‘sharing’.

Using the principles of English at primary level currently being taught in Sri Lanka – to Mr Sirisena the LTTE  is Present Perfect. To me they are Simple Past. They had to happen and they happened.

Similarly, the Armed forces are to the Tamil Diaspora Present Perfect. To the Local voters including Tamil voters they are Past Perfect. When you ‘see’ something as a ‘substance’ / finished product, there is no current relationship. As Saint Yoga Swami said ‘Eppovoh Mudintha Kaariyam’ / It was completed long ago. Saint Yoga Swami was a storekeeper in Ceylon Public Service. When Yoga Swami made up his mind to ‘seek’ within – as directed by his Guru Chellappah Swami – the store-keep became finished product of the past / history / matter. When we know and identify with the make up of that finished product – we bring only the network – as per the depth of work we do to research and know the makeup. If on the other hand, we use the product – without paying our dues – we dismantle the whole and bring disorder into our mind by using parts of it that we find attractive. One who makes works the system. Others may observe and give their Energy that form but not use it outside the environment in which their Energy was developed. When used outside those boundaries – it leads to loss of Sovereignty. It is to prevent this that we have Separation of Powers and promote Diversity.

This loss / deterioration of Sovereign power has now led to ‘foreigners’ taking over Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan issue.

[Japan has long provided low-interest loans and aid to Sri Lanka, helping it transform Colombo into a major trans-shipment port tapping the artery of global trade just south of the island that links Europe and the Middle East with Asia.
Beijing has, however, emerged as a powerful rival across South Asia and beyond as it implements its Belt and Road infrastructure initiative.
Both China and Japan are also flexing their military muscles further from home. China’s navy is increasingly venturing beyond the Western Pacific and into the Indian Ocean as it targets a world-class blue water fleet by 2050, while Japan’s military diplomacy is flourishing under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
“Japan’s government is promoting a free and open Indo-Pacific and this deployment in the Asia Pacific is a component of that strategy,” Rear Admiral Tatsuya Fukuda, the commander of the Kaga and its destroyer escort, said in his cabin as the carrier steamed for Colombo through the Indian Ocean.
“Maritime security and stability is of critical importance” to an island nation like Japan, he added.] – Reuters article headed ‘As Chinese influence grows, Japanese warship visits Sri Lanka
Reading the article – I thought about Prima (Ceylon) Ltd – where I was Chief Accountant before joining Airlanka. Prima project was begun by Singaporeans of Indonesian-Chinese origin. But the infrastructure expertise in the Trincomalee project came from Japan’s Mitsui. The Hambantota port project is generally recognized as Chinese owned by ordinary Sri Lankans. Would the two governments combine their intelligence as they did in Prima project – to lead the regional war that is developing in Sri Lanka? Had there been true ownership of the war – at the causal level – one would not have needed hindsight. Now, even after the outcomes are known – if the war is not ‘finished/completed’ the Energies would attract other players – as if the relationships are ‘open’ and currently  flowing. We deal with prior-period items separately in finalising the Profit & Loss Accounts for current period. In cash accounting there is no such closure and hence the relationship continues like a program. Where the war alienated one side by  the other – that confirms weak relationship and therefore lack of ownership. This divides and scatters the whole. In a program one should not show outcomes. The higher value is the relationship between service-providers and beneficiaries. Once outcomes are used – there has to be separation of powers to confirm diversity of the various sovereign units, to prevent takeovers by outsiders.

If we takeover internally – we get taken-over by external forces.

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