Saturday 11 August 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

11 August 2018

Is God/Sovereignty Good For Us?

Yesterday, I responded to Dr. Dayan Jayatilleke’s article ‘Devananda’s Dissent & The Country That Never Was’. Today, I noted the rebuttal dated 05 July by Dr Dayan under the heading ‘Response To The NGO ‘Civil Society’ Petition Submitted To The High Posts Committee’ published by Colombo Telegraph. To me this is an example of ‘Knock and It shall open’ .
Yesterday the Australian  ABC’s ‘The Drum’ program discussed ‘the importance of faith for our moral compass’. The discussion was around Greg Sheridan’s book  ‘ God is good for you’. To me the clear response from within was YES. The main difference between the author’s concept as presented yesterday and mine is that one was external and the other internal. When we are in stage one – we have to ‘Ask’ and it will be given to us. To me at that stage god is external to that mind. Likewise Sovereignty / Self Governance.
After much discussion, I identified with the sovereignty of a Tamil Diaspora leader through the following:
[I accept the Sinhalese people as a Nation and their religion and identity ; But the island does not belong to just them.
Their greediness to control everything brought only disaster to the Country.
 They destroyed the togetherness trying to create a SRI lanka for them.
 So till anyone try to identify themselves in these words.
 I will go on saying it.
 this is not enforcing ;  identifying as a SRI LANKAN is being and supporting STATE VIOLENCE AGAINST TAMILS.]

The latest discussion above was around my article on Dr Dayan Jayatilleke. The above Tamil did not accept that I could be Sri Lankan and Tamil at the same time. These are the impediments we face as a community, in our common journey towards realizing our natural Sovereignty within. To my mind, we had the blessings of Sovereignty / Truth – through such honest sharing and hence I found today’s print of Dr Dayan’s response – dated more than a month ago.

During the discussion - I shared with that Diaspora group my own experience in realising Sovereignty:
[The LTTE guys I worked with – were highly respectful of me. I did not interfere with their combat work and they did not interfere with my Common Administrative work. But because my work was of global standards – I believe that contributed towards elevation of their contribution also. Amongst them there would have been abusers. But – I did not work with them. That is the way of Truth. I took it as my belief in Yoga Swami structuring it for me. My belief is my God. My Belief takes the form of Sri Lanka, Australia, Jaffna, Vaddukoddai my family, my education and most of all my Sovereignty as an individual. I identified with gender based discrimination within LTTE leadership and expressed it. It was not opposed. I identify that with you also. ]
Had I not realized Sovereignty as a Sri Lankan I would not have written the above. I would have feared reprisals whenever I was in Sri Lanka. Had I not realized Sovereignty as Australian, I would not have shared my work with the Australian Government – including the Prime Minister of whom also I am critical from time to time. Belief to my mind is an Energy stored within ourselves. From time to time we give it specific form to enjoy our Sovereignty. When we are true to that Energy – it invokes itself through its network. Dr. Dayan may not have read my article. But he did once respond to me when I wrote about him – as per my insight. It was that intuition that guided me not to interfere with the work of LTTE who took a  different path / religion to mine. Likewise with Sinhalese, to the extent they are Sri Lankans. Where there is no commonness – we are not relatives. Hence we need to observe and not relate and ‘judge’. When we judge prematurely – we stagnate and fail to realise the goal of Sovereignty.
One of the panel members directed us to – the Sri Lankan Tamil parallel of ABC’s Drum. The external participants were politician Mr Gajen Ponnambalam  and Mr Moulana. The discussion was about the involvement of foreign governments – India, China and Israel - in particular. That aspect was truly ‘foreign’ to me and to Tamils with whom I interact regularly – from here and when in Sri Lanka. It certainly did not confirm the pathway of majority Tamils or Muslims respectively.
I strongly believe that the way forward to strengthen the feeling of Sovereignty in Tamils is through institutional structures and activities – that the ordinary person is familiar with. Politicians may need knowledge about the workings of the Governments at that level. That may lead to them realizing Sovereignty. But what about the ordinary citizen to whom such talks are mere social events – where they are ‘told’ from above – how clever their politicians are. THAT discredits the claim of bottom up rebellion.
The French Tamil who also knows more ‘history’ than I stated when I declared that I was an intellectual :
French Tamil : I think that calling yourself an intellectual does not bring you to the top, others should say you are an intellectual not you yourself

Gaja : Under Self-Governance – we declare ourselves. I take it that you are confirming that you are NOT self-governing
That is how the mirror of Truth works.

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