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 On 07 October 2023, I shared my insight as follows:


‘I believe in the system of karma and in rebirth, as a consequence of my karma. But, I do not have any right to make laws and policies on the basis of my personal karma to bind my juniors, including my children. As per my search, the current Canadian government includes two members who seem to carry Separatism genes. One is Mr Gary Anandasangaree and the other is Mr. Justin Trudeau’….The  for the full article is in the Appendix

A good proportion of Sri Lankans left the island nation, due  to the war . Some stayed and fought. I had already left in 1982, to earn money in Papua New Guinea, to build a home in Colombo.  Now I feel that that was my destiny.  Now when I go back, I stay in a place similar to Arnhem Land in Australia.


Those who left for good, would need to be taken as being in the ‘flight’ group.  One such group is Global Tamil Form(GTF), which declares its vision as :

 Our founding vision was to promote justice, peace and a permanent political settlement to the Tamil national question through non-violent, democratic means, dialogue and negotiation.’


The corpus that GTF is referring to, as per the law is the area in the U.K. where Tamils of Sri Lankan origin live as a community.  It is NOT Tamil areas in Sri Lanka, that they left behind. Now they at the individual level, have the right to go back to their ancestral properties – which include the properties left behind by them and taken care of. They have no jurisdiction over Sri Lankan Tamil areas through Politics.  Sri Lankan electorate is part of Sri Lanka. When that particular becomes Common, the Nation is Sri Lanka. Similarly,  a Global Tamil electorate has the right to participate in Global politics  through belief – as in Prescriptive Rights. Belief based ownership is invisible. It has the power to sustain hardship. This elevates the investment to heritage level. Heritages advise from within. They need no ‘agreement’.

In Hindu Trinity, Shiva is depicted as half male and half female. This is the form of  belief. We give and we receive. When I write, I am conscious of the ‘facts’. The Common reader is invisible within me. That reader is the Energy / Shakthi that continuously reads my work. When we sacrifice projected  benefits from our work, it becomes our Other half. Hence the following dedication in my book:

You Reader, my other half



I shared this recently with our Prime Minister, as follows

The deeper we go into our own belief through any form, including secular law or psychology, the closer we are to merging as One.

As you would know, in  law, there is the Adversarial process and the Inquisitorial process. In Hinduism, they are known as Dvaita system and Advaita  (No Dvaita ) system respectively. In Democracy, the People are taken to be separated from the government. Dvaita means dualism.’


The power of Indigenous Australians is our other Half. Our true investment in Autocracy becomes invisible when we change to Democracy and v.v. This is why Monarchs become less visible in a Democratic Nation.

Likewise, the more philosophical we become, the more enjoyable the Advaita  (No Dvaita/No Dualism )  pathway would be. In my work with juniors enjoying Equal status of Democracy, I use Dvaita/Dualism pathway.



Currently, GTF’s  Himalayan Declaration Nagarkot, Nepal - 27th April 2023, is very visible  in Sri Lankan news. It includes the following:



Arriving at a new constitution that guarantees individual and collective rights and promotes equality and equal citizenship among all peoples, ensures accountable institutions and guarantees adequate devolution of powers to the provinces, and until such time focus on the faithful implementation of provisions of sharing of powers in the existing constitution.’


Given that every Constitution is required to be a self declaration of belief, GTF’s above declaration if belief-based confirms all the deficiencies in the particular part/electorate  of Global Tamil Community and not in Sri Lankan Nation.

This interference would have been ‘prevented’ if the Community /Electorate that GTF represents, had taken rebirth and heard the Voice of its own invisible  soul/ female half.







07 October 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





I believe in the system of karma and in rebirth, as a consequence of my karma. But, I do not have any right to make laws and policies on the basis of my personal karma to bind my juniors, including my children. As per my search, the current Canadian government includes two members who seem to carry Separatism genes. One is Mr Gary Anandasangaree and the other is Mr. Justin Trudeau.


There is everything right about separatism, provided one operates within that smaller circle only. On 21 March 2023, Mr Gary Anandasangaree is reported to have discussed Sri Lanka’s IMF package with Tamils:


On Parliament Hill, Liberal MP Gary Anandasangaree discusses the International Monetary Fund’s bailout program for Sri Lanka to help bolster the country’s struggling economy. He is joined by Ahrabi Rajkumar (advocacy lead for People for Equality and Relief in Sri Lanka), Madura Rasaratnam (associate professor of comparative politics at City, University of London), and Sri Thanabalasingam (an economist). – Youtube presentation dated 21 March 2023


Mr Gary Anandasangaree refers to Sri Lanka as the ‘rogue-state’ and expresses his expectation of political solution towards self-determination by of the people in  the North & East and independent economic trajectory by themselves.


To my mind, this is interference with the sovereignty of Sri Lanka. Mr Gary Anandasangaree was in the party that declared belief in Tamil Nation within Sri Lanka, through Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976


When given form outside Sri Lanka, it is in breach of the laws of sovereignty. Otherwise the issue ought to have been taken through official global structures.


Canada’s own separatism issue is presented by Wikipedia as follows:


Alberta separatism comprises a series of 20th- and 21st-century movements (both historic and current) advocating the secession of the province of Alberta from Canada, either by joining the United States, forming an independent nation or by creating a new union with one or more of Canada's western provinces.

Alberta was established as a province on September 1, 1905. Alberta separatism comes from the belief that many Albertans hold that they are culturally and economically distinct from the rest of Canada, particularly Central Canada and Eastern Canada, because of economic imbalances whereby Alberta is a net over-contributor to the system of equalization payments in Canada.

1970s: beginnings of modern separatist ideals

The modern ideal for a separate Alberta nation began in the 1970s, as a response to Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’s pursuit of bilingualism and Multiculturalism in Canada, and the National Energy Program. These programs were seen by many Albertans as an attack on oil resources; the promotion of Liberal "anti-Albertan" values were viewed as a negative influence by many Albertans.


Support for Albertan separatism has increased significantly with the Canadian federal election victory of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party on October 19, 2015. Trudeau, the son of Pierre Trudeau , became prime minister with a majority government, and re-inspired the Alberta separatist movement


The diplomatic conflict between Canada & India is centred around separatism. It is not surprising that Mr Justin Trudeau teamed up with  Sikh separatists. But like Gary he also changed the corpus. Gary shrunk his to Tamil Eelam which has no official body and Trudeau’s is Alberta. The two may eventually merge, but unless they have official position of Opposition in Canadian parliament they would cause structural damage to any democratic parliament they are part of.


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